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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. jarnopp

    So, let me try again. All DACs output analog. Some have built in amplifiers with a volume control, and give the option of bypassing the amplifier and "only" outputting the converted digital. However, whether the DAC has and amp built in or not, there is still an analog output. Even line out is an analog signal, usually set to about 2v which is what most amps, preamps, etc are designed for.

    The Mojo has one analog output stage, which is designed to output a variable voltage and also act as the amplifier. Therefore, it cannot be bypassed, or you would not get any analog signal. So, yes it is always line out, but you will not always require a separate amplifier. (Mostly you probably won't for driving headphones.). In a full home system, you would want to use between 2-3v for "line out."

    Hope that helps. Others can add/clarify as well.
  2. Sound Eq
    well according rob watts he said its better to use cables that have ferrite in it, and i do not know what that is , or if i can find an ultra short cable to connect in a neat way with my note 3
  3. sandalaudio
    Ferrite is a little blob that's on the end of some cables.
    Basically it chokes the high frequency, which is detrimental to high speed data but good for power quality (less spikes).
    Usually USB charging cables come with them (because they don't need to worry about data), whereas most USB data cables don't.
    You can just buy it separately as an attachment from electronics DYI stores, so can give it a try.
  4. sandalaudio
    I've been having real trouble trying to get Mojo to work on my new Windows 10 systems which has Intel USB 3.0 ports (specifically Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Interface).
    Basically the sound pops and crackles, and the Mojo's sample rate lamp (power button) flickers, particularly when I play PCM above 192kHz or DSD files. (DSD256 just turns into random noise garbage).
    My Asus motherboard has both Intel USB 3.0 and ASMEDIA USB 3.0 ports, and Intel ports have this problem but ASMEDIA works perfectly fine.  Both JRiver and Foobar has the exact same noise issues. It's not a software configuration issue because they play fine when I connect Mojo to the ASMEDIA USB ports.
    My new Dell XPS13 also has the same Intel USB 3.0, and causes a lot of pops and crackles on the Mojo.
    My Macbook Air and Mac Mini both work great all the way up to DSD256.
    Different USB cables make some difference but they all fail as I play higher sample rate files. The only solution I found for the Dell was to use a USB hub before the Mojo, but this is tedious.
    Does anyone know a good workaround or a solution to get the Mojo to work properly?
  5. Sound Eq
    and how am i supposed to to connect to my cable
    can u send me a link for it
  6. sandalaudio
    You can get various sizes of snap-to-fit ferrites at most electronics shops.
    I'm not saying it will make a difference to the sound quality etc.
  7. Mython Contributor
  8. Sound Eq
    thanks but i do not think i will find one to fit the ultra short micro usb- micro usb otg which is almost only 3 cm long
    and since non here use it i guess it will not make a difference unless i am mistaken
    but it would be nice if ultra short cable is found having this added  
  9. karmazynowy
    No, tested with T90 and HD800. I can hear no difference with both or just one or another connected.
  10. uzi2

    A longer cable wrapped around a ferrite core will give you the short cable you require.
    If you don't have problems with your existing cable, stick with it, it is certainly the neatest solution if you want to stack.
  11. Sound Eq
    if i see other head-fiers go for it and report it made a difference then i would, it seems non are doing it with stacking it the mojo with their android phones u=by wrapping their cables with this ferrite
  12. dSpartan
    Hey Guys,  what's the best in ear headphone paired with the mojo, any recommendations below $1000?
  13. Sound Eq
    my shure 846 sounds dam good with the mojo
  14. dSpartan

    thank you, i do have the Shure 535, are the 846 significantly better than those in case you have tried the 535?
  15. Sound Eq
    my freind has the 535 and it can not be compared to 846 at all
    the 846 is on another league
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