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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. GreenBow
    Yes, my Mojo has been here a week today unopened.
    My Meridian Explorer and Grado 225e are OK. They sound smooth, well detailed, with a good and often luscious tone. However it somehow can all sound a little clustered, and like it wants to dig deeper. I always thought the route for me was to upgrade headphones first to the better Grado 325e, or the RS2e. (To be honest the 225e are not as good at the price point as the rest of the Grado line up. Don't tell anyone I said that though.)  Then right out of nowhere this November came the What Hi-Fi article on the Mojo.
    I am also pining for a DAP. The new Astell&Kern Jr just took Best Portable Music Player title with What Hi-Fi. Plus it doubles as a DAC. No fancy cables. No interference. No stacking block and tackle together. No 'making stuff work'. No carrying an expensive smartphone + £400 DAC + expensive IEMs; and then getting mugged. In fact I don't even own any IEMs.
    To be honest though I have spent some of the last week trying to rule out issues. I had to read all 4800 posts in this thread. I discovered the Windows phone I almost bought would not work (yet) with the Mojo. Plus I figured I might need a player that originally was equipped to play HD-audio. That's even though the DAC does the converting. Thus can I get a non HD-audio phone and put a software app onto it to play HD tracks. ......... Then I find Chord might be adding a module to the Mojo to play SD cards! Maybe I had better wait and see.
    I don't know what you mean by this. You asked me before but I don't understand what you are asking.
    You have the Mojo connected by line out and are playing music. You might want to pair e.g. a phone to the MR1 via Bluetooth. I presume if you want to switch to the phone playing music, you switch the source on the MR1. I see no reason why you need to unplug the Mojo, though I guess you'd turn it off.
    You could email Ruark Audio.
  2. NZtechfreak
    So I posted some thoughts the other night on Mojo Vs GOV2…and now I have to kind of retract them.
    The very next night I went to compare my T5p with the Ether C from the Mojo, and without even altering the volume between headphone changes my SPL meter was saying they were the same volume. Ruh-roh. Given their relative sensitivities I didn't believe that for a second, and sure enough on listening the T5p was subjectively at least twice as loud as the Mojo! So we're talking in the ball park of a 10dB error. There was definitely not so dramatic a difference in volume the night prior when I had done Mojo Vs GOV2, however the SPL meter behaviour the next night was enough to make me want to redo the earlier comparison (for science!).
    With my SPL meter out of action I resorted to a smartphone app. Not ideal, but given I didn’t require absolute accuracy so much as relative accuracy that was fairly reproducible, I think it was adequate.
    After repeating the test I think it is clear that there was a volume difference favouring the GOV2 during the earlier comparison. This time around there wasn’t any apparent dryness or lack of dynamics from the Mojo. I would say the Mojo edged the GOV2 (FRM filter on the GOV2) - better instrument separation, blacker background, microdetail retrieval – overall a more refined and composed sound, but this time not lacking in engagement factor. I do mean ‘edged’ as well, I felt like the margin, while distinct, was small. I remain keen to grab a V2+ when/if it arrives and do a blinded multi-participant comparison against the Mojo (any NZ readers keen to be part of that flick me a PM).
    Apologies all for my earlier post, where the SPL meter problem clearly influenced the result. I will have a freshly calibrated meter for the blinded tests when it is time for them.
    Note on method and music choices etc: One DAC/amp plugged into each side of the laptop, volume matched to 93dB with a test tone (producing average volumes ~80-85dB when listening to music). Pretty straightforward to switch - just left the audio devices setting window open and changed the default playback device when changing headphones into the alternate DAC. Still a slower changeover than I'd really like, given the brevity of audio impressions, but at least the volume matching persisted through changeover. Listening to the GOV2 was via the balanced output, and mostly with the FRM digital filter mode. Almost all files were 16/44 FLAC, with one exception being some 24/96 Pink Floyd. Music choices varied a fair bit - Rage Against the Machine, Pantera, Ella Fitzgerald, Alanis Morissette, Miles Davis, Tool, Muse, Massive Attack, Pink Floyd, Daft Punk. 
  3. imattersuk
    I take What Hi-Fi reviews with a very large pinch of salt. When I demoed the AK Jr vs my phone and HA-2 the AK was woefully lacking in every dept. I think if you want a standalone player that get's remotely close to the quality of the Mojo you are going to really struggle.

