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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. canali
    well, then go ahead and weep...please define a true audiophile.
    and i don't believe i ever labelled myself as one, whatever that is.
    takes all shapes on this forum as per what one can afford and what one likes.
    trying to be be a true audiophile can also be a bit pretentious, too, let alone
    lead to an ongoing $$$serious ongoing outlay of cash for high end creme dela creme quality sound... all for that 10-20%.
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  2. spook76
    Easy answer. An audiophile understands the most important element is not the digital audio player, the amplifier, the DAC or the cables, it is the source music. You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. A dynamically compressed master will sound terrible no matter how much you you spend on the gear. It begins with the music and that is not debatable.
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  3. x RELIC x Contributor

    And what does a paid subscription entail? :wink_face:

    Either way, the Mojo allows the user a choice... No wrong decision here and the user isn't tied to just one method of music 'consumption'.
  4. canali
    sure i hear you...and if i'm happy with tidal or spotify premium, or
    what have you, and i find a mojo or whatever does improve
    the sound, and i'm happy, then i'm content...i'm no musician
    or some high brow trying to be something i'm not..i'm not analyzing music, i'm no qualified musical critic
    ..instead I am just trying to enjoy
    good quality sound...so put away the tissues: no need to '' weep ''
    will be interesting what meridian and MQA does in the next few yrs, however.
  5. canali
    sorry but i don't call $10/mo a 'serious outlay of cash...trialed tidal and spotify and apple music...now seeing which i like best.
    apple music is even supposed to increase the bitrate transfer this yr...have no doubt streaming has a bright future ahead of it
    as companies compete to offer better sound transfer.  i don't care to spend $20/album when, in many cases, 1/2 of the songs aren't worth their price.  i do have 450 itunes which i'd like to get some better transfers of via a dap or whatnot.
  6. rechtkid
    my friend says that cck isnt working anymore on ios 9,, is it true? coz i want to replace my android device with iphone 6s for Chord Mojo,, or any suggestion for connection cable for ip6s->Mojo,, thx
  7. jarnopp

    FWIW, I find Mojo to be magical on redbook and 256/320kbs mp3s. The theory was that those sampling rates should be good enough, and Mojo shows that with the right dac, maybe they are.
  8. Angular Mo
    How music is recorded, mixed, mastered matters to me...

    I don't look at Hi-Res and then decide what to listen to...

    I look at the music I like, first.... then the format.

    Though I mostly download to offline music I am "discovering."

    (Do people only download or rip what they know and like?)

    However, I won't change what I listen to because it is a Hi-Res download. If music I enjoy is available Hi-Res, I will consider it....

    my reference CDs is Steely Dan's Aja, and only three-more worth the $$$$

    There is also so much music out there I want to discover.

    So, my goal is a portable transport with large storage, access to Tidal App Store... Android or iOS for off-line (in case I have no connectivity and Zombies attack) and to feed digital to my favorite DAC/Amp.... MOJO !

    I so want the AK100ii, not if I am limited to my 700 CDs and 300 downloads.

    I am humbly surprised few have considered this.
  9. barbes

    No, CCK works fine with current iOS.
  10. Koolpep

    It's working just fine.
  11. x RELIC x Contributor

    Hey, I wasn't saying anything is wrong with streaming. My point is that tolerance of other people's choices is what should be observed. FOR ME I don't want to subscribe to $20 per month (tidal high res) as that is more than I pay per month typically acquiring new music. Streaming is great IMO for music discovery, but I really want to chase that last 10% of quality in masters with little to no compression. Others don't. Whatever. My point is that with the Mojo individual CHOICE is easily available.
  12. canali
    I hear you...I've would never have listened to as much music as I have if it wasn't for tidal and Spotify, to be quite frank...to have owned all those songs would have been expensive imo cost comparatively (esp when you often have to buy the entire album)...and I don't care as much for owning...that might change...but for now I'm OK with it. And again I have no doubt premium sounding streaming services will only grow in the future, to get in the pockets of audiophiles of all stripes.
  13. NaiveSound
    The Mojo can power the hd 800 up? How is the synergy?
  14. linzheng
    Mojo powers HD800 no problem, but I personally prefer the combination of HD800 and WA7 better.
  15. AudioBear

    Yes it works just fine when the Apple CCK isn't defective.  I bought one when I bought my Mojo and when I plugged it in I got a message that this device doesn't work with this iPhone. Then it worked for a few hours, then it went belly up.  I spent a day troubleshooting,and e-mailing to Chord and TTVJ.  The good news is they were right there trying to help me.  The bad news is Apple had to send me a replacement CCK.  A new user who got that message might think iOS9 wasn't supporting Mojo anymore.  I use the iPhone 6S and Mojo all the time, no problem.
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