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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. moedawg140 Contributor

    I've been working on this. I have an aluminum IEM case similar to the one mentioned that I've taken to meets that never got used aside from holding extra third party cables and tips. The issue with cases like the one mentioned (and my aluminum case) is that there are not a lot of slots for a multitude of IEMs. Also, having a few in each slot and constantly wrapping them up and putting them in and out isn't very efficient to say the least. Cases are actually a huge issue for me when showing IEMs. With that said, If I'm able to show IEMs at the next meet, I would more than likely want to purchase IEM stands like FAD does at meets and forgo all of the cases completely.
  2. Mython Contributor
    No, 99% no difference .
    Only significant exception I've seen (but haven't heard personally), is that quite a few people seem to feel that the Questyle QP1R has a poorly-implemented optical output.
    Other than that, you are very unlikely to notice a significant difference in SQ between using an android phone and a ZX1, when feeding the Mojo.
    If you are a high-res fan and have lots of DSD, then you might wish to dig a bit deeper, on the finer points of what hardware is precisely capable of what, but considering that the ZX1 only has 64gb non-expandable memory, I doubt DSD would be especially high on the agenda.
    The only substantial concern with using the ZX1 is that the ZX1 battery does tend to drain quite quickly when using the digital-out. Please note that this is not the fault of the DAC (it happens with any DAC you connect to the ZX1s digital output).
    If you have any further questions, or if you have any specific requirements, feel free to ask and I, or someone else, will help.
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  3. Sound Eq
    hello everyone, can please anyone tell me why i am not getting any sound out of poweramp or neutron music player
    using the mojo, so far the mojo only works with uapp and onkyo hf player
    is there something i am missing here, i am using a galaxy note 3
  4. koziakauzu

    On my z5 I have to ignore the connection pop up or force close Hf player to play from Apple Music / stock player / Google music if that helps
  5. Sound Eq
    sorry i do not know why with my note 3 poweramp and neutron do not work
    with my lg v10 and mojo neutron and poweramp work
    very strange
  6. stefanolandesca
    How do these stack up against the Oppo ha-2? As of now Im torn between the two
  7. heliuscc
    I caved in and bought one today, it's amazing. Had RSA shadow and Sony A15. At the moment using DX50 with mojo. Oh and Noble Savants. Will listen more when properly charged.
    Listened to a it of various hi res flac and dsd, and just my older flac. the Mojo is the best sounding portable device I've ever had, but then I'm not that rich.
  8. Mython Contributor
    The biggest advantage of the ha-2 is slim form-factor, but, in terms of SQ, Mojo is, arguably, the better choice:
    Plenty of discussion if you do a thread search:
  9. GreenBow

    I just received an idea about using Foobar but I think everyone will have already done it. I don't know enough to know enough though so I will post it here. I hope it's a cure for the missing second of new tracks. (However I suspect that everyone needs the suggestion enabled to even have the Mojo+Foobar working.)
  10. stefanolandesca
    Thanks for the input. Do you have an idea where can I buy the safest option for the Chord Mojo? Moon Audio also sells them. I can order from ebay but i fear its too risky. I live in Qatar by the way. 
  11. mscott58

    I made one of those "plates" myself. Just got some carbon-fiber wrap to cover it. Cheers
  12. koziakauzu
    I have thought about making my own too, but the lack of material, laziness, other stuff to get from Amazon.jp and current low yen exchange rate made me order it instead :p
  13. Watcherq
    I'm using a very well used Shure 846 with my Mojo.  Very nice as many on this thread can confirm.  It is past 2am here and I'm still listening to Vivaldi's 4 Season via JRMC and it is awesome especially if you love string instruments.  I gotta get some sleep as I'm just recovering from a cold and I want to go to the Mook festival here... :) 
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  14. AudioBear

    There's a post over in the 1964 Ears Adel IEMs thread that suggests the 64 Ears A12 (post #2873).  I haven't heard the combination but I have the A12s.  I find them absolutely outstanding in every way.  BTW, they are not bass heavy as a few have suggested but when there's bass on the track they can hit with impact like having a subwoofer.  I am not a bass head and I love them.  A10s may be more neutral.  U10s and U12s aren't custom and therefore cost less.
    I am going to order a Mojo and test this for myself.  Any of you who are interested in an ifi Micro iDSD at a good price check out my listing in the classifieds (wifi Micro iDSD).  You can help me buy a Mojo if you buy it from me, I just can't accumulate anymore gear.
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  15. SearchOfSub

    I too always found better cables improve sound in majority of cases Currawong! :)
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