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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Watagump
    How many people are really buying these after going someplace that sells them to demo them? I don't mean shows, meets etc, I mean a shop? I sure cant walk into BB and try one. Isnt it normal NOT to be able to demo things in this type of hobby, I know there are ways, but they are very limited.
  2. eddiek997
    My Mojo Story (if anyone wants to hear it).
    So, a couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon John Darko's site digitalaudioreview.net and saw his glowing thoughts on the Mojo.
    That was the moment I got the bug to upgrade my portable system.
    I started off simply enough, Iphone with Tidal and Spotify and also some 80GB of flac music stored on my phone using the DS audio app with my Synology NAS. Output to Fiio E11 to Hifiman RE400's or Pistons 2.1 depending on which pair was closest as I was walking out the door.
    Then I read about the mojo and that got me thinking.....
    Tried the cheaper route, Oppo PM3 and HA-2 but knew deep down I wasn't happy so off they went.
    So here I am, impatiently awaiting my Mojo and JH Audio Roxannes.
    Quite the upgrade (i'm hoping) and quite the hole in my wallet too.
    Whats your story?
  3. salla45
    Ive not auditioned any piece of audio before buying for... gosh... probably 22 years. I think one tends to know what one's "sound" is and reviews are so ubiquitous these days thanks to the internet that it's fairly risk free. Thus far, Ive not been dissatisfied.
  4. xeroian

    Looking back over the Mojo thread just now I came across this week old post from a well known Greek contributor. I will pass no further comment.
  5. Syracuse
    I just got my unit today, after e-mailing my importer relentlessly. 
    I work in a hifi store where we sell many high-end products and since recently we sell Chord as well.
    I lost my interest a bit listening to my H8Pro on my Astell & Kern AK100II since I didn't think it provided everything what was needed for the in-ear to reach maximum fidelity.
    I got an optical cable from sysconcept and just recently received my new Nexus 5X smartphone. I bought the necessary cable from usb c to micro usb to use it mobile.
    This product shames high-end in such a way. It has a natural flow with music that is unbelievable. I get listening fatigue fast with much stuff since I have the privilege to listen to some true high end setups with headphone gear that can cost close to 10K. 
    Then it becomes hard for your wallet to appreciate something from the 'entry' level. 
    I've listened to it 4 hours straight and am convinced that this it the most insane product for its price I've worked with since I work in the store.
    The synergy with the warmer H8Pro is truly something else. 
    I'm going to try everything we have in the store on it to see how far it can go. 
    What a product.
  6. salla45
    HD600's put in a fair performance, nothing unexpected. Plenty of oomph in the mojo to drive them. However, the K3003's (my main listen) are in a different league. Similar signature to the HD600's but, just a good deal MORE of everything; clarity, presence, definition, treble shimmer, bass definition (not quantity), separation, layering, soundstage. You name it. I can't do without them. I have read several times that the K3003's are the closest things to the HD800's available on the IEM front. 
    Personally I have been considering the T1's, but would really like to hear a pair of HD800's with the Mojo, maybe I will be persuaded!
    gavinfabl likes this.
  7. imattersuk
    Macbook Pro >Mojo>Oppo PM3>Tidal>Emeli Sande live at the Albert Hall.........stunning, best sounding/matched hifi products i've bought in the last 35 years, both are fantastic value for money, price vs performance is off the scale on both products [​IMG] 
    GreenBow likes this.
  8. equedadoii
    if i'm reading into this correctly, the ruark mr1 has a setting for either bluetooth or line-out.
    so am i right in thinking that if i wanted to use my mojo as a preamp (if that's the right term), then i couldn't utilize its bluetooth capability at the same time? vise versa?
    or when i turn on the device, could it pick up the bluetooth signal while still picking up the mojo as a preamp via line out?
  9. Bengkia369

    My story is very simple, I owned Hugo and using it as my desktop dac.
    Knowing Chord going to release Mojo, I immediately pre ordered it from my favourite dealer even without listening to it (have faith in Chord's products).
    Very happy with my Mojo so far.

    Those who keep whining no demo unit and never buy one Mojo is really the ones on the losing end. Mojo far surpassed the performance of similarly priced products and at just 1/3 the price of Hugo yet at least 90% sound quality of Hugo.

    All my iems sounds so good on Mojo, namely FAD Piano Forte VIII, Sennheiser IE800 and JH Angie. :innocent:
    johndean likes this.
  10. equedadoii
    loving the speed of all the positive reviews.
    thanks to everyone for their input.
    not that i wouldn't mind critiques as well, but it sounds like such an opinion is truly clutching at straws.
  11. GreenBow

    The MR1 will receive Bluetooth from a gadget like a laptop or phone. The Mojo has no Bluetooth.
    Using the Mojo with the MR1 would be done using the Mojo in line-out mode. It would be connected to the line-in on the MR1 with an analogue cable.
    The MR1 has a function; pressing down on the volume button to switch between either line-in or Bluetooth.
    Don't worry. I read the line-in is the best sound quality anyway with the MR1.
  12. florence
    I ordered mine from Custom-Cable four days ago and I still have no idea whether their stock is empty or not. They don't reply to any e-mails. Is there anyone else in the same situation?
  13. equedadoii
    so then i couldn't use the bluetooth functionality while it was connected to the mojo then?
    laptop (usb/bt) > mojo (line out) > ruark mr1
    if the the ruark has a functionality to pick one of bluetooth or line out, am i wrong in thinking i couldn't utilize its bluetooth capability while it is be patched through the mojo?
    think i found my answer here greenbow:
    means that if i wanted to use the bluetooth capability, it couldn't utilize the mojo simultaneously.
    doesn't put me off necessarily. still, a good thing to know.
    but if i'm reading into this correctly, haven't there also been some rumblings about the mojo someday developing bluetooth connectivity? thought i read that somewhere.
    just read a whole bunch of reviews.
    it may end up being the item for me,
    but i'm just not entirely sold as i was on say the magnum v6 or the mojo.
    if you make any progress on the wharfdales, do tell. i haven't read into those yet.
    i think what is most important to me is finding a desktop speaker setup that makes really good use of the mojo.
    if it is bluetooth and portable like the ruarks, great. but i have a feeling i haven't explored all my potential options just yet.
  14. all999
    It seems that Custom-Cables customer support is poor, You're not the first one complaining.
  15. jcoops16
    Thats a shame. I dont think i've ever got the best from them.Or perhaps the caiman dac/amp i've used for the last 6 years is on the bright side. I ordered a mojo monday i'll see what its like when it comes.
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