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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. headmanPL

    He's got mine wrapped! [​IMG]
  2. jamestux
    I don't know about the best but as I couldn't find out where to buy it from Sony Europe I bought it from Japan via eBay and it arrived in 3 days
  3. Rob49

    Is that the WMC-NWH10 cable ? Did you have to pay customs charges ?
  4. jamestux
    yes it is and no I didnt
  5. heliuscc

    I've got one of these from Amazon:
    Custom Walkman Digital Audio Output Cable for OPPO HA-2 WM-Port to USB Micro B with 90 Degrees L-Shape Plugs https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00YWEHSQY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_J2zEwbTMW366P

    But it's a xmas gift to me so haven't been allowed to try it :cry:
  6. Sound Eq
     need your help guys
    i am sure many of u who won the mojo have an android phone and some also have an ak dap
    so which paring do u prefer
     ak----mojo ---- your iem
    android phone--- mojo ----your iem
    and why
  7. Rob49

    Can you use that cable to connect to the Mojo ?
  8. Rob49

    How is the ZX2 / Mojo, pairing ?
  9. heliuscc
    Can't see why it won't work if it works with the oppo. And it's right angled so won't stick out so stupidly.
    I'll let you know on Friday if it works with the A15.
  10. jamestux
    I have the ZX100 not ZX2 but stunning is the short answer. It drains the Sony battery 4 or 5 times quicker than using it on its own (I get 60+ hours as a walkman and about a working day as a transport for the mojo)
  11. sonickarma

    FYI - It didn't work for me with ZX2 and MoJo
  12. Rob49

    Sorry I thought you had the ZX2. I've found I don't really need an amp, but of course, have read a number of positive feedback about the Mojo.
  13. nnotis
    I picked up a Mojo yesterday.  As many have previously indicated, the DAC is exceptional.  I compared it to the Hugo DAC using the Leckerton UHA-6S amp to control for differences in the Mojo and Hugo’s respective amp sections.  I couldn’t hear a difference.  Both devices have really upped the ante on portable DAC resolution.  They depict spacial information previously only audible to me on my desktop DAC.  Unfortunately, once I got the Mojo home, I realized that its amp noise floor is quite audible with IEMs.  It’s right around the cusp of being a deal breaker.  I haven’t yet decided.
    I don’t really fault Chord for this.  They know just a handful of us will take issue with this noise floor.  If they’d optimized the amp for IEM use, hundreds of fools would complain because the Mojo wouldn’t offer enough gain to their HD800s.
    Running HD800s from a tiny portable amp is like pulling an oversized semi truck load with a pickup.  You might actually be able to do it.  But it’s never going to work well, as no pickup truck has sufficient power and torque for the task.
  14. Ike1985

    My mojo is completely black silent with extremely sensitive 12 driver Ciems.
  15. GreenBow
    @Rob Watts or @Mojo Ideas, or anyone please.
    Please I have a question about the 'line-out' specification of the Mojo. I read in the Mojo manual that pressing both volume buttons puts in in line-out mode at 3V.
    1. Is that 3V peak-to-peak, or 3V peak. I have been reading that line-level is 1.7V peak and 3.5 peak to peak.
    2. If the Mojo sets to 3V peak, how much would we reduce the volume to make it equate to 1.7V peak. (What sort of colour configurations on the volume buttons.)
    Many thanks to anyone that can clear this up.
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