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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. headwhacker
    You can manually adjust the Mojo's volume buttons to the same color as when the line out is activated. That would allow Mojo to remember it.
    As mentioned many times the analog out of Mojo is not your traditional amp. It is in simple terms a dedicated lineout with low ouput impedance and high output power. The headphone out is the line out and vise versa.
  2. headwhacker
    I'm with you on this one. Mojo dissipates a lot of heat while charging and playback at the same time makes to a point that it feels too hot and uncomfortable to touch. It's good thta it has a built-in heat protection. But I'd rather not listen to it while it's charging.
  3. mscott58

    If you all think the Mojo gets hot then don't try the CDM!

  4. headwhacker
    Don't worry, I'm not into tubes. [​IMG]
  5. Duncan Moderator
    With the Mojo, the Vorzuge AND the AK getting quite toasty after some time, it actually is quite good at this time of the year, to be used as a mini hand-warmer :)

    Don't worry though, all is perfectly safe, as said above, the mojo has a thermal cut-off :)
  6. Mojo ideas
    Mojo actually has three independant thermal cut outs a special high temperature battery and very sophisticated charging circuitry . Picking up on an earlier post Mojo actually does not dissipate a lot of heat when it's working. It's only about 1.7 watts and when it's charging it adds about another watt so its not much really. However the electronics and battery are thermally bonded to the aluminium case. The Mojo's case can only shed its heat through convection or by radiating it away. This can only work if there is a temperature differential between itself and its ambient surroundings if there is an insufficient gradient between them, the Mojos temperature will rise until there is a large enough difference to pass its heat to the air surrounding it.
    If it is prevented from doing this perhaps by being insulated I some way it's temperature will rise until one of the three shut down trips operate. note the battery is safe to 150 degrees and the trips all operate up too a hundred degrees lower. Therefore it's perfectly safe. In fact if it's feeling mildly hot at first to your hand. Your hand alone will easily soon bring the unit down to a reasonable temperature.
  7. youkeum
    I use L19  with mojo too. usually it's nice, but sometimes it do not work. I can't connect mojo with iPod touch.(9.1 iOS) It needs reboot the iPod or reconnect several times. I don't know why and how to connect just one try. 
  8. Takeanidea
    Thank you Mr Cosmos, that was one of the best one liners I've read here in a long time. Keep them coming please![​IMG]
  9. Carl6868

    I've just picked up a Mojo and have to say I think it really is a miracle of engineering to produce such sound quality from a tiny box (I was amazed how small it was when I opened the box) it really has made an amazing difference to my full size cans (HD700 and HE400i)

    I however have a query regarding DSD files, according to the box and manual the button should glow white when playing DSD files however mine seems to glow the light pink colour which is supposed to indicate 768khz this is from iPod touch using Onkyo HD player, anyone else noticed this or have any ideas why ?

    Thanks, Carl
  10. DatGuy
    just received my micro usb to lightning cable from Konstantin @lavricables. Excellent build quality, works just fine out of iOS 9.1 on both my 5s and 6s Plus.
    He was very fast in communicating, and sending these out. Would recommend to any iOS users here!
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  11. lextek Contributor
    Sennheiser HD600s. Hope to try some HD800s soon.
  12. Takeanidea
    @glassmonkey has the HD600s which he has modded, I have some HD800s which I have modded . So am taking the Mojo to his this weekend and will tell you what we thought of the two through his review Paw 5000 amongst other things
  13. WCDchee
    I previously commented on how I loved everything about the mojo except the soundstaging.

    I am Glad to say that I would like to take that back. The first Two times I tried it, it was congested, not much sense of air and space. The third time i tried it, decided to give it another go and boy am I Glad I did. The first Two, I didn't have a proper coaxial cable in hand and simply used a 3.5mm interconnect. This time I had a proper coaxial cable to compare with.

    The difference is astounding. It is way bigger than any cable differences I have experienced and mind you, it was a basic Belden wire which would have cost 2 dollars a meter at most. It was nothing fanciful.

    I know people might be skeptical of cable differences, but with regards to digital cables, I understand that the 75ohm cable requirement for coaxial is not merely snake oil. It is actually something that is taught in the classical engineering school, not simply hifi mumbo jumbo snake oil. It's got something to do with transmission line theories and what not and how an improper resistivity would bring about signal loss due to the creation of certain filters, at least that's what I was told by proper Engineers. I won't go into too much detail as I am not well versed in this area. But whoever out there is using an analog cable, please try a proper digital cable. The resolution, transparency, and staging and spatial cue reproduction takes a huge huge leap.

    While previously I mentioned the improvement of the mojo with amping, I am now Glad to say that I prefer it unamped by a portable amp. The staging opens up more yes that is true, but as someone else pointed out, the finesse, the resolution, absolutely suffers. This is even with my Favourite pure 2 amplifier. And now, the staging is open and airy enough that I don't feel The need to boost it with the pure 2.
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  14. Turrican2
    Recently received my sysconcepts 217 strand fibre cable for my paw5000 and Mojo, love this setup.
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  15. spook76
    After much trial and error, I found if I follow the following procedure I am able to connect my Lavricable between my iPod Touch and Mojo on the first try and it should work with the Fiio L19:

    1. Turn off iPod Touch
    2. Turn on iPod Touch
    3. Log in
    4. Turn on music app (Onkyo, iTunes etc)
    5. Turn on Mojo
    6. Connect interconnect to the Mojo
    7. Connect interconnect to iPod Touch

    As for why, I believe nether of our cables are MFI certified (regardless of what Fiio says). Notice Fiio is only selling in Asia (China and Vietnam) away from enforceable intellectual property laws.
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