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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. joshk4
    Thanks guys I'm going to play around with it and see what happens.
    Just found a voucher for the DSD album from chord as well, so that definitely should not be a problem when determining if it is DSD and that rate :)
  2. sabloke
    I played with the settings while listening to a file and I could see the light going from Red to bluebird back as settings were changing back and forth. I wish Windows could go higher to fully utilize Mojo's capability
  3. iDesign
    The better solution is to purchase the 1012 Pick N Pluck™ Foam Insert from Pelican. Click the accessories tab on this page: 
    https://www.pelican.com/us/en/product/watertight-protector-hard-cases/micro-case/standard/1010/ You'll need to use the foam insert in conjunction with the 1011 Case Liner because the liner itself creates the seal the case uses to shut.  
    I have the Pelican 1020 which slightly too large for the Mojo but it is ideal for those who want to place an iPhone/iPod Touch etc. and IEMs all into one case. 
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  4. GreenBow
    I don't know if it works but, a suggestion to people losing the first second of music with Foobar. I use Media Go from Sony with another DAC, and it's free to download from the Sony website.
    This software can play FLAC and high-res files, and import CD to FLAC.
    Someone on this thread tried it http://www.head-fi.org/t/788913/chord-mojo-issue-solutions-thread/15 However as you see they reported it not working with the Mojo ASIO driver.
    Anyway tonight I was looking in its settings and found this setting. I don't know if the user on the other thread tried to do this:
    I noticed under Media Go > Tools > Preferences > *under* Audio Output > *we can select* ASIO Device.
    If this allows the Mojo and Media Go to talk, it has to be worth a try.
    Two other players I came across that are free are:
    Exact Audio Copy
  5. sandalaudio
    I'm using those Lowepro compact digital camera case and it fits Mojo very well. I'm worried about scratching the Mojo's matte black paint job, so the soft cloth interior is perfect.
    Sony Media Go is a pretty good software, basically an iTunes clone with more features. I feel a bit sorry for the developers, because Sony has a tainted name due to their history with weird proprietary formats and restrictions, so most people stay away from them. I guess the only thing I didn't like about Media Go was that the data transfer was not trivial and very slow (e.g. to copy music across to SD cards).
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  6. sabloke
    Case fellows :grinning:[​IMG]
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  7. Mojo ideas
    It looks great in that case but I think your cauliflower has gone off a bit.
  8. joshk4
    Ok needed the wasapi plugin like I have at home to change the rate.
    I just tried the HD 800 on the chord Mojo, and it definitely have enough power to drive it. But how well it drive, like compared to my HDVD 800, it can't compete (But why should it as that is a desktop dac/amp).
    Nonetheless still so impressed with such a small portable device that it can make the HD 800 still sound great is amazing.
  9. sabloke
    Used the Mojo all day at the office today, plugged in to charge from a laptop USB 3.0 port. It got a bit warm but not enough to be worried about. Driving Pm3 26 Ohm at moderate to high level
  10. Currawong Contributor
    A 1020 works well if you want to carry an AK100 and IEMs too.
  11. psikey
    Will only go white if your using an App with its own driver such as UAPP otherwise its likely to default to upscaling at 24/192  (Samsung and Sony do anyway).
  12. joshk4
    The chord MOJO is so so good...

    I use to think that headphones/iems are what you should spend on first to upgrade to improve your listening experience. I still believe that, but I've come to realize that a dac/amp is just important. The step up you get using it is quite big. This is especially true when comparing from mobile out.

    The chord MOJO has really showed how big of an improvement you can get portable wise.
  13. x RELIC x Contributor

    IME the two aren't exclusive.
  14. MusicJunky
    Looks like a pretty nice and snug fit.
  15. joshk4

    Yeah, I would agree too.
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