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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. ClieOS Contributor
    No sure if someone else already mentioned this - but does anyone else notice Mojo seems to sound better when externally powered? I use mine mostly OTG, and can hear it really opens up when the micro USB power port is connected to an power bank (vs. just running on internal battery).
  2. psikey
    Tend to use my Mojo paired with a Note 4 at bedside always powered with my SE846's and can't say I've noticed any difference powered or on battery.
  3. SearchOfSub

  4. ClieOS Contributor
    Won't rule out just me imagining things [​IMG]
  5. mscott58

    Same experience I've had with no difference between powered and battery. Cheers
  6. SearchOfSub

    Don't know about Mojo but with Hugo there was slight improvement. More dynamic.
  7. nodrog
    Got my Chord Mojo on November 14th, the first day of its release in Japan. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced any evidence of the 'burn-in' phenomenon? Any noticeable changes over time, at all?
    I'm asking because my main audio rig is almost exclusively Naim (CDS3, NAC252/NAP200, with Headline/HiCap/Grado 125s on headphone duty), and they're great believers in the idea that components get better with use, like a bedding-in process. I haven't noticed anything that I can say has changed, but I'm slightly underwhelmed so far by soundstage and attack, for want of better terms. I should say I'm using it with a Fiio x3ii and Etymotic ER-4P IEMS (there's the soundstage problem?). Does it simply need a better feed? Most of the files on the Fiio are either self-ripped FLACs or m4a files from iTunes.
  8. SearchOfSub

    Maybe slightly but nothing night and day. Usually, if you like it you would know first few minutes if it's keeeper.
  9. psikey
    Came up way back in the thread somewhere and Chord themselves said no "burn-in" effect (can't recall if it was Rob or John that replied). I've had mine ~ 1 month and not noticed any but I only listen to it with my SE846's so may be different with other kit.
  10. WCDchee

    If you're looking for a huge soundstage, the mojo probably isn't gona do it. I was slightly disappointed by that too. But soundstage aside, the mojo really really performs spectacularly.

    Somehow though if used purely as a dac and an external amp, the mojo actually has a very open soundstage. Don't ask me why, merely sharing my experiences. I know chord recommends it unamped, but that's just my experience :) I wouldn't however use it in that way because that's not too portable...

    In any case, the biggest impact on soundstage comes from the IEMs, and you might consider changing that instead :)
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  11. nntnam
    Hello everyone,
    Can anyone recommend me a good digital transport for Mojo? Long battery life, large memory,...
  12. joshuachew
    I just got my Mojo but and am quite worried about the hissing after reading this thread. However. I dont hear a hissing but a static buzzing when not playing any tracks.
  13. Torq

    Are you using a cell phone or tablet as your source?

    If so, put it in airplane mode and see if that helps.

    Otherwise, what source are you using, how is it connected to the Mojo and what headphones/IEMs are you using?

    The "hiss" being described by most that are hearing it is extremely quiet (so quiet that even with the most sensitive IEMs it's below what is considered the lower threshold for normal/average hearing).
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  14. WCDchee

    Don't worry for 99% of the people it's barely there :)
  15. mscott58
    I like my AK100 as a transport. Battery has been good for me (my Mojo has always lost power long before the AK100) and the 2 micro SD slots are enough to carry quite a lot. You can also find the Ak100 used for pretty cheap, at least over here in North America. Cheers 
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