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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. DanBa
    $50 Motorola Moto E LTE as far as I know:
    I’m wondering if the $10 LG Sunrise L15G and Lucky LG16 are dual role (USB host/USB peripheral) Android devices.
    The insertion of the micro USB OTG plug (i.e. ID pin 4 grounded) of a USB OTG cable into the micro USB receptacle of a dual-role Android device shall configure the Android device to USB host mode, able to work with a standard USB DAC like the Chord Mojo always operating as USB peripheral. 
    An Android device doesn't need to have native USB audio: the USB audio soft drivers of USB Audio Player PRO (UAPP) and Onkyo HF Player are compatible with the Chord Mojo.
  2. DanBa
    The Xperia ZL is a dual-role Android device: it can work with a standard USB peripheral like the Mojo.
    Android USB audio - A list of stock Android-powered devices reportedly interworking with compatible USB DAC
    May be your USB OTG cable is malfunctioning: test with another cable.
    Android USB audio - Faq
    Or may be the USB audio soft driver of HibyMusic is not compatible with Mojo: test with USB Audio Player PRO (UAPP) or Onkyo HF Player (they are recommended by Chord).
  3. Wyd4

    I have the z3 compact and the mojo works natively. Can't speak for the z1 though.

    That being said I have had issues with hiby crashing with my nexus 5x and z3 with mojo. Never had a problem with my aegis.

