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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. commingled
    I've heard of this new world, where expensive audio components are slightly less expensive.  Is it as they say it is?  Free overnight shipping of the most obscure DACs, ordering all of your bookmarked gear on Head-Fi for a holiday-long ABing of the entire chain and then returning all but one free of charge?
    My American travels really need to coincide better with my buying sprees.
  2. nntnam
    I'm leaning to the Ak100 too. Here in Japan, they're dirt cheap (~$180 for used one). Can you fit total 128GB (64+64GB) into AK100 without any lag? I'm considering Sony ZX1 too, I like its 128GB internal memory which means less laggy than memory card.
  3. mscott58
    I have one 64gb card and one 128gb card in my AK100, plus the internal 32gb. It does have a bit of a lag so you have to get used to that. Doesn't bother me too much, but I could see it bugging some people. Cheers 
  4. nntnam
    Thanks mscott58. I'll think about it. AK100 still seems the best choice. A bit laggy but more storage :) .
  5. xeroian

    Just like you I live in Europe which has laws which allow for the easy return of products bought over the Internet.

    I get the impression that America has different rules since many people here talk about putting their new purchases up for sale rather than returning them for a refund. This is rather off topic but perhaps one of our cousins will fill us in.
  6. Torq
    I'd second @mscott58 's recommendation of the AK100 (or an AK120 in my case, which has slightly more storage but doesn't stack quite as cleanly).
    I have 464 GB on my AK120 (2x 200 GB Sandisk cards, plus the built-in 64 GB) and while some operations are slow/laggy it works well enough.  Though, if you're not already aware there's a limit of 10,000 files in the AK100/120 index, so if you have more than that (I do), you wind up having to use it in Folder Navigation mode.
    Interestingly, I don't find any difference in reproduction quality feeding the Mojo with the AK120 or from an iPhone 6S.  If the iPhone could natively mount more storage (i.e. without faffing about with external drives), I'd just use that.  But, still, the AK/Mojo stack is very neat.
  7. commingled
    Reports of a klutzy UI turned me off of the AK100 and 120, but have the ii revisions really cleared up all UI complaints?  If so, it's the right balance of price and amp quality/strength for me, given that I'd use it mostly with the Mojo.
    Are the AK100ii and AK120ii also complete redesigns in hardware, as they seem?  I ask because they don't stack as well, so anything short of all-round improvements takes backseat to stackability.
  8. jamato8 Contributor

    The AK100II is totally different and sounds much better compared to the AK100 mkII. 
  9. commingled
    Quick question that I'm sad I can't answer: is the Mojo's optical input preferable over USB if my source is soon to be a MBPr?  The thought actually came because I want to free up a USB port, but now I want to answer this question with more than a strong hunch, which would be optical over USB.  Naturally, I think, but I'm not sure why except that it's entirely purposed for audio while audio via USB is the unfortunate result of computer life.
    Not knowing much about the difference in how data is transmitted over optical and USB connections, my only stab at a technical reason would have to do with USB power vs. whatever goes on with the power driving an optical port.  Is this somewhere in the ballpark?
    Damn it, reminders of the Blue Jays still abound.  I happen to like baseball metaphors.
  10. iDesign
    Coincidentally it is discussed in this interview: http://www.the-ear.net/how-to/rob-watts-chord-mojo-tech
  11. NZtechfreak
    Wonder if Chord/Rob Watts can advise what the Mojo outputs into 100ohm?
  12. deuter
    Need specific rubber bands which are strong as well as fit the mojo inserts. 
    Links please
  13. jamato8 Contributor

    Go to a good auto parts store and get some large O rings or a good hardware store. 
  14. McCol
    I've just paired the AK100mkii with the Mojo, lovely combo, fits perfect using the sys concept cable.  Didn't even try the AK100 on it's own just straight into the Mojo.  
    A little bit of lag when changing albums but nothing to lose sleep over.
    Also just bought a second hand set of Sennheiser IE800 to use with the Mojo as well as my Angie's.  Always been curious about the IE800.  Although not quite as detailed as the Angie's they are a lovely match with the Mojo.  Although to be fair all my earphones/headphones have sounded lush with the Mojo.
  15. Torq
    Are you saying the AK100II sounds better with the Mojo than the AK100 mkII as pure transports, or just better when used directly as DAPs?
    Used as a pure transport I can't see why they sound any different given that unless they're fiddling with the bits, the only thing that would differentiate them would be either the quality of their optical outputs (and if those weren't working correctly, I'd expect the Mojo not to lock onto the signal) or the accuracy of their clocks - which might affect other DACs but my understanding from what Rob Watts has said was that the Mojo was essentially immune to source-jitter (internal buffering and re-clocking).
    Sounds signatures are, of course, a personal thing ... but for me I find the AK100II, AK120II and AK240 used as DAPs to be behind the original AK120 in terms of reproduction.  I just don't get on with them at all.  But again, that's a personal thing.
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