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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. headwhacker
    A hiss that is not audible is not a concern. If you can hear hiss it can be both good and bad. Good if your hearing is great that you can pick up the faintest of noise from a low noise, high quality gear. Bad if you know that your hearing is not as good as it was before and you still hear a hiss on your new shiny gear. That tells me I got a lemon. Especially, if I can get another sample of the gear that is hiss free. [​IMG]
  2. bflat
    You guys are killing me! So now there's a hiss I can hear and also a hiss that I can't hear? If I can't hear a hiss, how is it still a hiss? So a hiss I can hear is good but a hiss I can't hear is bad???????? What???????[​IMG]
    Just so I don't embarrass myself, I will go on record that I hear TONS of hiss. Like Niagara Falls equivalent hiss. Does this mean my hearing is exceptional and my Mojo is one of the good ones?
  3. SearchOfSub
    Hiss is there regardless of you knowing it or not. Hiss is air pressure that is being amplified. Or it can be from voltage swings on power. So hiss = air.

    And there is air even inside a cool dac/amp like Mojo. If there is to much hiss, try changing your source or trying on a different headphone or iems and see if it's still there in loud volumes.

    I once had iems hooked up to Chord hugo awhile back. It hissed...

    Then I changed source and also hooked it up to speakers, then hiss was not detectable. Does that mean hiss or inside "air" have dissappeared? No, it's still there just not detectable because of lowered sensitivity etc.
  4. WCDchee

    Relax dude if it's there it's there if it isn't it isn't :)
  5. Rob Watts
    Just to reiterate on the hiss issue - Mojo has only 3uV of residual noise (that's the level with no signal). I have not seen a DAC, DAP, or mobile phone that betters this number, and this will determine the hiss level you hear. With sensible sensitivity IEM's (Noble, Ultimate ears, Dita) I can hear absolutely no added hiss from Mojo - that is turning Mojo on or off has no change in hiss levels from normal background noise.
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  6. Torq

    The Mojo is definitely the quietest portable DAC/Amp I've heard. And, interestingly, the hiss (and it really is barely audible even with my SE846), does not get louder when I increase the volume level.

    The RSA Intruder I have, on low gain, is definitely noisier and has hiss with IEMs that the Mojo is, to me, silent with. The hiss also gets louder with increased volume.

    If I put the attenuator inline with my SE846 they become completely silent.

    Great device, love the way it sounds, love the form factor and, while initially I wasn't a fan from an aesthetic perspective, having it in my hands has changed that. That I can drive all of my phones from silly-sensitive IEMs to my LCD-2.2c cleanly and eloquently with it, is delightful.

    It's also easily the best $600 I've spent on portable audio. Maybe the best $600 I've spent on audio, period.
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  7. gearofwar
    Does anyone here own Schiit Bifrost ( non-multibit or multibit) alongside with Mojo? Comparison would be appreciated . Thanks in advance
  8. Torq

    I have a Bifrost "4490" and a Mojo (among other things). Superficially, I slightly prefer the Bifrost/Lyr combination to the Mojo on its own. I expect this has more to do with both the tubes in the Lyr and its raw level of power/dynamics than anything else. I haven't, yet, compared the Bifrost directly to the Mojo through the Lyr, but I can certainly do so tomorrow and post some more specific impressions from there.
  9. gearofwar

    Thanks in advance. I might think about selling off My schiit stack (Valhalla 1 , Bifrost non-uber gen 2 (thought about upgrading to multibit) ) to get Mojo instead for portability and convenience if it's not a sacrifice in SQ. I use HD800 and JH13 btw..
  10. Wildcatsare1
    +1, looking for a portable DAC to pair with my incoming LC.
  11. Takeanidea
    Hiss isn't an issue. The sound quality is the issue we should be talking about with regard to the Mojo. Specifically how people find various combinations of IEMs and Headphones in the Mojo against what they have had before so as headfiers can get a feel for as many opinions out there to form some sort of an opinion as to whether the Mojo is for them. And then go listen to the Mojo if that's possible. 
    What's the cheapest headphones anyone's tried through theirs. The Havit HV2555BT costs £24.99..... It is a bit overkill to put them through a £400 Dac/Amp! 
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  12. salla45
    +1 ref sound quality.
    Please consider posting in the thread I set up specifically for "systems" to work well with Mojo here...
    Ref your cheapest "buds" comment, I found some of the kids' Sony IEM's. Had NO CLUE what they were, or quality, etc, i popped on some Comply tips and had a listen. Pleasantly surprised, quite clear, good bass, nice and open soundstage. Took them off, thinking "not bad" must be in the 50-60gbp range maybe? Obviously a step up from the base models. Checked the model later on...
    oh dear.... bit of a shock. Lol...!
  13. gavinfabl

    How many phones have you go Tidal downloading too? Only allows limited access so you might need to de authorise a few. Or select storage location... or authorise your Z5 for downloads in theTidal app.
  14. Currawong Contributor
    I had a bit of fun today taking my Mojo stack into a local second-hand hi-fi shop. The guy there knew Chord of course, but didn't know about the Mojo. He was quite impressed at the sound quality when we hooked it up to a few systems. 
    For the curious, I was listening to an old pair of Quad ES57s, driven by an old Quad pre/power system, and Yamaha NS1000s driven by a Yamaha amp. Both were a friend's recommendation. 
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  15. Dionysus

    I have been listening to Mojo with HD800 all weekend long and It is really impressive how well the synergy is between the Mojo and Senn HD800. The Mojo drives the HD800 well and I like to listen to my music quit loud.
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