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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. uzi2

    Other posters have heard hiss with the amps you describe as "legendarily quiet", so why is it so hard to believe that someone could be more sensitive to hiss than you? Is that really being discourteous?
  2. spook76
    No it is being presumptuous. You are proceeding from an assumption that I am unable to detect such hiss and therefore attempting to undermine my observations. As I stated, please extend me the same courtesy as I have to others not to gainsay my observations when you have not listened to my equipment.
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  3. SearchOfSub

  4. SearchOfSub

    It's almost not normal for an amp to not hiss.
  5. SearchOfSub

    In the above post where I quoted you, you said you never had a Mojo. ???

    Edit: Nvermind, prabably another demo'er.
  6. uzi2

    It is not an assumption. You have stated that you cannot detect the hiss with exactly the same equipment as other posters who have. By your standards, it is you who is being presumptuous in suggesting it is their equipment that is defective and you do not extend the courtesy that they may be more sensitive to hiss than you.
  7. mysony1
    Hugo is still better than Mojo no matter what.

  8. spook76

    I specifically stated I was not gainsaying others worthy observations. Please allow me to have mine without presuming either observations, mine or others is incorrect. Remember while we are both listening to a Chord Mojo we are most emphatically not listening to the same device. When any product is introduced into the market, there are always some who have problems and others who do not. Are either of them mistaken, probably not since these products are made by faliable humans some may have the problem and other may not. This point has been the sole thrust of my post that others are experiencing artifacts while listening to their Mojos while I have not.

    Please allow for the possibility that both myself and others while listening to different Mojos might or might not detect a hiss.
  9. mjdutton

    I disagree.  Mojo is more musical and less clinical that Hugo.  Hugo is an old design now and things have moved on.
  10. organ_donor
    I have problem playing the DSD256 files which is gifted by Mojo on my Jriver player. This is the error message that popped out:-
    "Something went wrong with playback.
    Playback could not be started on the output "xxxx" using tge format '1.4MHz 2ch'.
    This output format may not be supported by your hardware. you can use DSP Studio to change the output to a compatible format.
    Also, make sure that your system has a valid sound playback device and that it is properly configured in playback options."
    xxxx = Kernel Streaming, Asio, Wasabi, Chord 44khz - 768khz Digital Output all will not play the files.
    Please kindly help...Thanks!
  11. uzi2

    Thank you for deleting your abusive opening line.
    I am not presuming anyone's observation is incorrect. I fully believe you when you say that you cannot hear hiss, just as I fully believe other posters who say they can. Why can't you accept that there maybe someone, somewhere who is more sensitive to hiss than you?
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  12. highfell

    I have SE846 on order. All I can say is that I hope I can't hear any hiss either because my ears don't detect it anymore (ie not able to) OR my Mojo doesn't produce enough hiss to be detected.

    To be frank as long as I don't hear hiss I don't care about the reason for not doing so. :D

    As a little aside, Rob W. has intimated that the Mojo's noise floor is better suited to sensitive IEMs than Hugo and as I have both, I can check this out.
  13. WCDchee

    I'm guessing you're probably not aware of this but shigzeo is probably among the more prolific reviewers here, he run's his own site, ohm-image and is a reviewer on Headfonia. So he probably got his hands on a mojo either for a quick demo as a sample, or he had to do a photo shoot for it :)
  14. spook76

    AGAIN, I have not disagreed with any other poster. I most assuredly understand others maybe more sensitive to artifacts than I. Just as you must agree that all Mojos are not equal and allow for the possibility that mine does not produce an audible hiss, unless of course you are omniscient
  15. SearchOfSub

    Oh really! Well, in that case, he still is another demo'er. But I do appreciate your support. Thank you,
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