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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. salla45
    yep. so quiet i have to really get close, hi frequency. nothing to worry about or distract.
  2. mathi8vadhanan

    Mojo charges at 1A max. There's no way around the 4 hr charge time.

    You can start using, as soon as the charge light goes off. Don't have to wait for the 10 hrs. It was only for the initial batches, that were left in storage for long.
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  3. salla45
    Hmm, not sure that's correct?
    I read that the current draw in use is 1.7 amps therefore if you are charging (max 1amp) and playing at the same time it would not ever charge, indeed it would run down whatever, this is certainly not the case in my experience, ie Ive been listening and charging for hours with no problems (ie its charged ok during this time).
    Also I am sure I read Rob explain that the Minimum current to charge is 1amp but 2amp supplies are fine and allow charging and listening.
    PS... Am prepared to be flamed on that, lol. Just what I remember :)
  4. commingled

    Thanks.  This made my day, in that I can now use four hours of it instead of being glued to the desk where I can see the charging light.
    Oh boy, oh boy!  I'm cooking dinner just a full meal early so I don't have to mess with that bodily stuff when the listening begins.  What kind of colostomy bag would you all recommend for detail in the highs?
  5. rkt31
    3 volt as line out may be hot for using mojo as dac but using it as a preamp, a higher clean output is always welcome if you feed directly to some high end power amps which have high input sensitivity. one such power amp is benchmark ahb2.
  6. shigzeo Contributor
    By the way, I've published RMAA results for Mojo. I've also written too much about it. It is lovely. I will be purchasing one. Next week, I will juxtapose those results against hi-end DAPs. 
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  7. prismstorm
    Just got my Mojo from the local distributor itself while bringing in some other stuff for fixing, the guy there made me an offer I couldn't refuse by throwing in a free Toslink to 3.5 cable for me to connect my AK to Mojo. Just a few things:
    1. As soon as we unboxed the unit after payment, he came clean about how my particular one being from a second batch. The first batch had a known buzzing issue when charging but the second batch does not have it. What the second batch (and my unit) does have is VERY TIGHT BALLS. Basically the buttons can only be pressed easily but is fixated so tightly that it doesn't roll unless you try very hard. Mine are very tight and often stuck and upon very hard force manage to move in one direction but would not roll back in the opposite way. The distributor said that Chord is aware of this issue and advised simply to keep rolling the balls until they loosen and can freely be moved in any direction. To be honest this doesn't affect practicality because the buttons only operate by pressing anyway but it is fun to roll those balls.
    2. The guy there also remarked that Mojo is using Lithium ion batteries just like those in modern day smartphones and as such doesn't need long charging from the start. Obviously everyone in this thread already knows this but I am saying this can be taken further. What I did was charge it right away once back home but also used it during the initial charging. I think aside from the slower charge it doesn't impact long-term battery longevity given how Lithium ion batteries work and how they do not have 'battery memory' and do not need to be 'primed'. The battery light was yellow / amber at the unboxing and there is still a white light after a few hours so I'll just leave it charging until it goes away. I guess what this all means is just you can start using the Mojo right away, or during the initial charge, without holding back or waiting for anything. I mean if the 'do not use it until you do a first charge until the light goes off' thing was true then customers at the shop can't even test their unit after purchase since they would first have to bring it back home for prolonged charging. 
    3. I compared SE846 and W4R driven directly from AK120II and through Mojo and the differences are very minute, for most songs I couldn't even tell the difference. Maybe low impedance iems just don't benefit as much from Mojo as cans with higher impedance? 
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  8. reihead
    Thanks for the info @prismstorm 
    Would you share the start of the serial of your mojo?
    FWIW mine has the buzz while charging and serial starts with M023
  9. h1f1add1cted

    Thanks for posting, I did RMAA testing in the past, the treble roll off beginning at 10 kHz is "normal" with multi driver IEMs. I have the same results like you: http://www.head-fi.org/t/784602/chord-mojo-the-official-thread-read-the-first-post-for-updated-info/4395#post_12060313
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  10. johndean
    I received my Mojo and have been charging for 20 minutes so far . I put my ear right up to the unit and I hear no buzzing
  11. baglunch
    Thanks, NikonGuy.
    Upon additional experimentation, I'm finding I only hear the problem when it's plugged into my phone (Note 4).  Just having the headphones (Angies) plugged into the unit remains silent.  I hear the problem the moment the OTG cable touches the Note 4.  Could it be the OTG cable, and not the Mojo?  Also, the problem happened FAR less frequently once I stopped screwing around with the phone and amp and just left them on the counter while I listened... which makes it seem like a connection issue, except that I can't FORCE the problem by screwing around with the OTG cable or the phone or amp.  I just don't get it....
    I haven't tried listening while the Mojo is charging yet, this is all from battery.
    EDIT: to be clear, this buzzing and clicking noise is only heard through the headphones, not externally.
    EDIT 2: The ppl that DON'T hear any buzzing.... what OTG cable are you using?  I bought the ebay one that's been linked several times in this thread.
  12. mscott58
    I didn't get the 1A "cube" charger from Apple to work - it wasn't enough juice to get the Mojo to charge correctly - thus the flashing light. Switched to the Anker PowerPort 2 and it works really well. Also use it with one of the big Anker batteries (22000 mah) and it charges pretty quick. Cheers
  13. Duncan Moderator
    The mojo draws 0.89a from the USB, you could have a 1,000,000 amp PSU and it would still draw the same...
  14. johndean

    I'm using for now the cable that came with the Mojo and it's been charging for an hour . No buzzing with my ear right up to the unit . I got the Mojo from the 2nd batch sold .
    I also moved the volume balls around and they are not tight at all . I know people complained about this as well .
  15. lurk
    what is the best way to connect the fiio x5 classic with the mojo given the options on both devices?
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