    USB audio player pro is Rick solid though
  4. Libertad
    i have the onkyo player app on my LG pulse and it wont detect the mojo even on my new otg cable hmm
  5. Barra
    Mojo Listening Impressions: Last night @Torq was nice enough to allow me to hear his Mojo as well as some of his other gear, and I can easily say that the Mojo is indeed a special unit. Let me reference that by saying that coming from RMAF last month, the only two DAPs/DAC-AMPs that i felt were special were the AK380 and the Paw Gold. In terms of SQ, IMO - the Mojo is better than the 380 and equal or better than the Gold: Mojo>=Paw Gold>AK380. Usability of the three are obviously a very different story.
    • Biggest Take Away - Cables Matter!:
      • I started listening with the AK100ii > Torq's optical > Mojo = ok SQ. Compared to other options, it sounded great, but no big deal. My $80, 80hr, BH2 amp sounded just as good set back a little farther, with better transparency and maybe a little more slam. The Mojo sounded conjested in the mids making it sound a little narrow. It was warm and fun, but not what I was expecting based on reviews. Torq suggested moving to USB as his optical was long and cheap plastic.
      • Moved to: iPhone6 > USB > Mojo = Awesomeness! Now this is what I was expecting - full sized, lush, detailed sound, with intimacy and prat. What a difference, the optical was definitely affecting performance - day and night.
      • Tried my optical: AK100ii > my optical > Mojo = great SQ. To see if it was just the cable, I tried my mid tier optical, still long and plastic, but a better build quality. The results were that the SQ lost the mid congestion, but it still was not up to the USB SQ. The difference was the sound stage and transparency.
      • Input SQ Conclusion: USB >> My Opt >> Torq's Opt - it was a big difference. I did not have a short high quality glass optical to compare to see if it closed the gap, but I learned that even a cheap USB setup was out of this world SQ compared to mid class optical. TAKE AWAY: Don't base your SQ option on trying only one input type as all inputs are not created equal.
    • SQ: This is very subjective and based on my preferences and pairings, but we are really splitting hairs in SQ at this level. The AK100ii was great by itself and would delight most people in a vacuum, but adding the BH2 amp adds a full sized sound with better sound stage and dynamics. This combo beats the AK380 by itself, and matches the Paw Gold. Substituting the Mojo adds some magic that increases musicality a notch - but it is not a huge difference. Is it worth the $599 - that is up to you. I am sure that I will get the Mojo at some point, but given the performance of my BH2 and the 80 hour battery, I am not in a big hurry. But it  is close  to the top of my list.
    • Pairing: Most of my listening was with my Hidition NT6pro CIEMs, some with Torq's SE846. Both were great pairings. While I never got around to trying my HD700s or the LCD2.2, I cannot see any reason that they would not pair well as the Mojo has an easy pairing tonality to it and had ample power to drive them. Both the HD700 and my LCD2.2 are driven well by my BH2 and I think that the Mojo matches or beats its drive.
      • NT6pro: This CIEMs are top notch and scale very well with great transparency. The value add for the Mojo pairing is that the details scale with the SQ and intimate Mojo sound stage and the dynamics go even bigger. Yes the NT6pro scales much higher with the Ygg/Rok stack as might be expected, but there is a nice musicality to the Mojo that makes the pairing very addicting. The NT6pro typically likes everything but a bright non-dynamic source which the Mojo is the opposite. Great pairing, moving on.
      • SE846: Loved the 846 and surprisingly got a nice seal. My strange ear canals don't play nice with many universal IEMs, but no problem here. My draw to the 846 was the bass head reviews that it seems to get as a fun IEM. However, it was surprisingly transparent and bass was definitely tight and in check. No fart cannon here. In fact, the NT6pro has significantly more bass impact, quality, and reach into the sub range. I also noticed that the bass only came out to play on certain songs while seeming absent in comparison to my NT6pro in others. I suspect an uneven bass response with a hump somewhere, but don't remember reading about that. The NT6pro definitely has more rumble too. However, overall, the SQ of the 846 was outstanding for a universal, but the NT6pro as you may suspect was better in every way. Torq changed the filters from the bright to the bass focused so I could hear the difference. What surprised me was that the bass stayed the same, but the treble quantity was reduced to focus on the bass more. Not really a huge difference as the 846 retained its unexpected transparency and detailed performance. BTW, I was not listening for the hiss that Torq mentioned with the Mojo/846 pairing, but it was not apparent enough for me to hear it with casual listening. I may not still have that frequency range working at 50 years of age.
    • RSA Intruder: I also got a chance to compare Torq's RSA Intruder to the BH2 and Mojo. It has a dark presentation throughout the frequency range and is appealing compared to my AK100ii direct HO, but is easily beat by the Mojo in direct comparison and maybe only a hair better than my BH2. In fact, I would call my BH2 equivalent with a slightly different signature. However, it is a very busy design and has a proprietary charger and less battery life so I prefer to stay with my much more compact BH2.
    Overall, I really enjoyed trying everything, thank you @Torq. I want a Mojo even if it is only a slight SQ increase, it is significant to me. I suspect that the Mojo is one of those devices that has a SQ that grows on you over time. However, everything came back into perspective when Torq played his speaker system which HPs can never measure up to for me.
    SO I HAVE TO ASK: Has anyone with the fancy short glass AK optical cable done an in depth comparison to the USB input to see which is superior?
    I try to stay away from USB, but the SQ difference was stark when anything less than optimal optical was used. I guess it is an advantage that I can just use my phone rather than taking the AK on vacation. I would not be as concern about breaking the Mojo as I am with the AK - the Mojo is more stout with no glass to worry about.
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  6. SAP7
    Take it the USB and iPhone 6 combo described above use thed camera connector cable?
    Which rather removes any point paying for a high end USB...
  7. Barra
    That is surprising, I have the NT6pros, but they are very related. I found no sibilance at all with the Mojo. In fact, it paired very well. However, I did find out that not all inputs are created equal and that the low end optical destroyed the SQ. Did you try all the input choices? I found that even a cheap USB works great so it makes for a great baseline.
  8. stevemiddie
    Go to Jet Live Audio.  They are located in Exchange Tower next to the Asoke BTS. Go through Exit 3 there is a walkway which will take you directly into Exchange Tower. 
    They've got everything.
  9. lextek Contributor
    My thinking.
  10. bflat

    As with all portables with micro SD slots, if it only support SDHC, the largest card you can put in is 32 GB. If the specs are not clear, it's better to assume "Up to 32 GB" means SDHC.
    What you want is SDXC which supports up to 2 TB. Here is the official compatibility chart:
  11. glider
    Case option: Case Logic TBC-401 (Amazon US)
    Pretty much a perfect fit for Mojo plus supplied short cable (wouldn't fit a much longer/bulkier cable). Scuff/fluff/spill rather than impact protection, but just the right size.
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  12. jp11801 Contributor
    I am using my iPhone 6 plus to DLNA my high res files to the mojo using Plex as my media server and the Ne Player as a high res player on my phone. Sounds great and to my ears bests the ibasso as a transport 
  13. shotgunshane Contributor
    I use this to take my ak120>mojo. I keep the USB charging cable that came with the ak120 in the front zipper pocket.

  14. Wyd4
    I keep mine in this.
    Got it from JB-HiFi in Melbourne.
    There is a Sony z3 Compact strapped to my mojo, my ASG2.5 Iems, my Koss Porta-Pro's and my Alien.

    There is still room so I think I might chuck my Cozoy Aegis in there for good measure in case my battery gets too low on my mojo.
  15. milkyspray
    Everyone! Mojo for sale...check my listings, "you know you want too!" [​IMG]
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