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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. GreenBow
    Please can I ask a silly question? I don't know enough about how it all works. With reading about how some music playing software has problems playing with the Mojo, e.g. Foobar missing the first second.
    1. I wondered does the Mojo work with Windows sounds.
    2. If I want to watch a DVD on my computer will it work with Windows Media Centre. Plus other players like VLC or Cyberlink Power DVD.
  2. spook76

    I agree with Amos. I may also be smoking something funny but the combination of iPod Touch (in airplane mode) + Lavricable interconnect + Onkyo HF Player sounds fantastic.

    I spent two days transferring my music library over to iTunes then onto Onkyo. I have tried TuneShell, Neutron, Golden Ears and FLAC Player apps for iDevices and Onkyo is the best combination of UI and sound. Further, it is the only application specifically mentioned by Chord in the Mojo manual so the synergy may be more than user preference.
  3. SearchOfSub
    I always found the difference to be going wireless vs. wired soundwise. Not as profound ofcourse, but maybe 1/3 of the difference or maybe even upto 2/3 on good quality cable. My system simply do not feel complete without my "exotic" cables to my ears nowadays. :D
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  4. zinphi03
    Simple question:
    I only use my Mojo in places where power is available. So I could simply let the Mojo plugged in all time (while playing and when powered off). Now I'm wondering if that is advisable regarding battery life and playback quality? I mean I know that keeping the battery fully charged all time is somehow stressfull to lithium batteries, but charging-discharging also reduces the life of it... Next thing is, that the charging currents may theoretically induce some hf noise into the playback circuits and therefore diminish audio quality...
    Any advices or expiriences?
  5. oliverpool

    Frankly, I have to say no. I was using a pretty decent well shielded cable before. The Ghent is even better and I could not say I heard any difference after installing it. The mojo seems to be pretty resistant to any USB cable jitter issues.

    I got the Ghent mainly because it's well built, fairly enough, and comes in the length I wanted.
  6. x RELIC x Contributor

    Batteries always have a finite life and whether you cycle them or keep them stressed at a full charge your batteries will always die eventually. Chord has confidently stated a 10 year battery life under regular use. What more is there to say? My take on the matter is that it's better to cycle the battery through the charge, yet others don't care about leaving it plugged in all the time and Chord's battery protection circuitry seems to be well implemented in this regard. My suggestion is to just use it and enjoy it in the manner that suits you best.
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  7. masterpfa
    Can I ask for some clarity on this. If I was to purchase from Amazon.jp would I need to use the services of a third party to have it posted to the UK or will amazon.jp post any items purchased directly to me.

    Could you suggest any such reputable 'forwarding' companies?
  8. AndrewH13

    For Rock 846s, Acoustic and Jazz ie800s. But seriously I can listen to all genres on both and enjoy. Paired with mojo, they let the music shine through. Savants I had high expectations for but they sounded uninspiring to me, K10s were far more my kettle of fish.
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  9. masterpfa
    I know the Mojo will turn off charging once the battery is full, this in itself may help prolong the battery but time will tell.
  10. Mython Contributor
    I'm not sure of your best option, for shipping to Qatar, but I suspect you are not the only person living in Qatar who has purchased a Mojo.
    You might try asking distributors for advice on which retailer to choose:
  11. heliuscc
    Check aramex on the App Store, they do shop and ship
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  12. GreenBow

    Rob Watts's description of how the battery works is currently post #4596 at the moment I think. Basically once the battery is full no more charge goes onto it. It would make sense then to discharge the battery yourself ocasionally.
  13. yoyorast10
    This + a phone or a high end dap.. decisions..
  14. heliuscc
    Get this, with its inputs you can then make a decision on a player. I'm veering towards a USB DAP next, maybe the pioneer or onkyo. Android based so no real difference to a phone.
  15. tkteo
    Mojo in my admittedly biased opinion. I am surprised by its ability to extract the detail from my favourite music on a daily basis.
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