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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. wym2
    I am using the mojo as my current desktop DAC. To me it doesn't get even “warm"  after 3-4 hrs use (warm when used as mobile DAC). 
    Mine doesn't make noise when it charges. I don’t charge it while I use it. I believe the isolation of battery operation helps with some of the sound/music factors.
    MBP → SDragon → Mojo →AQ Big Sur trs →LC
  2. bikutoru
    At home I use Mojo as a desktop constantly connected to the Apple little cube, optical in, and audio out to my NAD. It was mentioned that not a very good charger might make it whine.
    My Mojo makes no noise when charging or when charging and playing.
    Never experience cutting out yet, it has been just two weeks. Never experience it getting hot so it would cut off, it gets warm, but I couldn't even warm my hands with it.
    For me, mobile usage is - so I can take it to work and use it with headphones during the day.
    I think you take people opinions and experiences as true reality, it might be true, but only to them.
    There is no way of knowing what it is for you without trying.
    Preemptively trying to fix problems that you might not have, sound a bit over the board. Not trying to offend, just trying to push you to try since it is already in your hands.
    When I got mine, I disregarded all the advices to charge it first, just opened it as fast as I could, plugged it in to see if I can experience all the positive comments about its ability to make music come alive, and it was just great!
    All I'd ever wanted for a while, may be for a very long while, "cheap" Chord wasn't cheap in my neck of the woods. Sometimes I do not know what to think when a well regarded reviewers/bloggers complain how expensive Apple devices are and jump right in into reviewing a $3K headphones or $15K speakers, not to mention Chord Dave, like it is something everyone can afford. Well, I'm glad I got to the point of convincing myself that I'll try Mojo and if not like it, take a loss and sell it.
    I have no intent to part with it, it is my precious. Well recorded music through Mojo is audio bliss. Not well recorded, oh well, just stays in that "not well recored" domain, no Mojo's fault.
    Try it, you might get lucky, like I did, and like it. Like it a lot.
  3. x RELIC x Contributor
    I found the charging noise is only present when charging with the Mojo off, and only audible when right next to my ear. Turn it on and the noise goes away. I get the same thing from other battery chargers for other devices (not audio related).

    Also, pretty much all electronics that use the case to dissipate heat run warm, some may even feel it as 'hot', but, as Chord has said, even a hot cup of tea is only around 60° C. I would trust Chord to be able to appropriately deal with the thermals.
  4. bikutoru

    I did not put a stethoscope to it, but even when my Mojo is off, I still could hear no noise. It does make a few clicking sounds when I plug the usb cord into it and blinks once, but then it just sits there, like nothing happened, only the white LED is on.
  5. GreenBow
    1. AudioBear
    2. wym2
    3. bikutoru
    4. x RELIC x
    Thank you all. I guess I will try later on Sunday as it's 4.33am here in the UK.
    I think the Mojo is cute too; (adorable). It's size as with the Hugo is desktop perfect. I genuinely didn't expect to see four members post in a row that their Mojo charges silently.
    I also think I would struggle to wait ten hours for it to charge first time. I wondered if that was for battery conditioning. Whereas used straight from the box charging and playing, it's still going to see a full length charge.
    I totally completely and absolutely understand why folk love the Mojo, from what I read in pro-reviews, and impressions. I feel re-enthusiastic, and grateful to each of you.
  6. wym2
    Don't think 10hrs.
    Plug it in now and charge it till the light below the charge port goes off...I don't believe it will take 10hrs if the charge port is at least 1 amp. Then enjoy your music.
    MBP → SDragon → Mojo →AQ Big Sur trs →LC
  7. AudioBear

    Then enjoy!
  8. Fungus
    Will the ak100 act as transport bypassing the internal dac and amp if I pair it with the mojo? 
    Is so what kind of connector is needed? 
    Just a 3.5mm to 3.5mm interconnect? 
  9. Watagump
    Most use this I believe.
  10. vapman

    Please no worries!
    However, iwas wondering if you could answer, the Mojo on line level mode - does this still run thru the Mojo's amp? from how i understand your earlier descriptions, buth the amping and DAC is done in the FPGA?
    thus there is no way to truly use it as a dac without double amping?
  11. georgelai57
    Most computer optical cables will work but they tend to be a bit long at 3 feet. I got mine at about 6" from e-earphone in Japan for $12
  12. vapman
    Last i checked monoprice has very nice and short optical cables.
    The beauty of digital calbes like optical audio or USB is no matter the costruction of the cable, as long as 1s and 0s  gets from one end to the other properly a $1 cable sounds s good as a $500 cable!
    I stocked up on cables over the last couple years from monoprice, prbobably 500-600 in cables, but i never lack any kind of cable i might need.
  13. NaiveSound
    I think I'm not doing something right

    Surely this isn't the best way to connect dx80 to mojo

  14. lurk
    how to double amp when there is no amp in the mojo?
  15. x RELIC x Contributor

    The Mojo is always on line level mode. The setting that you get when holding both volume buttons on power on is just a shortcut to 3V output, nothing fundamentally changes or is bypassed. Think of the MoJo's headphone output as being full time variable line out from the DAC. Much cleaner with less distortion than using a seperate amp like in most setups.
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