    Get that box open and you won't look back.
  4. GreenBow
    Thank you for replying, even if what I say might not match what you say.
    I think that What Hi-Fi will come in for a lot of flack. However they have never let me down with anything I have bought on their opinion; ever. I always read other reviewers though..
    What Hi-Fi like the Mojo too (and say it bests the Audiolab M-DAC). Everyone else seems to agree with their opinion of the Mojo, like it's close to the Hugo. Or that it organises music brilliantly.
    Sad to hear you say that about the AK Jr. I had some hopes pinned on it. I think I need to read others opinions though. (Maybe the one you heard was not run-in. I know that sounds like an excuse. However I heard my Meridian Explorer before it was run-in.)
    The Mojo for me is initially desktop listening. As far as owning a portable music player my thoughts are different. I used to listen to my iPod Shuffle on its original iPod ear-phones. The old earphones, meaning the ones everyone hated. Yet for being about and about it was just nice to have music and quality didn't matter. I would often let the same album play in a loop. Therefor to me ultra Mojo quality on-the-go is not a priority. It is just an option.
    I do think though that I want to keep the Mojo. I am also sure that I replace my Merdian Explorer that even with my Grado SR225e I will be amazed.
  5. psikey
    Only one I've tried that came close on everything other than DSD's was the Sony ZX2 but the Mojo is still better.
    So an update on the Tidal/UAPP skipping issue. Been in contact with developer a few times & done some tests and turns  out its only lossless streaming with the issue, not standard or HiFi. Apparently lossless comes over a different protocol.
    He just sent me an updated test version and looks to have sorted the issue as just gone through a full album with no issues at all. Expect to get the update via Play Store soon. Absolute excellent support & response from the developer. A fix within 1 day of reporting it.
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  6. imattersuk
    In that case for music on the go I would consider iPod Touch + RHA T20i, about the same price as the AK Jnr on it's own and would be very surprised if you were disappointed with the result.
  7. imattersuk
    Great work, thanks for sharing
  8. howdy
    Being that we Off Topic here, I would like to add that the AK Jr. to me is superior to my iPod touch 5g also way smaller.
  9. GreenBow
    I could get an iPod, but never again with iTunes. I think the Sony NWZ-F886 were it available in the UK would have been the music player for me.
  10. FidelityCastro

    Tidal was a real epiphany for me. I reckon I've only bought 5 albums in the last 12 months off iTunes, versus listening to (and downloading to my iPhone, for offline listening) dozens from Tidal.
  11. GreenBow

    I wouldn't buy a paper clip off Tidal and JayZ. Ref: I said why on page 318 post 4760. Sincerest apologies for having gone off topic.
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  12. FidelityCastro

    Seeing as you were so specific, I went back and had a look at your post. Fair enough - that would be offputting - although you don't do yourself justice by believing everything you read in the Daily Mail.

    Daily Mail aside, I was just saying that the Tidal SQ is noticeably better than iTunes. I can't get Qobuz to work, or I'd try that too. Don't know what the Mail says about Qobuz (who are French after all...must be some WW2 comments there somewhere.)
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  13. spook76
    In deference to the iPod Touch, as you have to use Onkyo HiFi Player app (or similar high res compatible app) to play high resolution music to the Mojo those apps allow you to completely bypass iTunes.

    I rip or download to my iMac then connect my iPod Touch to my iMac then in iTunes I select my iPod then select Onkyo and simply add the album straight from my iMac to Onkyo.
  14. sheldaze

    This thread is going to fast for me to follow every single post. However it was my Mojo used at the DC meet. I did not actually listen to it (or have chance to listen to much of anything) during the meet. But I certainly still have all the parts used:
    Marantz SA8260 > Optical Cable (something by Monster Cable bought many years ago at a BestBuy, whatever $40 would get) > Mojo
    I do not know what IEM were used when listening at my station.
    You might want to ask @yage what setup he used. He borrowed the Mojo and listened to it as well at his station.
  15. imattersuk
    Guys recommend me some IEM's to go with the Mojo, I have Oppo PM3's and love them and the sound signature, just want something to use not necessarily on the go but a bit more practical, although would be used on the odd train journey. One thing I hate is microphonics so needs to be minimal.
    I've been researching the following and drawn up a shortlist, feel free to add to it;
    Audiofly AF180
    Shure SE535
    Westone W40
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