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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. FidelityCastro

    You asked for that, #stevemiddie :grinning:
  2. SearchOfSub

  3. jamestux
    Hi, I get occasional interference noises when my S6 edge is near my mojo whether it's the source or not and that doesn't change with different cables
  4. piercer
    I also get interference when it is near my S6 Edge. Apparently putting it into airplane mode helps.
    Does anybody know of a portable android storage device with USB OTG but no wireless functionality?
  5. jamestux
    the sony zx2 and zx2? I realise that it's radio interference but putting it in flight mode makes it a pretty useless phone :wink:
  6. piercer
    Unfortunately ZX2 has a weird connector,
  7. jamestux
    yes it does, I have the ZX100 with that connector and it works brilliantly with the mojo and plays everything I've thrown at it. The other advantage is that it's a great commuter DAP on its own too (with easier to drive phones)
  8. wirefriend
    Sold my Mojo as iBasso DX100 had a bit better tone with 1964 Ears Adel A12 CIEM I usually use.
    I think Mojo didn't got enough synergy with it to show its full potential.
    I enjoyed Mojo with Denon AH-D5000 but it was not really useful for the portable rig I was looking for.
  9. johndean
    I like the Mojo but upon initial use it does have some treble harshness in the high frequencies .
    Hopefully that will settle down as I've only used it a few hours .
    I'm using the stock cord ,cck, iPhone 6 Plus
  10. TomGi
    I use a MBP retina late 2013 with El Capitan.
    During playing streaming music or music via J River MC 20, I could hear sometimes some clicks and pops. For my case, it is produced by Safari. Safari closed, there is no problem. If Safari is running, I could have this problem. To me, it is not related to the Mojo. I'm wondering if it is related to the electric supply of the MBP when pop-up windows for advertising purpose are active.
  11. prismstorm

    Without giving away my entire serial,it's M0213XX,so my guess would be from the second batch, no buzzing but tight stiff balls that doesn't roll (I'm not trying to be funny here it just so happens the buttons are in the shape of balls and one would reasonably expect a primary feature of a ball shape object to be rolling, I'm just describing things as they are).
  12. Gurdipurdi
    Received my Mojo last saturday, I liked what I heard but after a week I came to the decision it's not the best match for my Hidition NT6. The sibilance is a tad to much. The NT6's are quite bright, after a week of receiving these somewhere in January I bought the Whiplash Hybrid V3 to tame done treble, this was an overall improvement. (Note: not every NT6 owner had problems with the stock cable, so it might be that I'm more sensitive for this problem.) Yet with the Mojo it's fatiguing to listen to for long times. I must add, I really don't think this has to do with the Mojo. I connected the Mojo to my home rig, which is warm from neutral compared to my CIEM's and the sound was spectacular for such a small package, I had the impressions it came near my Minimax Dac Plus (with Dexa SE op-amps). Just did a quick test with my dad Senn HD-25, and it sounds great, probably the best I heard the HD-25. And then switching to my NT6's everything betters technically, but after a while the doubt rises. I think another aspect is that both components are rather good with retreiving detail, to the point of to much details. 
    I think it's clear that I'm not blaming either device, just the synergy. And I think that everyone considering the Mojo owes themselves to try and listen. I think that for the majority of phones it's a great match. I will try the X7 next.
  13. Duncan Moderator
    Compared to what? Guessing you've had a very smooth setup up to now...

    Being an honourary member of team treble head, I actually find it I tiny bit muted at the top end, which is the primary reason for me slapping an amp on its back.
  14. johndean

    Slightly muted and slight treble harshness . Of course I use some tube amps from Rogue . In no way is this better than my 2qute.
  15. Duncan Moderator
    But pretty admirable for a battery powered device at less than half the cost that is "go anywhere" :)
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