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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Tony1110
    I'm always coming away from this thread with the feeling that it's only a matter of time until my Mojo encounters a fatal problem that results in it being sent back to the shop for an exchange.
  2. headwhacker
    It should be set to the same sample rate as the currently playing file. Unfortunately, if you have a music library of mixed sample rates it's not practical to do it manually.
    You can use other Music Player application that plays "bit perfect" playback. Vox is free. If you don't want to deviate from iTunes you can install "Bit Perfect" app. It's an iTunes add on.
  3. STR-1

    Panic over.  Thanks for the quick replies.  I think the problem was that I was using the Mojo in a very light room with the sun shining in and looking at the volume balls from an angle.  Back in normal inside lighting and looking full on at the lights, they now seem to be fine.  Although I've had the Mojo for a little over three weeks I have been listening mainly to iems and haven't not had to change volume very much, so haven't become familiar with how the different lights look from an angle.  Also, I didn't know that they actually switch off at lowest volume setting.  I'll let you guys get back to commenting on real issues while I listen to my music in quiet embarrassment.  Cheers
  4. highfell
    Listening to Vivaldi - New Discoveries. (Naive Edition) Lossless from CD.

    Dx90 coaxial into Mojo into Beyerdynamic T90s

    Utter sonic bliss. Such clarity, instrument separation and yet warmth. The timbre of the violins, cellos, harpsichord etc. is so natural & musical.

    It doesnt need hirez for music to sound so good.

    The Mojo DAC is superb. A little different to my Hugo, certainly smoother & warmer with the Hugo a little more detailed maybe but there isn't that much in it and I have stopped worrying about trying to compare them. I like the fact that they are slightly different. The Hugo will stay at home and feed my Tubeamp into speaker.

    Both still are able to make me tingle with excitement.:)
  5. Mojo ideas
    JF. now this is complicated to explain but here goes ...
    The colours of the balls are sequenced lower range (ball - only active from brown up through all the colours of the rainbow to White while the + ball stays on brown )
    That leads on to the mid volume range both balls operating from brown then red then orange etc but they are one point out of step three steps per colour on each ball. so that you can have more precise visual pointers to the level your on.
    Then finally the upper visual range is whet the - ball stays on white and the plus ball then sequences up from brown through all the colours of the rainbow. To get the idea it might be easier just to unplug your IEMs and press the - ball until both balls go out then just press the + ball continually and follow the sequence there are about 76 colour steps between the two balls.
  6. jcoops16
    I know the feeling, or I just stick my ear to it to try and hear it buzz or stupid stuff like that.
  7. Duncan Moderator
    Those that are mentioning SE846, mojo, and hiss in the same sentence I guess have not used a Hugo...

    Virtually inky blackness in comparison, I quite doubt anything will be found that is quieter, although quite happy to be proven wrong :wink:
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  8. bikutoru
    This sounds like a lot of BS. I feel sorry that you never had a silent gear. My first encounter with hiss was many many ears ago with tube amps, that probably was normal. Then I discovered computer music and everything became silent until earlier this year when I got iFi iDSD. It had hiss and lots of people tried to convince me it was normal, but it wasn't. I privately contacted some other owners and their units were silent. I struggeled with my decision, but decided to return my unit and not exchange it. I did not want to take another chance(company knew there was a problem with some units, but never acknowledged it publicly) So I went back to my trusted setup of ODAC -> LakePeople amp, it is dead scilent with any headphones, even at full volume with no signal, just a connection.
    To state it again "all amps do have hiss" is a MYTH that defective and poorly designed amps/dacs have. It is up to you if you want to live with it or not.
    I know which one I choose - I prefer silent, the only hiss I hear sometimes is the one in a recording, because it was recored on older analog gear and it gives some of them a charm, an example would be "Raising Sand" by Robert Plant with Alison Krauss , but I wouldn't want to hear it all the time, no way.
  9. Libertad
    My unit does have hiss but it is barely audible with nothing playing and its present even at the highest volume level. It doesn't get louder with volume which is good and its hard for me to detect even with my CT-6E once music starts i cant hear it and in the end it doesn't bother me at all its near silent like 99.9% silent[​IMG] to be but there is just the smallest about of hiss to my ears. Still is sonically blowing my mind track by track ill tell you that though[​IMG] 
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  10. iDesign
    When will the cases become available for the Mojo?
  11. prismstorm
    I thought setting the sample rate in the MIDI setup is just the maximum sample rate iTunes will play, does that actually mean it is upsampling everything I have to the maximum Hz I set it to? So if the maximum sample rate for any of my songs is 192kHz should I set it to 192 or just go all the way to the ultimate maximum of 768 or something?
    Just to confirm, are there sometimes two volume steps to a single volume balls colour combination? Incrementally increasing or decreasing the volume buttons does not always trigger a change in color in either of the balls (e.g. I'm on double yellow - I press the minus volume once but it's still double yellow - press it one more time and the minus ball becomes orange (the immediately descending colour) - press it one more time and both becomes orange), so three -db steps from one colour unison to the next. This is more accurately observed when the balls are not pressed in quick succession and decent wait time is introduced between presses. 
  12. psikey

    My eyes are crap but my ears make up for it. No hiss at all for me with my 9ohm SE846's and can't get much more sensitive than that. Its as silent as headphone out from Samsung S6 or iPhone 6. Have noticed hiss with other DAC's. I did hear noticeable hiss with HA-2 and slight hum with ZX2 between tracks.

    Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  13. headwhacker
    yes it will re-sample everything to whatever you set in the Audio Midi Setup before sending it to Mojo. That is why the color never change in Mojo even if the actual sample rate of the file varies.
  14. sujitsky
    I'm going to chime in here with a vote for the DX90 as a great pairing with the MOJO. Also, they are great as a stack as well.

    On another note, if anyone has managed to make the MOJO work with a one plus two phone, please let me know!
  15. AndrewH13

    Yep, also very happy with stacking and sound. DX90 plus Mojo and OneplusTwo's :)
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