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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. joshk4

    I need to sell my oppo ha 2 and try and pick this one up. By the way, you are in Australia aswell. Where did you manage to pick the mojo up and how much did you get it for?
  2. Dithyrambes
    Sometimes I feel the Mojo is just too clear, clean, and everything is so seperated. Think I need to complement it with something that is completely gooey and analogue sounding. Sometimes miss my ifi micro(just the dac section, cause its so gooey).
  3. lavricables

    It has cck inside actually and works fine with all ios including latest 9.1 :)
  4. GreenBow

    I thought it might be the case that DACs can not play different sampling frequency files at the same time. I thought if a DAC is playing e.g 192KHz, how can it also be decoding audio at another frequency. Can it e.g decode 192KHz music, and maybe something like the audio on a film playing simultaneously on a computer.
  5. Mojo ideas
    ging state of the battery makes little difference to the output level and mojo actually has no problem in driving HD 800's by our precise and accurate measurements. There are no significant or measurable changes to the output with these headphones so possibly it's something else happening here. Interesting though!
  6. x RELIC x Contributor

    I don't even know..... If someone wants to use their computer in non-typical ways I really can't speak for that. It pretty much depends on what the output settings are in the software. As far as the Mojo is concerned, once the signal is output through the computers USB the Mojo will simply display what that sampling rate is. Will two pieces of audio playback software with different sampling rates work? Couldn't guess. It all depends on what rate the computer outputs, whether it's up sampled, down sampled, side sampled, or whatever, hahaha. :)
  7. GreenBow

    Yeah the example I gave was a little unusual. A better example might be playing a HD-audio music file while playing a video game, both on the PC. The video game audio will be 44.1KHz. 
  8. Mojo ideas
    Mojo is trying to give your brain enough information encoded Into Mojo's reproduced analogue music waveform to allow you put everything back in its original place in the original musical sound field when it was recorded. Your indicating that perhaps you are not used to that and so you want to hear what you are familiar and are more comfortable with.
    I would ask that you please try for a little longer with Mojo as once your brain ear processing resets itself I think you might start enjoy your music even more than you do now and you won't want a gooey sound any longer.
    jamato8 likes this.
  9. JezR
    Can someone please remind me what colour the balls should be for a 2 volt output as opposed to the fixed line level of 3 volts, it was mentioned in the thread that 3 volt was maybe too hot for certain pre amps so should be turned down to a particular colour. I've been through the whole thread once but can't find it now.
    I'm taking my Mojo round to a friends so need to know just in case the pre doesn't like 3 volts. Thanks.
  10. Mojo ideas
    About four clicks down should do it. That should be double blue I think.
  11. JezR
    Thank you :)
  12. tmarshl

    Yes, the Chord Mojo is in a totally different league than the Oppo HA-2.  Certainly well worth the upgrade.
  13. shigzeo Contributor

    Yeah, no comparison.
  14. Jazzi

    Thanks for the clarification!
  15. d3885u
    Wow thats exactly what im looking for @philW

    I assumed that onkyo DP-X1 can do the usb otg features too? Are they shared the same firmware?
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