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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. browser of hi-fi
    Hi all,
    Sorry if this has been asked, I have searched but cannot find an answer.....
    Does the Mojo automatically switch off with no input signal received. I listen to an album of music at night via my iPhone fed into an Oppo HA-2. Innevitably I fall asleep before the album finishes leaving the batery draining on the HA-2. It would be beneficial if the Mojo switched off once the album finished playing.
    thanks. Paul
  2. uzi2

    You'd never get to hear it. It would take Rob another lifetime's work and he would be nowhere nearer his goal of programming infinite taps for the perfection he seeks.
  3. masterpfa
    I used to have problems with connectivity only because of undue pressure on the micro USB port on the Mojo. If used in a desktop situation, no problems but when bundled in a pocket with the supplied straight micro USB OTG cable, this would cause temporary disconnection especially with movement.
    With the supplied short OTG or any 'Straight' OTG cable resulted in intermittent disconnection
    I have since bought a right angled USB OTG and have not experienced the problem since.
    Right angled OTG no such problem.

    But I am still waiting delivery of this cable for use with my mobile phone as it would remove the need for any additional converter or connection at the USB Type A end.
    This has also been one of the reasons, personally, for buying a AK100 mkII to pair with my Mojo, surety of connection I get with using the Mini Toslink to Toslink connection.


    Short answer no, not as far as I am aware. It will remain switched on
  4. emgeebee
    Until Chord release their own WiFi upnp module, I think this is how I'll roll:
  5. Whitigir
    Well, stacking and having it in your pocket/bag/purse while walking around is not an ideal situation. It is because all of the ports, cables sticking out. Unless you can securely stack it first, and contain it in a small box before having your stack in your purse, then sure. Otherwise I can see eventually damages will be done at either a phone port or Mojo port, and ofcourse smaller port would be easier damaged than larger one...aka...mojo.

    May want to wait for module that read and play microSD card ? Or..secure your stack
    masterpfa likes this.
  6. Mojo ideas

    The Spartan 6 FOGA chip is not a single part. it's a whole family of product types. The Spartan 6 that is in Our Dave Dac is way larger, being more than ten times the size and having at least ten times the number of logic gates that the Spartan 6 that is is in our Hugo. Perhaps It should also be noted the Hugo has many hundred times the electronics that virtually any other Dac on the market has. John Franks.
  7. Whitigir

    Oh...my! This seriously sounds so good!
  8. stevemiddie
  9. Ike1985
    I really love the way low down tuned guitars sound on the mojo, although my sub bass heavy ADEL A12's play a significant role as well. These sort of doom/stoner metal guitars are so rich, warm and fuzzy. Like a powerful car engine revving up.
  10. stefanolandesca
    Im curious how the mojo compare to the cheaper but stellar Cozoy Astrapi.
  11. reihead
    Wow, look at this, 25 minutes without a message here, this thread is hard to follow! So many messages and I think it will only get busier.
  12. masterpfa
    We need someone who owns or has used both 
  13. rkt31
    mojo has entirely different approach to digital music like no other portable headphone amp except Hugo has. chord electronics design their own proprietary dac section using programmable chips of very high processing power. this processing power is many times more than other dac in a portable headphone amp. this processing power is used to accurately create the wave form as close as possible to original analog wave form by means of higher tap count and chords own algorithm. processing power is also used in filtering out the noise. the results as measured by one member are posted somewhere in this thread. I don't think any other portable headphone is any where close to mojo in measurements as well as sq.
  14. Bighappy
    I agree with everything said here! 
  15. mysony1

    Mojo have connection issues with ONKYO DPX1.

    After a period of times track playing will disconnect from mojo.

    Please take note. Couples of friends having the same issues.

    If you planning to get ONKYO DPX1 to pair with Mojo.

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