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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. salla45
    aha, from what I read, there's not much in it between the Hugo and Mojo. Perhaps even apples and pears sort of things anyhow. And certainly not triple $ amount differences.
    I guess the "mojo effect" with your SE846s must be great. I think the mojo is worthy of a great set of transducers!
  2. psikey
    And I thought the SE535's were great until hearing the SE846's !! Couldn't believe the improvement with the SE846's.
    Not rich enough to afford any more £900+ IEM's like the JH's/Noble to compare with so no intention of moving away from The Mojo/SE846 combination coupled to a smartphone with Tidal HiFi now (with some DSD and 24/192kHz albums). Can't see point of a dedicated DAP now as the S6 headphone out sounds great with my SE846's while out & about and using with the Mojo for indoors use, all with Tidal flac.  
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  3. imattersuk
    Guys stop talking about high end IEM's, my wallet is under severe pressure to order some SE846's, you are placing temptation in my way.........somebody stop me [​IMG]
    On a serious note, I love my PM3's, how much of an improvement would something like the 846's give ? Hard to get demo's on IEM's and I think opening a sealed pair of IEM's to try & then sending them back is kind of abusing the distance selling regulations, who wants a previously used product that's been stuck in someone else's ear.
  4. GreenBow
    Has anyone managed to get the Hugo going with a Windows phone? I saw you folks wrangling with this earlier in this thread. The Chord Mojo website does say clearly it works with Windows phones.
    "It works with your iPhone, Android or Windows phone... Also DAPs."  http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/mojo/
    I have been looking at what transport to buy for the Mojo and came close to the Microsoft Lumia 640 a few times. It has excellent battery life. I would probably choose it if I knew Windows phones worked. However it looks like Android is the only option.
    I am not going to buy an expensive DAP to use as a transport. I reaslised something I needed to know about cheaper DAPs or phones. Does the DAP or phone need to be HD-audio compatible. E.g the Sony NWZ-A15 is and the Sony Xperia Z2. However it struck me that the transport might not need to be HD-audio compatible, to send HD-files to the Mojo.
    Does the processor or the software of a DAP or phone need to be HD-audio compatible too for it to work. Meaning can the Mojo run HD-audio files from a standard definition audio player like the Sony NWZ E580? http://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/walkman/nwz-e580-series. Or a phone with only standard definition playback.
    I don't know what file types you are using. If it's a software problem as @psikey suggested using JRiver. If you're using only 16bit 44kHz, FLAC, MP3, then you could try Media Go. It's completely free. (It may run HD files but I don't know.) You can download it from the Sony website freely. I found it to be the only free 'rip to FLAC' that I could find. Oddly it still lists FLAC files as the same bit rate as CD-files. However FLAC files ripped with it are noticabley smaller than CD-quality files. 
  5. psikey
    I must confess, me................. The only way I could get/justify some SE846's was used. I bought them off these very forums 3rd hand !!  Originally bought by a chap in the US for $1000 (have his receipt) then he quickly sold them to a chap in Sweden who had them 3 months and I then bought they for delivery to UK 6mths old for £470 delivered. Absolute mint condition with unused accessories (previous owners used Comply's) and I use Westone Star-tips and worked flawlessly ever since.  High-end Head-fi'ers seem to look after their kit.
  6. Wilderbeast
    I studied this during my psychology degree; counterintuitively, you are more likely to nod off when listening to / reading / watching something that you are engaged with, even something exciting. When something grabs your interest, your heartbeat slows and your body becomes relaxed, and you can fall asleep. (My brother can't help falling asleep at the cinema!)
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  7. jamestux
    I haven't got it running on Windows phone 8.1 or 10 but it works perfectly on android.

    The player will need to be hi res compatible as if converts the file into the audio stream that the Dac uses. In terms of android lots of people are recommending UAPP but I don't know what the requirements are to run that sorry (I have and S6 Edge and that plays hi res as standard).

    Short answer, android looks like a better bet (for now at least)
  8. jamestux
    awesome! I do this all the time, I noticed about a decade or so ago that if I was watching something late at night The more I wanted to see it the more difficult I found it to stay awake. My wife thinks I'm just a weirdo but I am happy that someone has studied it and shown it to be a real phenomenon!
  9. psikey
    The S6/Note 4 does play high res as standard but not necessarily in the same format as the audio file as it just upscales to 24bit/192kHZ I believe. If you want the phone to act as a true transport of the recorded file without alteration so that the Mojo can deal with the files as recorded, then on android you need a player such as UAPP/Hiby/Onyx. You will definitely need one of these players to send native DSD to the Mojo on an Android phone. Native 64DSD-256DSD is a joy to behold directly out of the Mojo.
    Hiby is free but I prefer UAPP (cheap) especially as it now supports Tidal within the App itself.
  10. psikey
    Update from developer on the UAPP/Tidal streaming issue I highlighted :
    We found out that at some point, the Tidal server gives a 'Connection reset by peer', which means they shut off the connection immediately. I'm trying to find out if somehow reopening the stream can help and where the issue comes from.

    Kind regards,

    eXtream Software Development

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  11. GreenBow

    I suspect the player will need to have software compatible to read HD-files.
    I think it's possible you might be able to drop a HD file onto an SD-player. Without software to read it and hardware to decode it, the SD-plyaer would be redundant with it. However I had to ask because you never know. An SD players might have software that runs HD-files, but just not the DAC to convert it.
    Thank you for re-affirming that Win 8.1 and 10 is not working. In my search for a transport I might get a phone, or a tablet and forgo using it out of the house. I miss not being able to play my choice when out and about. I have an iPod Shuffle. The player is OK, however iTunes induces fierce rages and therfor is not safe to use. The iPod has been assigned to the cupboard.
  12. Mython Contributor
    Just a quick 'heads-up' for anyone reading this thread and needing a portable transport to feed the Mojo - the AK100ii is proving popular for use with the Mojo, but iBasso's new DX80 could potentially prove to be a very flexible option, for reasonable outlay.
    It offers optical and coaxial output.
    Some firmware bugs, at this stage, as it has only just been released, but it might be worth serious consideration for feeding the Mojo and any other DAC you might obtain in the future.
    If you're a DSD fan, though, you should wait until there is some resolution of this issue.
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  13. Tony1110

    Have you tried lowering the buffering?
  14. jamestux
    Agree the player needs to read (and convert the files).  I use my laptop or a Sony ZX100 (my phone needs to last as a phone - I was only using to use the Mojo), it sounds superb and when I am on the tube or train I just remove the Mojo from the equation.
    As for iTunes - I went into an apple store to buy an iPad for testing and wanted to check that I could use it without connecting it to a computer - the manager asked why I would want to as it jsut integrates into iTunes...  I explained that was the part of the chain I was trying to avoid as I really didn't like it.  I may as well have told him that he had ugly children!!
  15. psikey
    Done all that before contacting developer. They have already confirmed they can reproduce the issue themselves and are trying to resolve ASAP seeing as it kills their newly integrated Tidal support !
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