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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. lavricables
    there were several early cables that had issues with latest ios9.1, but worked fine with 8.x ios devices.
    The latest cables work fine with ios9.1 :)
  2. spook76

    I agree my current Lavricable interconnect works seamlessly between my iPod Touch (running iOS 9.1) and Mojo
  3. alan_g
    subbed as the good lady has bought me one to replace my basso d10 for xmas.... there may be questions
  4. jmelcer
    Just upgraded my Nexus 5 to the Sony Xperia Z5 mobile phone.  Tidal worked perfectly on the Nexus (OTG cable to the Mojo), but no joy at all with the Z5.
    I've loaded UAPP on to the Sony, but get a "Error on initialising USB" when I start up UAPP.  Have also loaded the Onkyo HF Player, but again, that doesn't seem to see the OTG digital out.
    Any thoughts on this?  
    Would be really grateful for some guidance here.
  5. jlbrach
    FWIIW I hooked up my 846 to my Mojo and turned it on with no music playing....the amount of hiss i heard is infinitesimal..I really have to listen hard to hear it and I do believe the outside noise i heard through the comply tips was more noticable...i listen for the most part with over the ear cans so it is not an issue for me but i was pleased to see that with my unit as least hiss is not a problem.One of the things i always loved about the 240 was its absolute black background and complete lack of hiss 
    Over the years I have owned numerous DAP's and have had issues with hiss with several and i actually went so far as to return units several times and ultimately change DAP's in order to avoid the dreaded hiss because i listened to IEM's practically all the time.....as a result i feel i am somewhat qualified to pass judgment on hiss or lack of it as i am actually quite sensitive to it and in the case of the Mojo i do not find the hiss to be of any issue for me
    spook76 likes this.
  6. gavinfabl

    Go to usb settings and turn off install software when connected via usb.
  7. jmelcer
    Ah - thank you!
    Yes, that did it.  Although Tidal seems to be streaming only (can't access the offline downloads on my phone).  Will keep on trying but if someone's cracked that one too, please do share?
  8. SearchOfSub

    To put it to you in simple terms, you don't hear energy, but do you think energy has no sound? No, because even at the speed of light there is sound. Just delayed. So for you to say energy, power, electronics or etc has no sound, is a really really ignorant thing to say. If there is pressure, waves will always be created and give it sound. And yes this includes hums, hiss, zaps, dings, hings, bings, whatever you want to call it, there will be sound coming from every electrical component. And hums and hiss mostly come from power during voltage swings and it's inevitable. If there is no hiss or hum, it's like saying there is there is no voltage swing in a amp. I am sorry this had to backfire on you, but this is true.

    So for you to say all amps do not hiss or hum if it's top tier, then it's like saying it dosent exist in a form of energy.

    All electronics do hiss to an extent.
  9. SearchOfSub
    Also hiss that you are hearing come from high air pressure. you are hearing sound of pressured "air". just like a sound of "wind" you hear pressured by the outer hemisphere, you are hearing air or "hiss" pressured by the Mojo aluminium case etc. Or, you can even compare to sound of pressured air you hear when your in an airplane once you take off. All same thing. This scenerio here most likely be the case, even though voltage swing do create hums and hiss as well.

    So there is nothing wrong with your mojo if you hear a little hiss. It's just nature
  10. bikutoru
    and so do you
    Please keep you 'sorry' I'll need it more then I do
  11. SearchOfSub

    Hahaa, OK.
  12. georgelai57
    I see trees of green, ​
    red roses too.....​
    ....I see skies of blue, ​
    And clouds of white......​
    ...The colors of the rainbow, ​
    So pretty in the sky.....​
    ...Yes, I think to myself, ​
    What a wonderful world.....​
    ...Oh yeah.... (Louis Armstrong)​
    Me? I just use touch/feel and press the volume up and down balls and don't pay ​
    attention to them colors. All my other head-fi gear volume controls don't have colors.
  13. bflat
    I'm so confused now. If I hear hiss on Mojo that's good - I have excellent hearing and Mojo is operating normally.  If I don't hear hiss on Mojo that's bad - my hearing sucks and my Mojo is dead? [​IMG]
    sheldaze likes this.
  14. SearchOfSub

    It's not good or bad. You also have to consider all have different gear, it also depends on your headphones/ iems, source etc. But from an engineering perspective, many would say it is normal for any electrical devices to have a little hiss and regardless if you can hear it or not, it's there.
  15. mscott58
    I concur with people that says that "hiss" (or whatever you want to call it) is only an issue if it distracts you during the playing of music. If you listen to music with lots of very quiet passages or pauses in the music then you will likely be more likely to notice. I personally haven't had any issues with the Mojo, and I listen to all genres of music. Cheers 
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