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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Nitrile
    I have to agree that it sounds better (more musical) compared to my Geek Pulse Xfi.
    Haven't touched the Geek Pulse since i did some A/B testing with my Fostex TH600s.
  2. salla45
    Thanks. maybe a heath-robinson type fix is possible. I would perhaps sugru it up, but am loathe to spoil it's lines!
    thanks for the pointer on the missing beat fix. will check it!!
  3. Nitrile
    I have tested it and it works well for Foobar. However, gapless play is affected. I'm happy to live with this issue as it only affects the first track I start to play.
  4. GreenBow

    I don't understand. If you follow what Rob Watts said Matt instructs then you should not lose the first second anymore.
    I was thinking that once the first second is cured, the rest should be OK. Meaning if I jump from track to track there should be no second of audio missing. I hope so because the sampling rate wouldn't change in that case I hope.
    Otherwise it would be a deal breaker for me if I lost the first second of every track I selected. In my case my music is CD rip so I shouldn't experience it anyway. Being the sample rate of the music is the same as the Windows sounds. I hope someone can confirm that for me.
  5. AndrewH13

    You could have been enjoying quality music for weeks. Why don't you just open Mojo box?
  6. Mython Contributor
  7. Heartsmart

    Hi Rob, Interesting that you responded to my post. I can in this situation feel a sadness that English is not a language that I naturally can express myself in with the nuances I'd like right now. But I'm thankful for Google Translate that still allows me to write reasonably understandable.

    I think you are on to something. I think the next step in the quest of perfection in sound lies in the understanding of the brain and how it interprets auditory impression. And if we go even deeper, it's probably in brain chemistry that we need to look for the answers. I have often marveled at how one moment can be immensely enjoying the music. and at another time with exactly the same technical conditions only hear sound.

    My thought is that it is my state of mind, in other words the chemicals in the brain that gives so totally different experiences. I saw an interview with you and John and it was really interesting. It will be extremely exciting to see what you can together with all your knowledge.

    Maybe we'll meet in London 30/1 on Headroom? And thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy music the way a can with your cration/ Johnny
  8. imattersuk
    I recently fell asleep with the Mojo playing, woke up after a couple of hours, music still playing and I swear it was the clearest, sweetest sound i'd ever heard so maybe state of mind counts for a lot. I also know if i'm tired everything sounds bad.
  9. twelvebears
    I'm finding the Mojo a very addictive listen and it's got me exploring albums I've not tried for ages and discovering loads of new detail.
  10. DMinor
    I don’t have mojo (would have tried it were ipod classic an option), but I have a setup with which I seem to enjoy the audio more than the music. That’s when I know I have a winner on hand and possibly an end-game tweaking. It just wows me freshly every day.
    With adequate separations, I think it’s all about dynamics with excellent extensions on both ends and an energetic/lively treble. 
  11. davidmolliere
    That's a good summary of my own experience :)
    I also find that it's consistent across all kind of music, which has not necessarily been my experience with other sources...
    Aside from details I would say music is simply enjoyable with the Mojo, you forget the gear and it's all about the music!
  12. gavinfabl
    I'm just having a private violin rendition by Nicola Benedetti. #Mojo #Music
  13. RedJohn456
    This thing sounds like a beast!
  14. Ike1985
    I can confirm that ferrite(I think they're called that) USB type cables help dramatically with EMI/RF interference.  I ran some tests by having some browsers/twitter/etc running and I had some loose ferrite cable clasps.  I had previously removed them from old cables.  They don't have to be tight around the cable at all so fit doesn't really matter.  While the RF/EMI interference is ongoing, simply waving the ferrite around the cable stops most of it and lowers the volume of what remains of it.  Not sure if ferrite it harmful to mojo or not.  I would assume it's not since it's used in tons of cables.
  15. Ike1985
    My experience as well, treble has mellowed and bass is a bit more pronounced IMO.  Just the way I like it.
    Is there anything special about the provided Chord USB-B cable?  I tested it against a bunch I found in the closet and my cable that has the ferrite device sounds noticeably more bassy.  I looped the same couple seconds over and over with the chord vs the ferrite cable and noticed the same effect.  The vtech ferrite cable was more bassy, is this possible or just my mind? The vetch cable is also about 4x longer.
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