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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. betula
    Hi guys,
    How much the sound improves/differs through the Mojo with different sources? Is there any noticeable difference for example between Fiio X3ii and iBasso DX80 listening with Mojo? Any insights? Thanks!
  2. Ike1985

    If sources are transmitting bit perfect there is no difference.
  3. AndrewH13

    Hi George, we meet in another thread! I have used Mojo in exactly same way as Hugo with my HD800. Certainly no lack of volume. Others may like a fuller sound but that's another story. The slight extra warmth of Mojo may indeed be a benefit as HD 800s are airy enough, the main advantage of Hugo over Mojo. But talking small margins here.
  4. AndrewH13

    Best advert and summing up of Mojo possible. Music is what it's all about and re-creation of the recording. Something that occasionally :) gets forgotten. Congrats.
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  5. betula
    That is what logic says. But I heard obvious difference between Fiio X3 and X3ii using the same external amp.

    Is there anyone, who actually tried X3ii and DX80 with Mojo and can confirm, they sound identical? thx
  6. Dobrescu George
    X3 and X3II had different DACs inside. DACs do sound different. You were not using X3 and X3II as transports but as DACs, you were passing already decoded signal in shape of current, while with using mojo as a DAC+AMP, you would be passing data stream, which is basically the same (it has a threshold, under which the data is zero and above it is one, so no differences in signal. But there can be battery power variation, current variation, interference EMI, and other types, digital noise (some data can get badly damage, devices asks for data again, data gets repeated, the process is slower than enough, data gets damaged, resulting in jitter and digital noise.) (I can write a few pages on how data is transmitted through cables, but the short story is that there is data, and a verification package, if data received is not good, package is asked again). 
    About how different can two data sources sound, it would depend. Basically, they should be very close, almost un-hear-able differences, but I will not be amazed to know that two different transports do sound different. 
    The real side is that all transports will vary in sound, based on many factors, but not as much as DACs and AMPs do, maybe transports will vary as much as different cables do, or a little more, but much less than DACs and AMPs do. Cables do make a difference, but not a major one either, my opinions are best served with a huge grain of salt. 
    I guess that being in this hobby, Mojo is like that one thing that I cannot miss, eh? [​IMG] 
    I got wondering, when I was testing Hugo, there was some hiss, especially with overly sensitive IEMs, like IE8 from Sennheiser. I remember people using a small plug that would add 64OHM of resistance or so to filter the noise. I got curious if anyone who already has Mojo experienced this, and if there is a filter still needed. (For those who did not hear hiss with Hugo, do not answer this, it was slight, and some people will not hear it at all. For some even Fiio X5 first generation was silent. I do use a few over-sensitive IEMs sometimes, and I did hear hiss with my 64 ohm Ultrasone dj one pro).
  7. AndrewH13
    With Hugo and Shure 846s I could hear a tiny hiss when music silent if I really looked for it. BUt coming from hissy noisy LPs, its not something I was ever concerned about. Noticed none with Mojo though, believe it has been said, near silent for majority of people.
  8. AndrewH13
    I never considered I needed a Hugo or any other external amp/DAC for my ie800s until the Head-Fi meet at Cambridge UK last year. I was trying Grados and HD800 and needed a Hugo added to my DAP to drive them.
    I then just thought, try the ie800s in my pocket. I was sold! I had intended buying headphones but left the meet with a Hugo purchase. Mojo is very close, your ie800s deserve it[​IMG] 
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  9. betula
    I have checked the recommendations in post 3 regarding optical cables, (toslink-3.5mm) but there is nothing cheaper than $69-100. Is it really impossible to buy a cable like this cheaper (and shorter than 0.5m)?
  10. ecwl
    I use my Mojo with my iphone 6S or with Toslink sources and with my RHA MA750 (Sens: 100dB) and there's definitely no hiss. But then IE8 is like 125dB so hard to say but probably not. Using Mojo with my laptop is different as it doesn't sound as good probably because my laptop is sending polluted ground and RF noise into the USB but even with that, I don't think I heard hiss, it just didn't sound as good but still way better most than other DACs
  11. mscott58

    Too short and it's hard to bend and/or bending will risk hurting the cable. Making custom cables is challenging both in making tight radius bends as well as lining up the jacks in the correct orientation. Unlike 3.5mm plugs, standard Toslinks only line up in one direction due to the squarish connector plug that goes into the Mojo. All of that makes them more expensive as it takes more time and expertise. Cheers
  12. mathi8vadhanan
    This one's 0.3m. It may not do 24/192 (probably caps at 24/96).
    @Mython could you add this to Post #3?
  13. yoyorast10
    the difference between sq of the mojo and x3ii aren't that big?
  14. Whitigir

    Say what ?....if somebody say so...I think he is in the wrong hobby ? Or need an audiologist check up
  15. mscott58
    George - As far as I know there's no packet verification when transmitting audio signals from a transport to a DAC like there is with traditional digital data transmission. It's a live, one way stream - there's no error correction or resend requests or such. That's one reason why sources and cables do make a difference in this type of USB use in audio application as compared to TCP/IP, etc. Happy to be corrected but that's how I've always understood it. Cheers
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