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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Angular Mo
    A warning to all who crave all that detail and do it with volume.

    I hurt my ears doing so, with the Mojo and DT 990-33 and am now suffering horrible tinnitus; a high frequency uninterrupted tone in my head.

    There is no escape from the suffering,
  2. PapaoMD
    Quad stacked! Ipod touch - alo rx - mojo - dx90

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  3. Ra97oR

    That holds true to any audio playback system. Value your hearing make sure it is within reasonable limits, hopefully your tinnitus will go away with some rest.
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  4. CareyPrice31
    Where can I buy one of those extremely low profile optical plugs from ak100 to mojo?
  5. Skyyyeman
    Sys Concept Inc.  In Canada:
  6. CareyPrice31
    Anything more low profile?
  7. mscott58
    George - The bend are molded into the cable, so it stays that same shape even when it's not plugged into anything. That's actually part of Sys Concepts art is putting bends into optical cables! And they do it well. Cheers 
  8. ElMariachi

    Hi, just read this post from a month ago. Do you plug your hd700 directly into the dacport lx or is it going into an external amp?
  9. NaiveSound

    Pops, clicks, cracks, thuds, and painful noise every time you go to the next song, FW is flawed, it's just poop, I'm selling it and trying to find a small compact Cheap smartphone to feed my mojo
  10. yoyorast10

    that's the problem with most daps. You'll be much happier with a smartphone tbh
  11. Ike1985

    Wow man, audio is sort of like the boiling frog story, you don't realize how loud you're listening if you keep cranking. I had a similar experience when a double barrel shotgun was fired several feet from me and I didn't have protection on. It'll go away eventually.

    Right now I listen to probably 20-30 metal al ins a day on YouTube, I always start with volume off on mojo and gradually come up as albums differ in volume. It's also the reason I bought the ADEL CIEMs from 4 audio which make lower volumes seem louder. Best of luck, hope you didn't do any permanent damage.

    Mojo makes it extremely tempting to keep cranking since it's so insanely resolute.
  12. San Man
    Not that I've seen.   Either the sysconcepts or moonaudio cable rise up about the same height from the appropriate jacks.
  13. mathi8vadhanan
    They were working on this prototype. You can ask them about this.
  14. kikouyou

    When is the ETA as a product?
  15. masterpfa
    Motorola Moto E 2nd gen or Moto G 3rd gen are other options especially if available cheaply where you are
    As above or any of the more recent budget phones Huawei, Xiaomi and Asus, Wiley Fox, OnePlus X
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