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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Invocation

    I am comparing the two and try to decide which one to go for. Can I ask why you think mojo is better for outdoor use than idsd?
  2. Sound Eq
    i ended up selling my ifi dsd micro, and kept the mojo
  3. episiarch Contributor
    @OneTallGuy I'm still a little under 60, but with probably worse hearing than yours (though not tinnitus).  Like you, I have various amps, DACs, and headphones and can easily hear the differences between them.  And I can easily, easily hear the difference between my Mojo and any other DAC/amp stack I own.  The Mojo is by far my favorite.  I hear instrument timbres much more clearly: instruments sound like the instrument, revealing how my other equipment made instruments sound, well, more like a good simulation of an instrument than a real instrument.  There are little details in the background that I never heard before.  It's far easier to pick out the different pieces of the band, and really enjoy how good each one sounds, than with my other equipment.  For me, yes, absolutely worth it. 
  4. Whitigir

    What do you pair your mojo at ?
  5. Invocation

  6. Sound Eq
    yeah although i liked the ifi, but man this mojo has something so magical about it that once u hear it i can not go back to anything else
  7. PhilW
    We can offer this. Give us a call.

    Best regards
  8. krismusic Contributor
    Amazing. Thank you. I will have to wait until the summer to have the funds.
  9. Invocation

    What player you used with mojo? I wonder how much it improves the sound of the tons of 192k mp3 in my iphone...
  10. Sound Eq
    with mojo i use the neutron and onkyo hf players
    i own the iphone 6s plus 128 and there is no comparison at all between the two, the mojo is miles better than what you can get from the iphone
    you know i have to admit it although i do not like to admit it because i paid so much for my ak380 dap and amp over 4000 usd, the mojo sounds better than the ak380 dap and amp combo, this is why i am selling my ak380 and amp combo also
    as for 192k mp3 honestly i can not help you in this cause i listen mostly to flac, but i can tell you this the mojo makes everything sound so dam good
  11. betula
    Anyone tried Aune S-16 desktop DAC, and could give me sound comparison to Mojo?
  12. jarnopp

    I have a lot of 256k and 320k MP3 on my iPhone. Mojo makes a huge positive difference here also.
  13. Invocation

    Thanks! AK380 seems overpriced. It is too expensive...
  14. Invocation

    Good to know, thanks! I used to store 320k mp3 on my 64G iPhone but soon I had no more space so I have to squeeze things to 192k...
  15. Sound Eq
    well it sounds great without eq only but i am an eq guy and the eq in ak380 is simply bad, i was mislead by ak selling point that it contains 20 parametric eq bands and honestly that is why i bought it, but the eq in ak380 is one of the worse i ever tried
    with mojo and neutron player man i get to mess with eq and go above and beyond, i know many will ridicule using eq but man with so many bad recording quality to me eq is a must, not every band is pink floyd so this is where eq is important to me
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