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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. stevemiddie
    PM sent
  2. mscott58
    The only outputs are analog audio or optical digital, so to use with the Mojo you have to use the optical output. 
    The only USB connection for the AK100II is an input. 
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  3. heliuscc
    Ok, I've had a play with the mojo now, and very pleased. But I do have a question.
    Am I right in saying up to 192 optical and coax are fine?
    And that to go over those bitrates you have to use usb?
    Z series compact phone looks great value next to some daps
  4. mscott58

    Nope, still need the CCK (or one of the hacked cables) for anything from Apple. Cheers
  5. headwhacker
    Has anyone tried to compare Hugo and Mojo with volume level tightly matched? As in tight at the voltage level (not by ear). Coz I can't catch any difference from the comparison I did this afternoon. (USB input only).
  6. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     Oh....I plan on doing that[​IMG]
  7. Sound Eq
    i want to you to just remember that the tiny size of the mojo should be taken in your consideration when u evaluate it as a whole package, now for me i am in love with for my iems, its magical with v4a
    now with my lcd2 which drove crazy even with my ifi dsd micro and alo mk3 B i can not get what I want to hear, i long time ago admitted it was the worst decision for me to but the lcd as the bass to me simply is not to my liking
    i am looking for a full size headphone that sounds like the shure 846 or sony z5 but in full size and bye bye lcd2
  8. GreenBow
    Thank you for confirmation.
    I was going to go back and edit my post that you replied to. I was going to say that I worked out that Mojo does work with Windows functions. I remembered that someone was mentioning in the past on this thread that playing Steam games works. 
    However thank you again. I decided to leave that post as it was, so that others wondering the obvious had a reference and confimation.
    The Foobar one is making me nervous. @Nitrile seems to be experienceing a problem with JRiver too which is even more worrying. I was coming round to the idea of having to spend about £35 on JRiver. Therefor scrapping my free Media Go. I am sure someone would assure me that JRiver is worth the money though in some way.
  9. Sound Eq
    the best 3 things i bought so far since my start a year about 2 years ago
    is the mojo, followed by the headstage 5tx, and ak100ii for my iems ( shure 846 + sony z5 ) 
    mojo--- note 3---- shure 836  ( 10/10 )
    ak100--- headstage 5tx--- shure 846 ( 9/10 )
  10. spook76

    While admittedly a pirated cable, the Lavricable interconnect is an elegant solution.


    Further, the Lavricable has survived a major iOS update from 9.1 to 9.2 and still functions flawlessly.
  11. Mython Contributor
    (this isn't 'aimed' at you, personally, Spook76; it's just a few thoughts relating to what you said)
    I consider the whole implementation of CCK (and the associated disclosure requirements for would-be CCK licensees) to be extremely selfish and disingenuous, on Apple's part, anyway, so I view Fiio's and Lavricable's efforts to circumvent it to be more libertarian than illegitimate.
  12. spook76
    Mython I could not agree more. I hate the whole MFI certification and I agree it is a libertarian solution.
  13. jynxed

    If you ever find this please pm me, would like very much to find this myself.
  14. AudioBear

    It certainly seems like Apple is trying to make sure that phones and tablets don't replace computer sales.  Not only is it hard to get USB I/O, there is little help for I/O and files in general.  I'm sure they would argue back that's because iOS wasn't designed as a computer operating system and lacks the features and capabilities to be one.  Microsoft and others are forcing Apple to re-think the line between i-devices and computers.  We shouldn't need to be even discussing this in an age when our refrigerators and ovens have CPUs and are on-line.
    I'm just happy there's any kind of work-around to Apple's intrasigence on this issue.  I half expect them to sue some seller of the "illicit" cables.  To be clear I own many iDevices and computers and am not anti-Apple, I just think they have missed the train on issues like this one.  They can also be very Draconian in shaping a world that profits only Apple--no doubt about that.
  15. mscott58

    I tend to agree as well. Main reason for pointing it out is just in case Apple does something with the system that makes the cables not compatible then people risk getting stuck with no recourse. Hope this doesn't happen but good to be aware of. Cheers
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