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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. dSpartan

    i will try them out thanks
  2. Bighappy
    I hope this post is okay here? Still new to Head-fi. Please move or delete mods if this isn't okay. I currently have Sennheiser HD650's & a JDS element & Oppo PM-3's with a HA-2...I'm trying to decide if I'd benifit more from a Chord mojo or a set of Shure SRH1540's being that the price is similar? I use primarily my iPhone 6plus as my source running tidal or Onkyo HF player. Thanks for any help!
  3. nmatheis Contributor

    Yes, to my ears C5 colors sound by adding mid-bass, sparkle, and increasing soundstage. It's fun, but doesn't necessarily have high-fidelity to the source.
  4. iwans
    The best combination currently that I have is:
    Desktop: Macbook 13 > Audirvana Plus > Mojo > FitEar MH335DW (001)
    On the go: AK100mkII > SysConcept > Mojo > FitEar MH335DW (001)
    AK100mkII still cannot beat Macbook 13 + Audirvana, IMO...
  5. x RELIC x Contributor

    The Mojo would yield a larger improvement in this case for the headphones you already own.
  6. PhilW
    ACS encore or oBravo ERIB2a
    masterpfa likes this.
  7. dSpartan
    The ACS encore seems pretty tempting.
  8. Marat Sar
    Thanks for clearing it up. I can't resist the widescreen soundstage C5 has, I just like it with everything, even if it's wider than what was meant. I also like the sparkle, even the unnatural element in it. I could go on and on, but sound is personal. What I really wish is a DAC better than the old x3 in the mix, but for some reason the line out on Mojo decreases the C5's soundstage compared to the x3. The Mojo has about 15% more resolution and detail, sounds more natural, but the x3 just has a very clear hissless, black line out and the mojo is messy.
    Strange that. Kinda feels like I have about 1200 eur worth of extra sound equipment now. Maybe a bundle-sale would work. The AK100 and Mojo combo is hella photogenic, that's for sure. Beautiful combo, just stunning, even more so in real life. Nerdy and sleek.
  9. x RELIC x Contributor

    Strange comment indeed. At the end of the day whatever works for you is what you'll prefer. :wink_face:
  10. Marat Sar
    I surely didn't mean Mojo alone is "messy". It's clear as day. The Mojo's line out to Cayin C5 is - it has more hiss and coloration than the Fiio x3, that's all. It's a known fact x3 (at least the old one) has pitch black line out. The Mojo alone is way cleaner, just less holographic and 3d than the C5.
  11. Bighappy

    Thank you!
  12. salla45
    I do like bitches brew also. Must give it a whirl with Mojo. That whole era was crazy, chock-full of musical exploration. It was like a musical renaissance. So many crossed influences between genres. It really was a fascinating period, so many candles burning fiercely in many directions. Am rediscovering a lot of it now with all this new kit. So much more to enjoy!! Brilliant.
    It's so true that some of the really dense stuff can take decades to assimilate. Same for some classical pieces, and prog-rock.
  13. Currawong Contributor

    At the risk of being annoying, I'm going to say the answer is: The one that sounds best with the music you like. I've not had a pair of IEMs here that I didn't like the sound of with the Mojo. That includes: Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors, JH Audio Roxannes and Laylas, Torque Audio t096z, and others so I'd say personal preference is the key here.
    dSpartan likes this.
  14. pinoyman
    im using iphone 6 as source and i plan to use it in the mojo via lightning cable. (FIIO L19)
    is it available already in the market?
  15. nmatheis Contributor
    No, L19 isn't available yet. At least not internationally. Hopefully soon!
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