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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. lurk
    does the color of the 'volume lights' on the mojo corresponds to the hugo?
    example, same color of both hugo & mojo = same volume output?
  2. viper2377
    Still waiting for mine! Could you post a pic and maybe an impression?

  3. rwalkerphl

    Here you go. Overall very well made. I haven't used it a great deal yet.
  4. viper2377
    Nice same color as the one I ordered... Been a week since It shipped and nothing.. Left latvia and nothing

  5. rwalkerphl

    It took nearly 2 weeks to arrive, but I was away on vacation for one of them, and completely forgot about it :) It was in the held mail when I arrived home.
  6. uzi2
    Is this an @derGabe cable?
    The reason I ask is that it uses the same right angle connectors as pics of his previous work, but not the same coax cable. Yours is a twisted pair and will lose the shield to emr. Hopefully such a short length will not cause issues.
  7. gavinfabl

    derGaber solution looks neat.

    I thought it came with an optical but as I discovered tonight it's a coaxial cable. I did manage to buy in Maplin am optical cable with adopters. 1.5 metres though lol.


    Just as heads up. The iBasso DX80 via optical to the Mojo is breathtaking. Via my Sennheiser HD598. All the gear becomes one. It's the only way to describe the experience.

    Va my Audio Technica M50x. Are these really a closed headphone!! Damn amazing too.
  8. h1f1add1cted

    No this cable is from a great German cable custom cable vendor called OE audio systems. There are zero issues or differences on SQ. Shielding doesn't matter on a such a short 5cm cable, even if my smartphone (with LTE and WiFi enabled) is next to my Mojo stack, no issues.
  9. PAM005
    @ Viper2377: I assume it does replace Chord micro USB cable + Apple CCK ? Can you please post LINK where to order... Many thanks :wink:!
  10. Mojo ideas
    We had the battery developed for only our mojo application. Done for us especially, It took Chord 3 years and many attempts to get the sheer ear thumping power density we have achieved in mojo. So I'd rather people didnt underestimate our design skills and I'd ask please don't think you can better it with a quick battery substitution as this can be risky or even dangerous.
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  11. lovetroniq
    I have a question about lifetime of the internal battery of the Mojo.My laptop,GPS or Sansa player's batteries cannot hold charge any longer after 1-2 years,does it mean that somehow we going to have to replace the battery at some point and how would it be done?
  12. gavinfabl
    Whats the consensus about which digital connection is better, optical or coaxial?
  13. raelamb

    I'm sorry I must have missed the original post...how do I get my hands on one of these please?
  14. Mojo ideas

    Yes it does but in the middle mojo dual colour ball part., There is a distinct full single ball range below dual brown for IEMs and a single ball full range above dual white for super high impedance headphones too. These extras are to extend the original Hugo like volum range .... It might seem daunting but it's simple really,
  15. rwalkerphl

    Contact Konstantin at lavricables@gmail.com - $100 and takes a couple of weeks to get to the US from Latvia.
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