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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. psikey
    Ha Ha Ha [​IMG]  Made me chuckle.
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  2. daveisthemusic
    Guys, can someone with tech know-how maybe help me with this...? I'm using Windows 10.
    After installing the Mojo, in device manager I now have two listings for the device - you can see them as follows:
    Now, I'm used to seeing the lower version - but I've never seen an "Audio inputs and outputs" section before, and when I actually disable that top one in device manager, the Mojo works just fine - with both FLAC + DSD files - perhaps sounding the tiniest bit different to my ears... so, what is this entry actually for?
    Interestingly, I have some error information - when I go into properties for this top entry, I get this:
    And "View all events" at the bottom gives more details on this error:
    Does anyone know what this entry is actually for...? Could someone maybe check to see if they also have both of these listings in their Windows device manager - and whether the first is also showing a migration error, like mine?
    I'm wondering what to do, if I should disable this, leave it enabled, or reinstall the Mojo again... I'm a little confused.
    Many Thanks...
  3. KT66
    @Greenhow, 8.1 not working, 10 expected to work but AFAIK not available yet, as soon as my Lumina 930 gets it I will report here
  4. GreenBow
    I started using iTunes recently maybe two years ago again. It took me two hours to get my iPod to show up in iTunes. I had to google like crazy. I found out what to do. I had to go into the preferences and select the option which allows a connected ipod to show in iTunes. Two hours!
    Enabling Apple's VoiceOver will not re-enable or download.
    Then I tried to drag and drop an ALAC of Life for Rent onto my iPod. I wanted to delete the MP3 copy and drop the FLAC on. After about one and a half hours with that and no success, that was the end for me and iTunes.
    Give me Sony's Media Go drag with drop any day.
    By the way.  I'd like to ask Tidal users something. Since Jay-Z bought and relaunched Tidal it makes him Tidal's top man. Please will you read and re-think whether you want to continue financially supporting him, after reading the headline of this link.   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2598174/Jay-Z-causes-controversy-wearing-medallion-group-believe-whites-wicked-weak.html
  5. stewboss
    Can anyone recommend a good Active Nearfield Monitor to use with my Mojo?
    I'm using a pair of Adam 5x and these sound very good indeed when paired with my Mojo. I still need to sort out some better interconnects but they do sound very good already.
    I also just bought a pair of IsoAcoustic stands which improved the bass response immensely. 
  6. psikey
    I also have two entries but have no issue on my XPS 13 Windows 10 Home. Still shows as one device to select in Audio Playback devices.
    I don't get any error shown in the events dialogue. Just shows:
    Device install requested
    Driver service added (cdh76864)
    Device installed (cdh768.inf)
    The Events for entry in Audio inputs and outputs shows:
    Device configured (audioendpoint.inf)
    Device started
  7. daveisthemusic
    Thanks! So two entries is normal. And I'm showing Device started even though it shows the migration error above it, so perhaps the migration error isn't really a problem. Weird though, I wonder what it is. Anyway - cheers for checking that out.
  8. georgelai57
    What kind of real life battery life are users getting for FLAC playback through IEMs?
  9. psikey
    I got free DSD Album with my Mojo called "8 Ensembles in 1 bit" which I could download in 64DSD(1bit/2.8MHz), 128DSD(1bit/5.6MHz) and 256DSD (1bit/11.2MHz) with Album files sizes at 1.54GB; 3.09GB; 6.19GB!!
    Just did multiple ABC listening test through Mojo & SE846's ............ Save some space, I can't hear any difference between 64DSD and 256DSD  ..... Maybe my dog can!
    Saying that, I may not be best source of advice as most of time I can't tell difference between Spotify Extreme (320ogg) and Tidal HiFi (flac)
  10. psikey
    Well with the SE846's I've probably got the lowest power demand IEMS's out and I don't think its gone below the green power indicator level in a day but then I'm unlikely to be listening to more that 3 hrs in a day and tend to top-up charge each day anyway. Cant have volume higher than red with the SE846's without hurting my eardrums ! 
  11. howdy
    Earlier I posted that i was getting some popping sounds when switching songs with my DX90 today i have the Fiio X5 and there are no popping sounds when switching songs. When the DX90 is being used on its on there are no issues so not sure. Cant wait to try the FiiOX5>Mojo>Oppo PM3. The PM3s are being delivered soon!!
  12. Tony1110

    It's started misbehaving for me too. Playing the first few seconds of a track and then skipping to the next one. Annoying but I'm sure they'll find a way around it.
  13. Massacare

    Yeap, using Jriver with mojo, no more weird fade in :D. Only goes weird with foobar.
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  14. GreenBow
    RE: Windows phones. Win 10 is said to be coming to phones in December.
    This thread has a link about Windows phones this thread is pointed to. http://www.head-fi.org/t/784602/chord-mojo-the-official-thread/2025#post_12020136
    Anyway I went off googling for whether OTG is coming to Win 10 and found this. http://news.softpedia.com/news/Microsoft-Demos-Windows-10-for-Phones-USB-OTG-and-Arduino-Support-Video-479991.shtml
    It says: "As seen in the video, those who use Windows 10 smartphones will be able to attach flash drives to their phones and watch movies or clips stored on the drive." Anyway I am a newbie in this field and I guess you folks know better than I.
  15. Wyd4

    Also, sounds silly but be sure that if you use USB audio player first thT you unplug the DAC and re plug it in before trying to use other apps.
    Uapp takes control of the DAC exclusively when you allow it to take control of the USB device (the pop up)
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