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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. johndean

    Completely agree with you as I will be using the Mojo when traveling .
  2. reihead

    If higher serial means newer batch then it makes no sense, mine has the buzzing noise while charging and loose balls that easily roll. Will be testing a few chargers and cables and report back.
  3. Duncan Moderator
    What USB cable are you using? The only time I had anything that could be considered as an issue was when I tried charging with a cable I got from a pound (dollar) store... Wouldn't charge properly (slow, flashing indicating not receiving enough power), bought some Anker cables and haven't looked back.
  4. ksb643
    Same experience here. Swapped a thicker USB cable and it stopped.
  5. SearchOfSub

    hahaha lol. too funny
  6. headwhacker
    Interesting, 2 opposite impressions. While Mojo is the common element of the impressions here take note you are using a different set of headphones, music and personal biases/preferences. Mojo most likely does not make your music muted nor harsh in the treble. It's the combination of the headphone pairing and the music being played.
    I just spent my afternoon trying 3 headphones with Mojo as the source (SR-007A, SR009 and Ethrer). SR-007A is for me is too smooth up top which gives me the impression of mid bass emphasis. I read a lot of head-fier easily get fatigued by bright headphones. But for me a smooth headphone like how I perceive SR-007A makes me fall asleep as I lose the enthusiasm while listening. Mind you I was playing loud music (AC/DC) but it just brings me to sleep. As soon as I changed to SR-009, I immediately felt like drinking a cup of strong coffee.
    Then there's the Ether, Not so smooth yet not overly bright with Mojo. However, there is an impression of a thinner overall sound when I compared it to my T51p.
  7. reihead
    Been using quality cables, I just tried three chargers, HTC m8 1a, Sony Z1 compact 1.5a and Amazon basics 2.1a with a moto G cable, also swapped the cables around and got some buzz with all of them, worse with the Sony, less with the Amazon basics. I guess the charger / cable does play a part, but I think the mojo is the root of it.
  8. Duncan Moderator
    Very true, and maybe I should add that I'm talking about a very small deviation, almost certainly skewed by driving 24 drivers at the same time in my case, but I'm stuck in a rut that I can only listen to the Layla now :frowning2:
  9. reihead

    I wasn't trying to be funny, blame chord for putting balls on this, same with schiit, everybody struggles trying not to sound funny or smart
  10. SearchOfSub

    schiit isn't that funny since they try to be funny with it, but mojo with some loose balls sound hilarious to me. Truth of the story is, the balls were actually put in place because John Frank's saw some pebbles on a beach and thought it would be nice. I don't know which one is worse, loose balls or pretty pebbles, but regardless it seems as though chord does need to check that the balls are put in place tightly together on their next production.

    (I'm just kidding John) :D
  11. NikonGuy
  12. headwhacker
    I think the Mojo has more headroom than 5V maximum mentioned here several pages ago. I took out my DMM and played a 0dBFS 50Hz Sine Wave through the Mojo and I can get around 7V at 600Ohm load and above. 6.3V at 300 Ohms and a little below 5V at 33Ohms. The Line Out measures near the expected 3V. 
    Just amazing how much juice this little device packs.
  13. SearchOfSub

    LMAO. Jesus, I gotta get away from this thread for a little bit.
  14. Heartsmart
    Got mine yesterday. Sounds good so far. But surprised by the hiss noice Im hearing with my Cosmic Ears CE6p. I did not thing there would be any background hiss on Mojo.
  15. GreenBow

    Did you buy the 1A or higher? Please, if you bought 1A is it enough to play and slowly charge?
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