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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. J4MES

    Okay thanks. Okay it says 176 for all of them in that case.
  2. x RELIC x Contributor

    The table is brilliantly printed on the box itself.

    You need to set the sample rate manually in the midi controller app in OSX, or use a third party program that will pass along the sample rate from the track in mixed sample rate libraries. I use Audirvana+.

    Not sure if Tidal has the option to pass the sample rate information independent of the midi output settings.
  3. Tony1110

    There was lots of debate in the HUGO thread about coax vs optical vs USB and I believe Chord themselves stated that optical was the superior connection. But that didn't stop a lot of people preferring coax and there were lots who couldn't tell the difference at all. It might well sound better out of an AK DAP, but probably not to the extent that it would warrant buying one if you already owned an iPhone. I'm happy with the sound out of my S5 (although I need a better cable solution) and I wouldn't buy an expensive DAP merely to use it as a transport. For the record, I get no interference with 4g or wifi, although I am experiencing the odd stutter - something I'm attributing to the mass of cables and adaptors in the chain.
  4. M-13
    I already own the AK100ii so I was naturally curious. I was looking into upgrading up the AK chain or getting a Hugo, but then the Mojo came along and has changed things a bit. Now I feel like I can save a lot of money and get similar quality sound
  5. rkt31
    I bet feeding mojo with fiio x3 or ak 240 via coaxial won't make any difference in sound quality. so those who don't have dap, fiio x3 2nd gen is a great buy.
  6. OK-Guy
    ok seeing everyone has earned a day off at The Pump it's down to me to bring you a 'Official' Chord-Electronics announcement dealing with RF interference with phones...
    We at Chord Electronics suggest that people switch to flight mode when using Mojo Especially when it's strapped to a phone.
    When using a phone as the source the RF noise level is dependant which frequency its on and how far the base station is away from the phone.
    This is because the phone will ramp up its transmit power to make the connection.  This is almost like an EMP bomb going off right next to the Mojo and its two dangling RF receiving cables. We have taken all precautions, but there is little that can be done to overcome the massive amount of RF that is generated within millimetres of the Mojo, hope this helps in some way. 
  7. all999
    Cut the hype guys and give us real impressions! Over 60 pages, 5 days of using Mojo and not even one post about how it sounds, just hype. That's starting to be suspicious, don't You think?
    There's more "awesomeness" here than on Apple keynotes:)
  8. OK-Guy
    if I could add a little to my post... I had a lot of RF interference with my old Sony PHA-2 DAC/Amp, putting the ZX1 in Airplane-Mode cured it... now it's time for me to go but I'll be back..
  9. tassardar
    Today I tried and the mojo with zx2->mojo->cdm. As a dac, it is more energetic, more transparent, and feels more dynamic then the zx2. It's base also hit harder yet controlled. Overall it's a marked improvement over the zx2 as a dac. The amp section versus say the cdm, the cdm is smoother, warmer ,more musical and overall more enjoyable through the cdm then direct from mojo. Just being better then zx2 is all that it matters to me; I find most saber based dacs don't feel any better really.
    aluweer likes this.
  10. OK-Guy
    a bit of self-praise before I go... it took some organising of 500+ Head-Fi'ers to create all the 'hype'... Obi-One gave me instant admission to become the newest member of The-Force he was that impressed, I digress...
    ever think that it's because Mojo is a innovative product that brings Hi-End to the masses?
    obsidyen likes this.
  11. all999
    Yeah, so innovative that it can't be compared to anything at all:)
    Just to let You know I'm not trolling, I preordered my Mojo just after release from Polish distributor. I just wanted to read some real impressions, not another "awesome", that is hype, You can't deny, can You? Even if not intended:)
  12. J4MES

    This is my first amp so take what I say with that in mind. I listened to a few hours last night using Spotify free and it just made music better in every aspect and I woke up this morning with the desire to just listen to more music.

    I will say I recently listened to a Audio synthesis da-x and desire with a creek obh21se and that had a larger sound stage. Right after that I heard a Wadia 270 cd
    Dcs Purcell and Delius with Verity Parsifal speakers, which just blew my mind. Taking into account the price I'm very happy with my mojo
  13. mjdutton
    I would agree that it's warmer than Hugo and that it's less clinical (cold) too.  Also the edge/hardness has been reduced that some people call timing - I think there mistake-taken and I think that Mojo proves this.
  14. mjdutton

    I also find the Hugo a bit clinical (cold & sterile), but I think Rob Watts said in a previous post that the Hugo's design is getting on for 3 years old and there have been Hugo TT and Dave since then moving the design (and sound) forwards (better).
  15. emilsoft
    it's awesome! Believe the hype, it's ground breaking miracle - wipes the floor with any device in it's price range that I've heard, or higher. I've commented on it's sound in past posts in this thread
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