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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Mython Contributor
    We're spoiled for choice, these days, with the number of good quality IEMs available. IE800, K3003i, Ditas, DUNU DN-2000J, etc., etc., and an ever-increasing number of 'universal customs'.
    Hope you like your Ditas from your Mojo! [​IMG]
  2. Reignfire
    hi can you share with us the settings in the UAPP? I cant seem to make it work (mojo-usb-Note 5)

  3. Mython Contributor
  4. Ra97oR

    Got my adaptors in now.
  5. Ike1985
    Does the mojo dac-remove all pre-emphasis or will it have to be eq'd out by the source?
  6. Rob Watts
    15/50 uS de-emphasis is built into all my DAC's. Only appropriate with SPDIF, as USB does not transmit the emphasis flag.
    Would be nice to drop this feature, it uses up gates that probably never gets used nowadays!
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  7. GreenBow
    1. AudioBear
    2. wym2
    3. bikutoru
    4. x RELIC x
    I did go ahead and try the Mojo. Silent charging was a relief. I could hear a fainst hissy/buzzy/tingley noise with my ear right on the case. No noise from even 3cm away. (1A USB charger.)
    To everyone, I found that Media Go does play music through the Mojo. In Tools>Perferences>Audio Output, it shows no ASIO device detected. However it did that with my Meridian Explorer also. Both the ME and Mojo play through Windows Sound (default). I have no idea if ASIO or WASAPI are better, and that's another debate. Media Go is a free player though that plays high resolution files. It's also the simplist of all to use, out of iTunes and JRiver. There is no first second of music missing with it when I play CD FLAC, as we would expect.
    I did however notice JRiver missed the first second of music sometimes, importantly even with 44.1KHz. It was possible to correct that in the settings. Just saying as I have seen other mentioning this. It's something like Tools>Options> Audio Device>Settings. Also look under Stop, Seek, and Find, under the same route.
    Space is Deep by Hawkwind, just started playing. (Doremi Fasol Latido album.)
  8. mscott58

    Congrats and enjoy!!!
  9. AudioBear

    let us know how it goes
  10. lurk
    attention all!
    the cherry has been popped!
  11. OneTallGuy
    This is a big thanks to all of the 60+ aged individuals who answered my query.
    To refresh your memory, I am the 60+ individual who has read all the articles in this forum and wondered whether my ears, typical of my years, with mild tennitus, would be able to hear the advantages that the Mojo presents to those of younger years.
    I really appreciate all of your heartfelt and personal responses.  You have convinced me that I should take the leap and just enjoy the Mojo.  I am purchasing it this day.
    Again thanks for your help.
  12. wym2
    Please be sure to tell us your impressions of the sound/music of your system before and after the Mojo…with and without it in your sound/music “chain”. Enjoy the music - Hawkwind is a favorite.
  13. Amictus

    I bought one for my son and had no trouble with hearing its excellence on Christmas Day! I celebrated my 63rd birthday a few days later. Thinking of buying one myself, actually...
  14. x RELIC x Contributor

    You sir, are a great father. :wink:
  15. betula
    First impressions of Mojo:

    Quality materials, superb built. Feels absolutely like a quality product. It weighs more than I expected, but it is fine. The weight actually also gives the impression, it is not some cheap s***.
    As my coaxial cable arrives just tomorrow, I could try it from computer only, not from my DAP.

    Installing the driver was easy, works immediately.
    And the sound: silky smooth and completely effortless, while all the details are there. This sound signature doesn't hurt your ears even during very long listening sessions.
    Layering, details and space is top-notch. Also very natural, realistic sounding. The whole sound from lows to highs is complete, well balanced, however I find the mids truly remarkable. This comes out mostly with vocals. Mids are slightly forward, but it just brings the music and the singer closer to you, creating an intimate atmosphere.
    Enjoying very much so far. Can't wait to try with my DAP and other headphones than X2. More impressions to follow.
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