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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. mscott58
    AK100II just landed on Massdrop! $480 going down to $460 if they get a whopping 4 people. Could be a good pairing with the Mojo. Cheers 
  2. masterpfa
    Great find
    What is the general consensus on Massdrop has anyone had any dealings with them in the past, Good or Bad?

    Could make a great pairing with the Mojo for someone. 
  3. joshuachew
    Bought quite some stuff from them. Audio wise, a TH900. And I must say, can't complain.
  4. adobotj

    They are excellent pair. Except for the size. The ak100ii is a bit taller than th mojo.

    I ordered ZY cable for hd800 on massdrop before. Excellent dealing with them. They provide you with updates every step of the way. But you need to be patient on the delivery because they compile everything first at their warehouse before sending them out for shipment. Around 2-3 weeks (depends on the volume) after the drop has closed. If you can wait then it's a very good deal :wink:
  5. adobotj

    Hahaha! Thanks man! I just can't wait for shipping and don't want to spend that much for a short toslink cable so I made my own :)
    masterpfa likes this.
  6. masterpfa
    I'm a sucker for a good deal and at $479 dollars this is a steal.
    Whether or not I need one is another matter (as I draw myself away but still looking back) [​IMG]

    I have a AK100 mkII already that matches for size, my Mojo, I have also pledged on the Echobox recent campaign and that DAP should be arriving at around April, so I don't need this DAP at all do I?
    (with an eye still on the Onkyo DP-X1) [​IMG]
  7. Torq
    Unless you want to use it directly as a DAP or outboard DAC with a computer, there's not a lot of point to it beyond the improved UX performance.
    Also, you'd give up a microSD slot, so if you're storage constrained it's a step backwards and, having heard the pairings in person, you don't gain anything SQ wise over the AK100mkII going through the Mojo.
  8. Dobrescu George
    Is that a real deal? I mean... less than 4.16%? It was extremely expensive to begin with, so I would expect a drop in price to look like at least 30-40% off. 
  9. mscott58
    Ah, sorry. The drop starts at $480 and then goes down to $460 with enough purchasers. When I wrote the original post there was only one person who bought. Now it's up to 35 already!
    The MSRP is $899, which is still what most people sell it for, but you can find it for the mid-$700's without looking too far (and probably lower if you really look). However, $460 is a good deal IMO. So the 4.16% is not the key number, it's the 49% off the MSRP. 

  10. Dobrescu George
    Then it all makes sense [​IMG]
  11. joshuachew
    For them to make your money over at massdrop, its gotta make sense.
  12. Earbones
    Disappointing to hear that the Mojo presents hiss with highly sensitive IEMs like the Shure SE846.
    I listen to cans and IEMs equally, and while I'm definitely loving this new golden age of positively microscopic DAC/amp solutions that sound huge, I'm confused as to why so many of them skew towards driving big cans rather than inky backgrounds for IEMs.
    Bottom line, when I sit down to exercise my neck beneath a set of LCD3s, I don't need or want a DAC/amp with a credit-card sized footprint that delivers "95 percent of the sound" of a full size solution. I'm committing to wearing some large, heavy cans, I'll plug them into something large and heavy, and enjoy 100% of the sound. Who are these people traveling with heavy, power-hungry (read: usually open) cans that need tiny devices?
    However there are a ton of audiophiles with high-end IEMs that would like a tiny device designed for IEMs, with an inky black background and zero hiss. I get that manufactures are impressed with themselves that they can get that much juice out of something so tiny, but that feature is really a niche feature without a niche. It would be much more useful to refine them for IEMs...
  13. sling5s
    Kaisertone, Neutron
  14. koziakauzu

    What, I can't hear any hiss at all...
    Mojo + se846 + ak100mk2 / Xperia z1
  15. masterpfa
    I know (just kidding with my comments) would be a good deal considering the price of some AK100 (MKI and MKII) I have seen in the UK for £350-£450 which equates to $500-$650
    Edit Any DAP added to my collection would need to be a decent stand alone device, so these are not being considered just for pairing with the Mojo but as having the option to be used in their own right, otherwise a Fiio X1 would have probably met my needs
    UAPP my weapon of choice, I tried both Neutron and Onkyo HF did not like either but YMMV
    EDIT: Forgot to add UAPP have great support too usually answering almost instantly to emails etc on issues if any you may have.
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