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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Nikonkit
    The DX80 pairs nicely with Mojo to my ears using Shure SE846 via coaxial and optical links improving in all aspects of SQ comparing to being on its own. The Mojo added space and details but I heard the Onkyo DP1 feeding usb into the Mojo and the improvement over what the DX80 can deliver is very noticable, it is a class act. If you have the chance try that to see how much better the Mojo can be via usb.
  2. Reignfire

    Or follow the classic 40:80 Rule for lithium batteries...charge it when the battery indicator shows 40% and stop at 80% to maintain the optimum health of your gadgets' batteries.
  3. rechtkid
    what do yoiu mean about restored it? the cable  didnt work after you unplug it? is it happen when the first time you unplugged it?
  4. x RELIC x Contributor

    Yup. It's covered in the link I posted. :wink_face:
  5. NaiveSound

    I'm in a constant search to get the best out of mojo and my equipment in general, I do notice an increase of quality when feeding mojo via USB from note 5, greater Quality than dx80.

    I wish there was a easy silicone case for mojo, just like a basic protection. Surprised China doesn't make it
  6. zambz
    Thanks so much guys, I would tend to agree regarding the battery.  But after reading the posts by Chord themselves (linked in the 3rd post), I don't believe this is the case with the Mojo.
    To save you the trouble, here are some particularly interesting quotes from this thread:
    These quotes lead me to believe that it is indeed safe and designed to work this way, I'm just really surprised at how hot it gets and would love some further reassurance that it is normal and safe :)

  7. jarnopp

    It happened while listening. I unplugged the cable and plugged it back in and it worked again. Somehow it lost sync. It seems to work now, but may be a bit flakey. Just want to be sure people know what they are getting into with non-Mfi cables...it can be hit or miss.
  8. jarnopp

    I could have sworn my Mojo was quiet while charging under all conditions the first 2 weeks I had it. The. One day I noticed the mechanical noise/buzz while charging. It seems to do it at all charging times now, whether powered on or off, but does not interfere with the music.
  9. legcramp
    Super happy with my super cheap transport stacked with my Mojo using the slimmer dual lock. 
    I purchased this Sprint Moto E 2nd Gen with a microsd slot. It has NATIVE Android USB audio so you don't need UAPP to listen from the Mojo. Google Music works just perfectly like on my Nexus 6. It's on sale right now too for $39.99 shipped:
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  10. masterpfa
  11. shootertwist
    when using the mojo via the lightning to usb camera adapter, connected to an iphone 6s+, the music doesnt get cut off a bit from time to time? i have a dx90 and at times it works without hiccup using it as dac/amp via the lightning kit and i'm able to listen to apple music, but every once in a while the music gets cuts off or fades a bit before going back. I would like to purchase the mojo, but would like to hear from users here who have used it on an iPhone 6s+ (ios 9.2) before i get it :)
  12. San Man
    6+, iOS 9.2, no music loss or cut-outs.
  13. xtr4
    Mojo stack ran out of juice and had to resort to my LG G3 whilst they are charging up. Holy crap, never realized how V-shaped sound is the G3, mids recessed and siblance on highs.
    The main problem with great gear is that over a certain period of time, we take them for granted until you have to resort to everyday carry gear. I suppose that's also the main poison in this hobby where we are always seeking that new, special, sound.
  14. masterpfa
    Thanks that has answered a question I had with regards to a cheap mobile device. The phones I currently own do not have SD support and I am looking to sell them on. I personally would install UAPP or something similar if you ever want to play FLAC, DSD or generall Hi-Res files. Google music will play the music you have in your Google Play Library but Google Music will not recognise Hi-Res files from my experience.
    To answer your primary question, Yes it is safe. My Mojo gets quite hot at times but as Rob states it also contains a thermal cut out if temperatures get too high

  15. zambz
    Thanks a lot :)
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