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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. CalvinW
    That's true, but only if you don't run into problems...
  2. AnOrdinaryCat
    First post on HeadFi, sorry to my wallet :p
    Just wanna confirm that Mojo works fine with iphone 6 plus + Apple CCK w/ lightning. iAudioGate is able to recognize Mojo (showing "Mojo" on the app) push DSD 2.8M format through the link.
    I had Mojo paired with AKG Q701 at first, then switched to Beyer T70 250ohm verion, as I need closed back headphone in the office. Each works fine with outstanding soundstage, resolution/clarity in mid-hi. Instruments . (I'm not a big fan of boom-boom-bass :) ) Mojo is a bit hotter (warm to touch) on the 250ohm impedence, which i think is normal as it needs more currency draining from battery.
  3. soundblast75
    Guys, anybody noticed quicker battery depletion as Mojo's off?
    Im sure mine doesn't get close to 8 hours unless it's in continuous use, but if I leave it for a day or two after listening an hour or two before that, then its quickly flashing red (hate red:joy:)
  4. Currawong Contributor

    iPod Classics CANNOT output digital in this manner. The OS on the iPod doesn't support it, nor the hardware. Those adaptors are for charging only.
    Given how often non-tracked packages go missing, it is not worth their while to send them otherwise, especially overseas.
    I used to own a Duet, and Duet 2 and the Mojo is significantly better both as a DAC and headphone amp IMO.
  5. xtr4
    Yes, it has happened to me before during the first 2 charge cycles. However, I decided to a proper power cycle the third time to verify the battery lasts 8-9 hours and it does. After that, the odd discharge during rest days isn't as prominent. Hope this helps. I'm still monitoring
  6. zaintachik
    I'v bought some stuff from them, reliable and very quick shipping.
  7. jazzfan
    Pics please. Thanks.
  8. Wyd4
    Eagerly awaiting to see what these bolt-ons bring :)
  9. M-13
    This is the right cable for my AK100ii right?
    2.2mm Toslink to miniPlug?
    Anymore thoughts about the Mojo Headphone out compared to the balanced out of the AK100ii? I'm sure the Mojo is better but are we talking huge leaps or a more subtle difference? If it's a huge leap can someone describe their experience?
  10. Ritvik

    That's the right cable. You should email them, they're very quick to respond and give you a couple of options based on the devices you intend to connect. I'm waiting for mine to arrive!
  11. salla45
    Curious to know, John, how many Mojo's have you sold thus far? would be interesting to know sales progress thus far. Hopefully many thousands indeed! Not seen one out and about yet, but then I live like a hermit, in a small village, lol :)
    In fact, interesting question to fellow members: Have you seen anyone else with Mojo in your travels and did you strike up a conversation?
  12. Darren Cotter
    Hi  All
    Has anyone compared the Mojo against the iFi Audio Micro iDSD? I'm using a FiiO X5 2nd Gen and my iDSD is away for repair, but wondered what it would sound like using the digital input.
  13. Ruben123

    It's not the 192/24 that makes you hear more pops and clicks but rather the vinyl :) or is that what you meant?
  14. heliuscc
    There's a lot of 'hidef' vinyl rips, not sure they're any better than a decent flac.
  15. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     I have been comparing them for days.
    Any particular question?
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