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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. xtr4
    @wdh777 The best solution to your dilemma would be to audition the Mojo (if possible) at your nearest audio store with your current gear and decide for yourself. I've heard the PHA-3 in balanced with output from the ZX2 into the Z7 and that combo sounds really good. But that combo alone costs a bomb in my country as compared to what musicality I could eke out of just the Mojo (I already own an RWAK100S).
  2. Sound Eq
    to me that combo zx2--ph3--balanced z7 was so so so bad to my ears
    i literally spent 4 hours testing all i can, i even used third party apps like powramp and neutron hoping i can eq it to my liking but man that combo is just bad, i think its manily the z7 which is really really bad
    android--- mojo---- oppo pm1 is a the best you can experience
  3. Ra97oR
    "Your Amazon.co.uk order of "Chord Electronics Mojo..." has been dispatched"

    Amazon Prime is scary... Ordered this Sunday morning, coming in tomorrow.
  4. AudioBear
    Awesome!  Enjoy!  and report back.
  5. Bighappy
    So...I upgraded my iPhone 6 + to iOS 9.3 beta & I'm getting terrible popping/clicking noise with my Mojo & Oppo HA-2. If I use the 3.5mm jack no problems. I tried using my Mojo from the coax to 3.5mm jack on my iPhone & nothing happens? Am I doing something wrong or will that not work on an iPhone? Anybody else having issues with there lightning ports? Thanks for any help! Also I did try 2 different lightning CCK cables & both did the same thing.
  6. Mython Contributor
    I'm not clear on what you mean, above. Can you explain in more detail? Sounds a little strange to me...
    Is your iPhone upsampling your music files prior to sending them over to the Mojo?
  7. OneTallGuy
    I have read every article in this mojo forum, skipping most apple questions and comments, since a few days after it started.  I have fallen in love with the idea of the Mojo, even to the point of pre purchasing the ebay connector for my Note 3 and a small Case Logic case for the Mojo.  Like many of you, I am very Anal.  But I have not, as of yet, purchased the Mojo.
    Some of you might ask “Why the hell not?”  The answer is uncertainty about whether I can hear the differences everyone is raving about.  
    I am 60+ with mild tennitus in both ears.  I can not hear anything over 12,000 Hz.  Even though I understand that my hearing is pretty typical of my age bracket, it does make me wonder if I would be wasting my money to purchase this product. 
    I do have various amps and dacs with various high quality and low quality headphones.  I can easily hear the differences between all.
    There is no way I can audition Mojo before purchase due to my location and knowing no one locally who even owns one.  Oklahoma City, OK. USA.
    I am asking any current owners of the Mojo who have my age or hearing issues, to please respond with a short note as to what YOU can hear and if YOU think the purchase was worth it.
    Thank you so much for your time and advise.
  8. u2u2

    This tells you how subjective our gear choices are. I have fed a PHA-3 with a range of digital sources running to Sony Z7 headphones on Sony balanced Kimber cables and the combination is excellent. I have since obtained a Mojo, HD800 headphones and upgraded cables. The new gear has proved worth the investment but I can't sell the Sony kit. The strength of the PHA-3 is the balanced output and ability to easily accept input from so many sources.  The Z7 headphones, at third the cost of the HD800, have, for me, a preferable sound signature for some tunes. I have no idea what is best for someone else but if wdh777 can somehow audition the balanced cables for his EL-8 alongside a Mojo he will have his answer. Maybe purchase from a firm with a good return policy. Then he will know if he should go Mojo vs PHA-3 with balanced cables. If I were starting from scratch. Mojo would be the heart of my portable system. If funds were too tight for a separate desktop system Mojo would be doing double duty... It is that good.
  9. mscott58

    The iPhone doesn't output digital over coax via the 3.5mm port. The only output a Mojo can use from an iPhone is via the Lightning connector using a CCK or equivalent. Cheers
  10. Bighappy

    No sir. Just normal Apple Music.
  11. Bighappy

    Thank you. I'll wait for a new update I guess. Hopefully soon :-/
  12. mscott58

    Yep, there's always that risk with Betas.
  13. jarnopp
    I'm 50-ish and certainly can't hear above 13k, but I will repeat that the Mojo is simply the best audio purchase - at any price - I've made in 30 years in terms of the difference it has made to MUSIC. It's about the musicality, timing, and detail provided. In particular, I find the bass details to be most amazing.

    Hope that helps. If it's in your budget, I do not believe you will regret a purchase.
  14. NZtechfreak

    Most of the music is within your hearing range (as in virtually all of it), why not have it superbly resolved and rendered by the Mojo? I don't think you'll be wasting your money with the Mojo.
  15. Bighappy

    Yep. Unfortunately. I think I'm going to try & figure out how to reverse this beta iOS. Thanks!
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