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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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    Hi, some on can tell me where can i found a double coax(short not to long if it's possible) for dx90/mojo ? or any tips to combo dx90/mojo. Thx
  2. heliuscc

    Easy to make with coax and two mono 3.5 plugs. Dergabe on here does make and sell them.
  3. Nikonkit
    I tried to find a 30 pin to female lightning converter but had no luck, perhaps nobody has thought of the need for an ipod with 160GB capacity for the Mojo, I have been using OTG with my LG G3 and the sound quality into the Shure 846 is outstanding.
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  4. organ_donor
    On my Windows 8.1 all the videos on browser (Chrome) will not play when my Mojo is playing music through Jriver. Any solution to this? Thanks.
  5. sandalaudio
    You probably have the Mojo set up to have exclusive control on the Playback Devices settings in Sound Control Panel.
    This is how it should be, because having two separate programs access one sound device requires Windows Volume Mixer to first intercept the sound, which is the root cause of sound quality degradation.

    USB DAC makers spend effort to make sure that no other programs will play sound when the DAC is occupied by the main music player.
  6. nmatheis Contributor
    iPhone -> Mojo -> Zeus +

    = DAYUM!!!
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  7. headwhacker

    That's because it will not work. Not even with CCK.
  8. singleended58

  9. spook76
    The question remains whether, even with this adapter, the iPod Classic will transmit a digital line out which the Mojo requires.
  10. fiascogarcia
    If it's like the Hugo, it would only work with the iPhone, iPad, or certain iPod touch models.
  11. CalvinW
    If anyone is looking to get an optical cable from an AK to a mojo, you should definitely try SysConcept, where they can get it custom made.
    Don't make my mistake and get the Silver Dragon from Moon Audio.
    I got their Silver Dragon USB and it broke within a year. 
    The quality is so notorious, it would have been better to use a printer cable.
    Dealing with them was the worst experience I had.... 
  12. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    You are lucky.
    You could live in Japan where cables are everywhere yet nobody has a short one for a Mojo and a Note 4[​IMG]
  13. eddiek997

    It's unfortunate that you've had a negative experience with Moon Audio.
    My experience with them and their products has been nothing short of fantastic.
  14. fiascogarcia
    I wouldn't discount Moon Audio completely, as I have had several Silver Dragons of various types and never had a problem with them.  It's always going to depend on how gently or roughly you handle your equipment.  I'm not familiar with their quality being notoriously bad.  IMO.
  15. CalvinW

    I have a dedicated computer for my dac, so I plugged the Silver Dragon into my system and just left it. 
    But around a year, it started randomly disconnecting from my DAC, where I would have to switch off the DAC and switch it on again to get a signal. 
    Soon afterwards, it wouldn't even recognize my DAC. I wanted to see if the problem was due to my DAC.
    So I switched to a stock USB cable and it worked flawlessly. 
    I agree with you that not all their cables may have bad quality, but do take their manufacturing consistency with a grain of salt. It seems to be all over the place...
    I do have their blue dragon that stills works without a hitch... But the Silver Dragon costs twice as much, and it's twice as quick to break... 
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