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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. sling5s

    Which is why I prefer the Bimby (Multibit Bifrost) over the Gumby because while the Gumby is a better dac, it is also brighter than the Bimby and I prefer a warmer sound signature.  So those saying it's brighter than Gumby is saying something. 
  2. sling5s

    Glad to hear. I guess I'll find out soon. Mine is arriving tomorrow from TTVJ.
  3. Eric510
    Welp... I'll be able to give you some impressions on how the GH1 handles on the Mojo, compared to how to it sounds with my Bimby/Lyr 2. Just gotta wait for the dang thing to soak in it's first charge.
    Thing is, neither the GH1 or JH13's are warm cans. Not sure the mojo (combined with those cans) will appease your smooth, clean and warm preference. I DO have a pair of JH16's but, they're like the polar opposite of the JH13's.
  4. sling5s

    Yeah...I choose warm amps and dacs (to compensate) because I tend to like headphones that are on the bright side (slight upper bass and upper mids/lower treble emphasis). 
    Eric510 likes this.

    What are your thoughts on the Mojo with JH 16s?
    I suspect it would be a nice pairing. I have the JH 16s and lots of bass as you know and wondering if the Mojo will tame them.
  6. x RELIC x Contributor
    All this talk about specific pairing with the Mojo. As I noted in my review, the Mojo is very honest to the headphone. In other words it seems to reveal the nature of the transducer and doesn't colour the sound.
  7. Eric510

    I'll tell ya in about 9hrs... :wink: Not sure why the two week wait to get the Mojo seemed easier then the 10hr wait on this first charge. Normally I don't heed the whole "Fully charge before first use" suggestion for battery powered gear but... For some reason I feel compelled to follow the Mojo rules. 
  8. jcoops16
    Just tried this with my phone and no pops, looks like some sort of problem with ibasso over coax to the mojo?
  9. x RELIC x Contributor

    Chord has said in this forum that once the charging light goes out you are fully charged and good to go. The 10 hour initial charge is suggested for units that have depleted batteries from sitting on the shelf for weeks. I don't think your unit has been sitting on a shelf for long.
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  10. Paul Meakin
    That makes two of us. I hate over-bright or sibilant kit but can listen to the Mojo very happily.
  11. JACONE

    Please post when you find out! Thanks much!
  12. puffmtd

    I had the same problem with the DX90 until I turned the volume on the player down to zero.  It won't affect the signal going to the Mojo and seems to help considerably with the pops.
  13. salla45
    Im using an array of files from CD Rips to HD Flacs and DSDs DSTs DFFs etc. I'd really like to stick with Foobar as it's something Ive really gotten used to and Ive finally got it playing DSD's native too. It's a very slight chopping off of the beginnings of tracks, like quarter of a second or something. Just enough to sometimes cut out the first beat of a song. Irritating at worst. Letting tracks naturally play into each other causes no such truncation. Only if I select a track my self does it do it. Very odd.
  14. NikonGuy
  15. johndean
    Can't wait to get my hands on a set of Mojo balls! I hope to have my Mojo by the 20th or so. 
    I'm coming from an ifi micro idsd so we shall see how good that set of blue balls is.
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