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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. kissmevn
    I read all your comments.
    Regarding you problem I have a few explains:
    I'm currently running Mojo to K10. I could say that with well-mastered records, the sound is so real, I can close my eyes and feel like I'm in a small room with them there, I've never achieved anything like that before (My previous gears was Arrow4, stepdance, Glacier, Rxmk3b and ifi micro idsd)
    Of course it cannot sound 3D and open as full size headphone but it's fine, even HD800 lost that battle to my 200$ speaker :).
    There was more engaging and dynamic dac/amp (ifi micro idsd), but never so real and relaxed as Mojo. 
    The only headphone I have that can achieve this life-like level without mojo is my LCD-2 (but that's not portable, right)
    So I can say that the mojo is not for the fun or Prat sound type but it's a truly hi-end sound that hardly to have at this price point, I assured you :wink:
    Regarding your se846, If you want an open ss and holographic sound in IEM, I suggest the SE5, is's said to be the most 3D IEM currently available. (For me the K10 has the perfect balance)
    (sorry English is not my main language so maybe some mistakes)
  2. elnero
    I'm going to make a guess that the Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 is what you're looking for.

    Very nice! I have almost the same exact thing except I have the AK 120. I do have the Mojo, sys concept, and JH 16s. What cable is that? I have the Double Helix Silver peptide
  4. San Man
    Mine is in the mail on the way, I'm pretty excited.
  5. shdejavu
    I have a question about the noise via coax.
    My DAP is cayin N5 and the coaxial cable is black dragon cable, bought together with mojo from moon audio.
    My earphones are se535, inear sd4s, westone w40, IEMs of high sensitivity.
    When I connect mojo to mac or other PCs via usb, it works well and there's no background noise.
    However, when I connect it to cayin N5 via coax, I hear sharp and continous noise, not like the usual background noise but like the current sound.
    Is it common or just my mojo's problem?
  6. canali
    has anyone compared the iFi ican  micro special edition and idac2 to the mojo?
  7. KC7384
    The cable is Labkable "Silver Galaxy MKII" (8 wire ultra pure silver alloy cable)
  8. caracara08
    Just got my Mojo in and was hoping to listen to some Spotify via my note 4 but my phone isn't recognizing the Mojo (using a moon audio otg cable). I wen to post 3 and clicked on almost every link and the only thing that I can find is that I would have to pay $8 for an app to enable usb audio?

    I know that I have used usb audio in the past with a cheap otg cable and it worked fine.

    Sorry I know this has come up but couldn't figure it out.
  9. omastic
    Can you try connecting your OTG cable the other way round (meaning swapping the phone end and the mojo end of the cable)? I know it sounds stupid but I had a similar issue which was solved by swapping the connection ends between my phone and the mojo.
  10. Raketen
    Kind of hilarious (and totally appropriate) this list is topped by Atlas Elipticalis and Feldman piano works, I believe John Cage has the recording with the least dynamic range as well [​IMG] 
  11. caracara08

    Doesn't sound stupid at all. Haha it was the first thing I tried. Still no go.
  12. joesmokey
    Looking for suggestions on how to make my Mojo listening experience more portable.

    I'm using it with the Apple CCK (6+) and right now most slight movements cause the signal to drop for a second which pauses the music. I am not sure if it's the connection going into the Mojo that becomes unstable, the USB connection from the CCK to the Mojo, or the CCK itself. Both cables are pretty short so I am wondering if a longer cable from the CCK to the Mojo will help with stability.

    If I leave the Mojo alone and don't move it, playback continues uninterrupted.

    Does anyone else experience this? For what it's worth, I've never had this issue with other portable amps before.
  13. NaiveSound
    I may just go ahead and consider full sized headphones to go with my Mojo,

    Because se846 is just not very intriguing, and after *auditioing* of the UE 18, I started getting very disappointed... In the IEM way of things.

    Anyone with good experience with full sized headphones with the Mojo? Anything that stands out, I can spend between 600$ and 1k$.
  14. AudioBear

    I just received the Lavricable (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pure-Solid-Silver-Lightning-to-Chord-Hugo-Mojo-interconnect-cable-Iphone-4-5-6-/172046678763?hash=item280ec7faeb). My plan it to try it because i have experienced the same sensitivity to movements.  I have another kind on order from China.  If neither works to stop the interruptions on movement I am going to try velcro and I am also going to try a USB cable extender so I can put mojo in one pocket and the iPhone in another (or something like that).  I'll post what i discover.  BTW, I am about to post a highest rating for Lavricable.  They mailed my order the same day DEC 20, and it got here by standard mail (about $5) today (JAN 4).  Amazing.  The cable is very neatly built.
  15. AudioBear
    I own a 64 Ears ADEL cIEM with which I listen to Mojo and while I think this combination is very good I can understand why the SE846 or Noble K1O have been getting a lot of love here too recently.  Mojo just makes you think you own the best IEM in the world.  
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