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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. x RELIC x Contributor

    DSD256 is only supported in DoP format through USB. It's in the Mojo manual:

  2. SearchOfSub
    Just so that people are aware all amps do have hiss. It's inevitable. And Mojo should have hiss there as well. Just because you can't detect it dosent mean it's not there, and just because you CAN detect it through your setup does not mean you have a defective product. All electronic will hiss 100%. If you can tolerate it or not upto you but don't go freaking out because you hear a little hiss while in pause between tracks etc. Perfectly normal. Just sayin'.
  3. WCDchee

    Yup! Just a few posts back he actually provides a link to his measurements of the mojo, and he showed it to literally blow past the AK380.
  4. gavinfabl
    I am not sure how many hours I have used the Mojo for but it is quite considerable. I reckon it has reached prime burn in, not that I am a total believer of that, but it does seem to be better.

    I recently sold a batch of my headphones so I could try out some more, which has left me with Audio Technica M50x and Sony MDR-1RNC. I am going to sell the Sony's and keep the M50x. The Sony sound better than the M50x but I don't need noise cancellation and want to try a few new headphones.

    I would like an opinion on anyone who is lucky enough to have used the following with the Mojo please. Only comment if used with Mojo as I have read the individual headphone threads :) so really want a guage with those that have used it with the Mojo. My source is an iPhone 6S Plus.

    Audeze EL8 (closed or open)
    Oppo PM3
    Grado SR525e
    Shure 1540 or 1840

    I have owned the PM3's a long while back and PM2's but don't have either to test with the Mojo.

    I am not a major fan of in ears, but wouldnt mind a recommendation.

  5. STR-1
    After nearly a month of use I think I have my first problem with the Mojo.  The volume lights are suddenly all over the place, and even turn off at the lowest setting.  The '+' button still turns the sound up, and the '-' button turns it down, and the volume range still seems to be the same from min to max, but the button colours are now different to what they were before for a given volume.  The light sequence also seems to be working backwards.  Has anyone else come across this problem?  I'll be taking it back to the dealer next week.
  6. SearchOfSub

    I think recommended pairing for Mojo from Chord Electronic's is the Audioquest Nighthawks. I do remember someone mentioning that over on Hugo thread awhile back but have not heard/read that directly coming from Rob Watts. But I do remember reading Rob Watts (designer of Mojo) say "Nighthawks are wonderful and lovely headphones".
  7. gavinfabl

    Cheers buddy :)
  8. highfell

    My volume balls turn off at the lowest setting. As regards colour, if you look at the mojo sideways on with looking first at + ball, and with the - ball directly behind, I find the + ball at lower volume settings (when the two balls have different colours) can take on the colour hue of the - ball. It is only when you look at both together from above you can see there is a difference in their colours.

    I am not sure your machine is faulty.
  9. Rob Watts

    There has been some talk about Mojo's hiss when silent. We publish the noise output voltage and its 3uV - that's same as an iPhone, and a little bit better than an AK240. With the Shure SE846 (pretty much the most sensitive IEM you can get) the 3uV translates to a noise of 24 dB SPL - and would be the same as the AK240 and the iPhone - but - and this is a big point - Mojo will also deliver over 5V RMS with the noise at 3uV still.
    24dB will be audible to some, and not to others, as you naturally hear hiss with IEMs stuck in your ears. My K10's are completely inaudible with Mojo powered or not powered, similarly the ultimate ears UERM. But these devices work out at 6 dB SPL as they are sensibly sensitive.
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  10. x RELIC x Contributor

    There is a finer volume control at the lowest (-70 to -34 dB) and highest (+2 to +18 dB) volumes and in that range the volume button colours change independently. Are you sure you never noticed this before? Perhaps you are just listening at a lower volume than previously.

    From my review:

  11. shigzeo Contributor
    With information from Chord that it should be as silent as an iPhone 6 and AK240 (the unit I borrowed was much, much noisier from a battery-powered source as well as from other digital sources), and corroboration from some that there is little to no noise (ear-dependent of course), we have two possibilities:
    1. Mojo doesn't hiss much at all, but a number (probably large) are defective
    2. The people that don't hear it simply aren't sensitive to hiss

    I reckon it's the latter, but who knows.
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  12. jamestux
    I asked them this specific question (and dap) and they would not be drawn on making recommendations lol
  13. WCDchee

    I think it's the latter with an added explanation.

    Given that Rob has explained the hiss levels of the mojo, and my knowledge of the human hearing, I think it's also got to do with the individual's threshold for hearing. The medically accepted 'normal' hearing threshold begins anywhere 30db and under. It means that your hearing is considered 'normal' if you can hear 30db tones. However this varies from individual to individual. It is no uncommon too that you can hear sounds only more than 30db, but unless it happens overnight, or you get it checked you probably won't realise it.

    Personally, having done an audiogram, My threshold for hearing starts at about 10db across most frequency bands,except at the 8k band where I can hear down to -20db(yes you read that right lol).

    So Yeap that's what I think. It's not that you're deaf, or that you have bad ears and don't know what you're hearing, at normal levels you may very well have pretty normal hearing, but your threshold might not start as low as others.

    And No Nathan I'm not talking about you when I say 'you' in the above, your ears are sensitive as heck to hiss :p
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  14. gavinfabl
    Help. I was just listening and suddenly the volume disappeared to a mere whisper. I was listening using my iPhone 6S Plus. I've swapped headphones, powered Mojo and iPhone on and off. Removed cables. Plugged them back in. No joy.

    I then plugged another DAC into my iPhone and that worked fine.

    Does anyone have any suggestions please? :frowning2:

    Edit. Just tried using my android phone and still no joy. Something has happened with my Mojo :frowning2:

    Edit 2. If I increase the volume on the Mojo the whisper becomes a marginally louder whisper.
  15. prismstorm
    Yes I'm using iTunes, I went into Audio MIDI Setup and selected Mojo as output, there's a selector on the right for Format: I went through them and the power button did change colours to reflect the rate selected (from 32000.0Hz where the sound became this squeaky distorted tinny mess all the way to 768000.0Hz where it was purple like before. So I should set it to 192000.0Hz and forget about every other setting? I take it that with iTunes it's not possible for the light to change then ...
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