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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. GreenBow

    Thank you. That's brilliant. Insight into this is helping me make my decision. Really intelligent design without a fault.
    This is a link which I think shows the review I mentioned earlier. It's an Amazon UK 1-star review of the Chord Mojo, criticised for the charging status. http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/B016MXEY5U/ref=cm_cr_dp_hist_one?ie=UTF8&filterBy=addOneStar&showViewpoints=0
    (EDIT: I have added your reply about the power and charging circuit to the Amazon 1-star review comment.)
  2. KT66
    you won't [​IMG]
  3. audionewbi
    I have had mine now plugged in and I have been stress testing it for over 2 days, no issue so far. I will report back after 7 days if anything happens to my unit. My predictions are that either members been hyper-critical over a non-existing issue or that chances are that particular individual had a bad unit out of what could easily be a thousand units that chord has sold so far.
  4. OK-Guy
    thing about Amazon reviews is that as long as you're a registered user you can post a review on a product without actually purchasing the item. I personally check to see if the person making remarks has a Amazon 'verified purchase' otherwise the system is open to abuse.
  5. emilsoft
    I am in England, so no issues with warm weather. It was charging extremely slowly (if at all) whilst playing music, in fact over about 4 hours battery stayed on orange light and didn't move - the charger i have puts out 1A. Anyway don't think there's an issue here, i will keep an eye ear on it though. 
  6. emilsoft
    I've come to a conclusion that the Mojo loves highly resolving headphones, like the HD800. As it has a very natural/analogue like presentation of the sound without any digital shrillness, we can use headphones that are brutally honest, the Mojo will make them sing without any fatigue. Was testing the HD800s at the shop and I my jaw dropped. In the end I purchased the Oppo PM3s but I'm slightly regretting this as they are not doing the Mojo justice with their warmish sound and rolled off treble, even though it has a very nice mid-clarity. I might look to exchange/sell it soon on headfi or ebay as I heard what the Mojo is capable off (no need to mask it with warm headphone)
  7. Dionysus
    I was hoping that my HD800 and Mojo paired well I have one on the way. Thx for the insight.
  8. Takeanidea
    The HD800 and the Mojo are sublime together, an amazing semi portable set up when paired with a decent dap and optical out
  9. salla45
    got the Mojo.
    just wow. insane.
    Forget the balls, the lights, the cables, the finish, etc. , for me it's all about the sound; 
    Im moved, absolutely moved, by what I am hearing. Both adrenalised and moved. 
    Firstly it's entirely unforced, smooth, uncluttered. No rough edges. 
    But it's the Mojo's engagement that is stunning. The way the brain focuses on the sum of the parts, then individual instruments, then groups of instruments, then the whole again, it's dizzying and addictive. It's all there to be sampled in new and infinite ways.
    It's all music, natural, flowing, alive, engaging.
    Some mad voodoo juju going on here! 
    DSD, HD Flacs or CD rips, they all sound absolutely superb.
    K3003's are sounding just great, better than great - a great symbiosis.
    Thank you Rob and all at Chord!!
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  10. mscott58

    K10's pair awesomely with the Mojo! Great synergy. Cheers
    When i use the mojo with a smartphone samsung S3 and the Oppo PM3 or the HD600. I prefer the HD600 for home
    But if i use the mojo with the Oppo BDP-103D with optical fiber, The Oppo PM3 sound more more better.
    So for nomade, the PM3 stay a good choice.
    Maybe, i will not have to spend for a HD800 at home.

    [left] I hope the new accessories of Mojo will be available soon .[/left]
    Actually, I wound take the Oppo BDP-103D and the mojo with me to the sailor to check the HD800. Not easy.
    My conclusion: before thinking to change the headphones, be sure to use with mojo an accurate provider of PCM flow.
    I have faith in Chord to propose us a good one and soon......
    When Mr Rob? Week or month?
  12. KT66
    Using my DX90 but a bit disappointed that both DFF and DSF files are outputting at "only" 24/88
    via Coax into Mojo.
    96/176/192 all work fine and show correct lighting.
    I guess it's a limitation of the player.
    This was whilst using stock D2000, wonderful combo
  13. SoundElevator

    Hi John,
    I am the guy who you do not know! The guy who never visit you in Kent, never have lunch together and never meat every year in High End Show in Munich !
    I am the same guy who has managed many reviews to Greek high end magazines for your products and the same guy who had here in Athens at Athens High End Show your employe Nathan Okley. I am your only Distributor in Greece for many years.
    Do you remember me now!
    I have also send you a direct email but you never bothered to reply so I am writing here the same question.
    Why are you keep writing that a poor little fellow asked you for charity (2 free pieces)? Why?
    Why are you trying to humiliate me and do harm to my business ?
    On 29th of October I have send an email to Colin Pratt requesting to buy 2 units for Demo purposes I wrote: "I can asks to buy 2 units for demo purposes."
    Which part of the "buy" you do not understand ? Of course Colin denied and the client got a negative reply from me also.
    As for your previous replies of course they are not flattering for you.
  14. epo001
    Let me assure you that the rest of us do not know or care who you are. 
    You have chosen to identify yourself publicly, why? Give it a rest or take this to email.
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  15. stevemiddie
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