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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. headwhacker
    I do enjoy T1 with Mojo. All the cans I tried so far doesn't make the Mojo sweat. But what I enjoy the most is HD800 and SR-507 with SRM-323S with Mojo.
  2. salla45
    Thanks for this +ve info. The T1's are less than half the price of the HD800's and about a third of  the price of that Stax combo here, i guess. 
    Hmmmm... how much more do you enjoy them. I mean, are they chalk and cheese better, or like, 20% better?  I know it's difficult to quantify. 
    As an example, the difference over my GR10's with the Mojo and the K3003's with Mojo is such that I just can't bear to listen to the GR10's. It's like a cloudy, mid-centric mess with no finesse. The "air" and space notable with the K3's is all but gone. In this case, I would gladly pay double to get the sound of the K3003's. It's a no-brainer. In a similar vein, would it be possible to expound more on the difference between T1 and HD800 or the Stax rig?
    Really appreciate it.
  3. Takeanidea
    If I can help - I at least know what the T1s sound like as opposed to the HD800s as I owned them at the same time for a year and still own the HD800s. 
    I listen to mostly rock music and have my head firmly back in the 60s 70s and 80s so the likes of Led Zepp Fleetwood Mac Pink Floyd I listen to a lot. Elton John , Dire Straits , Joni Mitchell , The Eagles are amongst the 1000s of artists on my playlists. I listen from 320 MP3s up to Quad DSD.
    I found the T1s to be very fast with a very energetic sound, ultimately I sold mine because I preferred the more richer and wider sound of my HD800s. The T1s got a listen just before I put them into the box to send them off to the Ebayer that won them and it almost broke my heart in two as I put them away for the final time....
  4. SAP7

    No new stock until December, then eBay and google it for where has it left.
  5. karmazynowy
    Im using Mojo as a DAC to feed my Stax system (SRM 323S + Lambda Nova Signature & PRO), and this is by far the best source i have try. Great synergy, better than Marantz HD-DAC1, Audiolab M-DAC, Hegel HD11 and few others... Very rich and realistic sound. :)
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  6. salla45
    lovely. I think I'm pretty decided on the T1's for less than half the price of the HD800's, I have to take a view. $$ have to be taken into consideration :)
    We pretty much share the same taste in music too :) - give Steely Dan a whirl with Mojo. It's stunning. Was listening to Pretzel Logic. Incredible. 
  7. Takeanidea
    I will get hold of it - I love Steely Dan too
  8. jlbrach

    I found the Mojo to struggle with dynamics with the HD650 on its own. It did good with my easy to drive stuff no problem. The T1 I think will get loud but I'd imagine a separate amp would be needed. The amp section doesn't put out enough for demanding cans IMO.
    I couldnt disagree more...i use my LCD-3F without any issue and used my HD800 before i sold it and it was a great match.....other than a dedicated desktop amp you are not gonna do much better on anything as portable as the Mojo is.......the more i use the little guy the more i find myself appreciating it
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  9. iDesign

    Having a little fun with the Chrod Mojo. The Mojo combined with the Supreme Sound Lycan (opamp V5) is a rarkable pairing for larger headphones. Combined together, the Lycan and Mojo are both extremely accurate and revealing yet opamps can still be rolled to tailor the sound. Earlier in this thread people have expressed interest in using the Mojo with speakers and the Lycan's pre-amp capability would make it a perfect solution to drive powered speakers from the Mojo. I will post a full review in the coming days but thus far the results are huge-- especially from two tiny devices.
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  10. Libertad
    Did a review of the V5 and found it to be an exceptional performing op amp. I've been following the Lycan thread closely and you've just made it that much more appealing. When i get my next set of large cans the Lycan+Mojo will be my set up as well and I'm happy to know that it looks like its going well.[​IMG] 
  11. Hachiko270296

    It just wasn't up to par on its own. With the Ember however, it was great. I thought the amp was pretty weak personally. Those who find it enough, good for them, I wish I felt the same way.
  12. oliverpool

    It was released in Korea for a few weeks now. Strangely when I was in Vietnam last weekend, I saw it at a headphone store there! Picked one up even though I had it on order. Something about high demand and shipping to rest of the world only in early dec.....
  13. grrorr76

    just out of interest how much does one go for in vietnam.
  14. salla45
    if you have tidal, it's awesome on there. I don't know what they do there, but sometimes the tidal versions are better than anything I have. Even HD and SACD DSD files. The copies I have on PC don't "pop" as much as those on tidal. I wonder if they apply a bit of magic polish at Tidal HQ [​IMG]
  15. rwelles
    After reading the first 90 pages, I went ahead and pulled the trigger. Ordered from Moon-Audio in the morning, I received shipping confirmation from FedEx that afternoon! Should be here this weekend, Can't wait to see the rainbow when I first turn it on!!!
    I reviewed the rest of the pages, well just because I hate to be the guy who asks a question answered in a previous post.. (but i skipped posts about android, DAPs, OTGS because I'm a mac guy)
    A couple of questions for the Chord team:
    1. I understand that Chord does NOT recommend using the adapter below into an Apple lightning/camera dongle with the Mojo:
    Would the other adapter (⬇︎) mentioned be acceptable?
    2. Do you anticipate that the upcoming SD card module will be able to be accessed from iOS, Android, and/or Windows smart phones? And what will be the maximum supported card capacity?
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