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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. singleended58

    It happened to my AK mk2 v2.30 once. Since it is my first AK100 I had no idea but then it works well again. To me the combo AK100mk2 and Mojo have the best producing sound via IE800. I am happy with this marriage.
    Can't wait for the next marriage to Cavalli Liquid Carbon?!
  2. mscott58

    I'll try that. However it seems to forget the cards. Maybe a HW issue? Cheers
  3. alchemical
    Both the AK120 Titan and regular 120 I've owned have had occasions of forgetting the cards. Turning the player off/on again usually rights the issue, with no re-scan needed.
  4. Torq

    My AK120 has done this as well, though I've not seen it do it recently.
    It's also done the "I'm going to re-scan even though nothing has changed" thing once or twice, but again not recently.
  5. Eric510
    holy smokes.
    I'm 7 minutes into my first listen with the Mojo.
    VERY impressed right out of the gate. I started off with my LCD2's... Its baffling how this tiny thing is driving these headphones with such authority.
    Bravo. [​IMG]
  6. Lieon
    Ok this is weird. So I got my Mojo 2 weeks ago, and reported on this thread that my unit was exhibiting the hissing noise whenever it was put to charge, but no hiss was transmitting through my earphones. Today, it suddenly took a turn for the worse. My unit now hisses whenever its turned on, irregardless of being charged or not. Worse, I can now hear a very audible hiss through my IEMs. The strange thing is, if I turn up the brightness of the LED globes, the hissing disappears. A shame that a batch of such units got pass QC. Thankfully my local dealer said they'll be receiving a new batch sometime next week and I can do a swap. 
  7. Wildcatsare1

    Home to Dartmoor Prison, lovely place :wink:.
  8. oliverpool
    I have the HE560 too! Love it!
    And oh... a delivery just arrived!  And it works!!!!  DSD playing on IOS 9 on a iphone 5s on Onkyo HF player with no CCK kit!  
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  9. equedadoii
    the more i delve into the world of desktop speakers, the less decisive i become.
    i've not seen anything to persuade me in the same way that the mojo or magnum v6 drivers both have.
    i just got several more suggestions from greenbow:
    in addition to the ruark mr1 that's been at the top of my list the whole time.
    part of my attraction to the ruark (in addition to bluetooth) is the size of the thing. and still, almost every review lauds it clarity and imaging.
    and yet, i can't help but  think that the investment i'd put into the ruark would be defeated because, if i grasp things correctly, its bluetooth function can't be utilized while connecting to the mojo's line out. its two biggest draws -- i wouldn't be able to use concurrently.
    i'm just hoping to stumble across a desktop set that is head and shoulders above the competition, synergizes with the mojo and remains a bit small.
    the adam a5x gets close, but it is rather bulky.
    it seems like the genelec's approach that ideal, but they begin the ascent into four digits.
    if only i had more desk space! were that the case, i don't think i'd hesitate on one of the kefs mentioned earlier.
  10. barbes

    And what is that cable? Thanks.
  11. salla45
    beguiling, isn't it? Just such a musical sound and with anything you throw at it. Like it makes the musical something real, the illusion is so good.
  12. highfell

    You clearly have the patience of a saint. From what I can gather you have had an unopened Mojo sitting in your house, for quite some time whilst you decide whether to keep it or not.

    My advice - tear open the packaging and just listen -:)
  13. fishyee
    I subscribed to the thread because I plan to purchase a Mojo in the near future.  Seeing your desktop speaker dilemma and having helped a few fellow Head-fiers with their speaker purchases, I thought I would chime in.  The active monitor world is gigantic, but luckily, there are some killer speakers out there if you know where to look.  I don't want to take the mojo thread off topic so please PM me if you would like some help.  Leaving you with a few suggestions in case that is all you need:
    1.  Focal CMS40
    2.  Presonus Eris E5
    3.  Yamaha HS5 (may require special cables)
    4.  Neumann KH120 (may require special cables)
    Why active is better than powered passive
    - http://atcloudspeakers.co.uk/technology/active-amplification/
    - http://www.thewelltemperedcomputer.com/HW/ActiveSpeakers.htm
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  14. highfell

    Which is precisely what I did yesterday. First impressions :

    1. I couldn't believe how compact the Mojo is. It just looks & feels good.
    2. Had 15 minutes listening through my new Beyerdynamic T90s. Very very musical. Immediate wow factor. I have a Hugo which constantly provides me with some special musical moments and boy the Mojo sounds good as well with an expansive soundscape but it doesn't forget the detail.

    I intend to compare to the Hugo later but the Mojo is certainly good enough to replace my Hugo for my daily commute. It pairs very well with my old but trusty UE Triple Fi 10s.

    For those sitting on the fence, for me the Mojo has the got much/all/more (to be decided) of that special Hugo sauce, and has got to be a must purchase given its pricing.

    Hats off to John & Rob and the rest of the Chord team for producing such a great product.

    100% wow factor. Enjoy.
  15. JACONE
    I pinged Drew at Moon Audio and asked him if all of the Mojo's he is expecting next week have been spoken for.
    He mentioned that they haven't and there will plenty for everyone.
    Definitely good to know!
    I'm definitely this close to pulling trigger!
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