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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Takeanidea
    I have a 50 WPC Pure A class Minibeast F6 Clone which sounds great from the Mojo- I use the software to control the volume so it doesn't blow my headphones up 
  2. imattersuk
    This works great and sounds lovely, more open and detailed than the supplied cable. Can't see a cheap camera cable shielding RF very well if at all.
  3. Zhuyaj
    I dont know if this is the best place to post this but my mojo is making crackling pops here and there. I wonder what the issue is?

    Im feeding it with otg usb to my note 4 with 3.5mm cables. Its def not my cans or cables since i tried just plugging in straight to my phone and theres no crackling.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  4. mscott58

    Did you try putting it in airplane mode? Could be interference.
  5. Zhuyaj

    Yep, tried it and still crackling. :/
  6. Ike1985
    Well it's not exactly cheap, i found it online for $10 and I added a few more ferrite tunes to it(took them off old cables), now the RF/EMI is even quieter. I'd live to have a qed but they're exoenaive(not that much for audiophile cables but stilL). I'd like to see some abx As not convinced(no offense).
  7. Rob Watts
    I had same experience with Hugo. It just seemed to get better and better, and took 9 months before the feeling of improvements stopped. Funny thing was it was not break in as new Hugo sounded the same. My assumption was my brain breaking in to the way that Hugo recreated transients which was quite different to any other dac before.
    I expect Mojo to be the same.
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  8. Zhuyaj
    It works fine with songs on my sd card but if i try to use offline tidal or google play it crackles.
  9. maltravers
    I use an iPhone 6 to listen through hifiman HE400s, hifiman RE600s, and PSB M4U-2s. Would I see a significant increase in sound quality with the Mojo?
  10. Ike1985

    I think this may have something to do with my experience with mojo as well. It seems to be getting better overtime.

    Do you think EMI/Rf shielding cables are a good thing for mojo? I haven't noticed any detrimental sound quality effects-only the RF noise volume being lowered.
  11. salla45
    Had a scare today. One for Chord to take note...
    Was walking down to get my son from school and had the Mojo in my pocket. Took my K3003's off and popped them in another pocket whilst music still playing to deal with the real world. As I was walking back, I suddenly realised I could hear my IEM's in the pocket playing. Slowly dawned on me that perhaps they were playing a bit loud! Scrabbled in my pocket housing the Mojo and the lights were white; the pressure of the coat in the pocket had pushed the volume right up to max! OMG i thought, that's fried my K3003's for sure. Panicking a little I gingerly put them in my ears (after setting the volume correctly of course :) ) - no apparent deleterious effects could be heard. They had survived! 
    Clearly the K3003's can take some serious punishment! 
    But it's not the first time I've wished for some kind of button lock on the Mojo to prevent such things happening.
  12. salla45
    Could well be buffer issues. I got pops until I doubled the buffer size using the USB audio player pro app. If u are using this app, have a fiddle around with the settings.
  13. apollo11
    I've been using my mojo for a week now. The sound quality it produce is almost near perfect to my ear. However there is one problem i'm having. Why is it that after 3-4 hours of use the battery fades easily. Even after 4 hours fully charged. I've tried even charging them overnight. I still get the same result. Sometimes after 2 hours of use, then using them again, the battery life last only for a few hours. I hope others did (did not) experience the same problem with me. 
  14. GreenBow

    People sort if devised a protection against that. They strap a card across the top of the Mojo using elastic bands.
    By the way did you and @Massacare read post 6817 and 6822. Rob Watts has explained why the Mojo loses the first second of music and also how it can be fixed.
    @Rob Watts thank you very much for the fix missing one second fix. I have not tried it yet because I still didn't open my Mojo. I am hoping that either Massacar, salla45, or @Nitrile will be able to test it.Then I think I will be happy to proceed.
  15. Angular Mo
    After close to a month with my Mojo, I can confirm that the treble brightness has settled down, but still retains excellent detail; snare drums, bells, tambourines are all crisp.

    It could very well be that the Mojo obviates my need for a desktop DAC/AMP and could be replacing my Bifrost Uber (the multi-bit is enticing) and LH Labs Geek Pulse Sfi (it has femto clocks); freedom from the desktop ! heck, it costs as much, if not more than those each.

    I find listening to music sitting on my sofa to be more relaxing than sitting in a listening-chair in front of a computer.
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