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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Mojo ideas
    Okay please send it back. If be very interested to know this units serial number. I'm interested as this kind of fault was only associated with a few units in the very first production batch and I'm expecting your unit is an early one.
  2. Mimouille
    Neat rig, neat pics. I like neat rigs.
  3. joshuachew
    What about mine? :frowning2:
  4. sonickarma
    Neat rig, neat pics. I like neat rigs.
  5. NaiveSound
    Anyone run their mojo with a small smartphone? I'm thinking about selling the aweful dx80 and buying a small smartphone to run mojo with exclusively. Any smartphone thst pairs up good size wise?
  6. sonickarma
    Sony Z3Compact works well for me with 200gb micro sd card
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  7. lurk
    we have the below for file type
    can we ask for a visual list for volume? at least i know how loud i am listening to my mojo
  8. Ra97oR

    Very slick stack. Small and powerful phone too.
  9. Light - Man
    Do tell us what you think is awful about the dx80 and how does it compare in SQ to the Mojo.
    Guys, do any of the cheaper Samsung smartphones for example work as a digital source with the Mojo?
    Do the phones need to have some special OTG output/function and if so is this option/ability only found in the higher end smartphones?
    I was thinking of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime for example.
    I am sure a lot of people would like to know the answer to this question or perhaps it has already been covered on this thread.

    I wonder if this dude forgot his Mojo. [​IMG]
  10. Dobrescu George
    That looks like it is hurting both jacks. 
    are you sure, you should not had made it a little longer?
  11. San Man
    George, there are more than a number of members with that sysconcepts cable, myself included, that experience no problems whatsoever.   I assure you the cable puts no stress at all on either jack
    (I am not affiliated with sysconcepts, I simply ordered one after determining that it was the best cable for my needs and stack setup)
  12. joshuachew
    No. I don't think so. The cables are very soft at the bends but in the pictures they appear very stiff and under strain but they're not.
  13. Dobrescu George
    Good to know. I think that makes the stack a bit more portable, I just am pretty paranoid about stress put on jacks most of times. I must admit that even though this is true, I always sell a product way before having to worry about this thing.
  14. uzi2

    You should also bear in mind that these are optical cables and any stress on the jacks will be substantially reduced. That gold plating on the Sysconcept is purely for show. Why?
  15. headmanPL
    Newbie here. The Mojo drew me to this forum. Some great information guys. It's been hard keeping up with the posts (so many), but I wanted to post my thoughts on the Mojo I got at Christmas.
    I primarily use Grado SR325's, but have all sorts of free headphones and IEM's. Unsurprisingly the Grados sound great.
    What shocked me was how different (better) all other devices sounded. I have some ancient Sennheiser MX500’s I use at work for webexes etc. Occasionally I try to listen to music through them and they always offend. The Mojo can’t make them sound great, but it does make them play music rather than shriek awful noise. I found I’d listened to 9 full tracks with them and enjoyed every minute.
    My music collection is mostly FLAC, having ripped all my CD’s several years ago. I have a growing 24 bit collection which always sounds excellent. Overall I find that the 16 bit FLAC music all sounds better. Cymbals and drums particularly are improved with them sounding different for each artist.
    This would be good enough to justify buying the Mojo. The bonuses are with MP3’s, DVD’s and as a source for amplifiers.
    Simply put, everything sounds better via the Mojo.
    Connecting to amps the harshness I’ve always associated with CD music is gone.
    DVD’s, particularly those with old film material, amaze me. I watched Dr Zhivago on the laptop, connected it to Mojo then to a Monitor Audio S200 speaker. The movie never sounded so clear. It’s got me trying all sorts of movies now.
    The biggest surprise was MP3. WOW! I never liked MP3’s due to the reduced dynamics, harshness and overall loss of detail. Some music is only available as MP3 so I bought it, and had to live with the artefacts. I listened to some 320k MP3’s the other night and my jaw dropped. The Mojo brought out stuff I had never heard before. I have a Linn DS system which sounds great with well mastered files, but exposed what I always accepted as inherent flaws with lossy material. Mojo can’t fix the dynamics, but it finds detail the Linn never does.
    This got me listening to DAB radio through Mojo. For those not in the UK, digital radio is based on 64k mono to 192k stereo MP2. YES, MP2. It is as bad as you’d expect. Even this rubbish sounds better through Mojo. The 192k BBC 3 station actually sounds pretty good.
    I’m enjoying every day with the Mojo and listening to old albums. So many sound better. I’d recommend this to everyone who has an extensive MP3 or AAC collection. Don’t waste your money on buying them again in a lossless format. Buy a Mojo and that’ll upgrade your whole collection in one go. It really is that good.
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