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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. adobotj

    Nice setup you got there kababayan! Grats on the Mojo! It surely is a great device. Currently using it with my rhapsodio-rti2 and it's heavenly :)

  2. mscott58

    George - That was only a 3D printed early prototype. Given Chords history of taking design seriously (whether you like their aesthetic is a different and personal question) I'd be surprised if the modules weren't nicely executed in their final form. Cheers
  3. Ra97oR
    It seems that my Mojo hisses (the unit itself) loudly when charging, tried a 2 amp Samsung charger, 1.5 amp Sony charger, 1 amp Apple charger, all have audible hiss from 1m+ away. Only charger that didn't hiss was a counterfeit Samsung one, which I doubt was giving enough power to the unit, as it ran out of power while listening with the charger plugged in.

    I guess I have to send it back...
  4. howdy
    How long did you have it for?
  5. Mojo ideas
    I don't think that is necessary. If the unit hisses when being charged it is not a problem with the mojo. In the unit there are certain ceramic capacitors. They are used within the battery charging circuitry. These will under some circumstances will vibrate a little . These capacitor are made very like piezo Crystals that are typically found in IEMs and when they get hit with multiple charging pulses these capacitors will imit a sound just like an ear piece piezto crystal would. This is not a problem the variation in level is determined by many factors both within and external too the Mojo.
  6. Bighappy

    I hope others with a bit more info will chime in but I believe all the CCK does is transmit a digital signal? So we should be good forever :)
  7. x RELIC x Contributor

    Yes, 100% digital. The cracks and pops are software related with iOS 9.3 beta.
  8. Ra97oR

    Received it this Monday, only a few days old.

    If only the noise are only noticeable when you put your ear close to it, but in my case it is the loudest thing in my house. Louder than traffic passing by, louder than louder than the fridge. With it being on my desk, the noise is noticeable even with closed back headphones on.

    Sadly I find this a big degradation to my listening envoriment to just brush it off.
  9. justrest
    I need cable to connect to Mojo with Paw5000, Any advice? I show Sys cable but it is not flexible. is there some flexible cable for Mojo?
  10. lurk
    1m+ away and still can hear a hiss??
    is tht still called a 'hiss'?
    and it's a non issue?
  11. Mojo ideas
    yes agree with you in this particular case it does sound severe! May I ask you to try another charger perhaps with more power and if this fails to solve the issue by all means, send the unit back to us at chord through your retailer and of course we will correct it and return it promptly. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. ken6217
  13. joshuachew
    Lovely cable!
  14. Ra97oR

    I have tried 3 high quality branded chargers with it, all over 1 A rated (Samsung 2A, Sony 1.5A, Apple 1A). All of the exhibit the same hiss/whine, changing cable didn't help too.
  15. ClieOS Contributor
    Finally found some decent (*not ugly*) looking right angled TRRS and TRS plug from Taobao, so I make another digital coax cable for my FiiO + Mojo.
    Much more low profiled than my previous attempt.
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