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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Takeanidea
    The Mojo makes every headphone I like sing. If it's inneficient (HE-6) I put it through a huge amp. If it's efficient it sounds just great through the Mojo. There is room in this World for lots of headphones to sound great through the Mojo either in Dac/Amp mode or just Dac mode
  2. lextek Contributor
    Really enjoying the Mojo as a DAC feeding a Bottlehead Crack.
  3. GreenBow
    I dont know if I have done a good thing but I have made a Mojo issues thread. I outlined the things and solutions that I found in this Official Thread, all in one place. I hope that it makes it easier for newcomers to find answers.

    As I stated it is not a mojo bashing thread at all.

  4. salla45
    Im a happy camper! Received my fellow head-fi member-made Coax cable today - specially made for the Fiio X3ii. All working well. Nice and discrete...woohoo. So nice to have my DAP working again. Phone was ok, but so much nicer to have the DAP ergonomics and aesthetics.
  5. ClieOS Contributor
    Here is the coax cable I made for Mojo (top). The other one is for micro iDSD.
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  6. derGabe
    Glad it did work out that well for you, David. Appreciate your support. [​IMG]
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  7. alan_g
    think I'm going to need a coaxial cable once i get my mojo
  8. salla45
    Thanks Martin. I didn't want to name you as the craftsman until you had given me the all clear!
    for those interested, derGabe did a fine job with my special Fiio X3ii. cable
    I did mod it slightly this afternoon, shortened it further and gave it a SUGRU makeover, came out quite well!! I can plug in my double plug system as well, without needing to unplug the player :)
  9. mjdutton
    Just been on a flight and the people in front of me were talking about the Mojo and the accessories that are coming out.  They discussed the SD module which allows you to plug in an SD card and play music in any format. It has 3 buttons at the end for play/pause, back and forward and is powered by an FPGA controller.  I don't know if they were dealers or people from Chord Electronics, but very interesting.
  10. bflat

    Adding bluetooth such that an app can both display the tracks and remote control the module would basically turn Mojo into a DAP and there would be no need for any wires between phone and Mojo.
  11. tmarshl

    I must agree.  I also had the Hugo, and I like the Mojo even better so far.  I just received the Mojo yesterday, charged it up and listened to it last night.  I felt like the middle bear of the 3 bears, because the Mojo performance was "just right"  For my listening room rig I am using STAX SR-009s driven by a Blue Hawaii Special Edition electrostatic amplifier which I have found near perfect after trying many other combinations.  The mobile combination of iPhone 6 > Chord Mojo > JH13 ciems comes closer than any other mobile combination I have tried.  
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  12. che15
    May I ask where u got that cable, it shows not for sale yet?
  13. Libertad
    what is the cheapest otg transport that you folks are using seems my phone isnt able to support otg audio out[​IMG]
  14. che15
    Will the Mojo work with a samsung tablet if yes which is the best app to play music from an SDcard?
    Thanks in advance guys
  15. mattloh99
    Hello guys, I'm in Bangkok for 4 days holidays and I am back with mojo from Munkonggadget and charging it right now. During my session on demoing the mojo I can't get my Sony xperia zl Mobile phone to work it with mojo with USB otg using hiby player. The salesperson says it won't work with Sony Mobile phone. Any of you guys encountered it?
    Another things is I need any headfier in Bangkok to help me find a coaxial cable to use with my dap. I thought they got sell it but they don't and they have no idea where to get it. I hope Bangkok headfier suggested that not too expensive because right now I have the mojo but can't listen to it. I will be leaving this Sat.
    Thanks for anyone that can help out. The time here now is 2:15am.
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