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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Barra
    Can someone with an AK100ii talk about the details of the SQ difference of AK headphone out (balanced or SE) vs. optical out to the Mojo. I'm sure the Mojo is louder, but I am more concerned about the detail retrieval, dynamics, sound stage, musicality, low volume performance, tonal qualities, and signature differences.
    I love my AK100ii balanced to my Hidition NT6pros, but the pros can scale higher with a better system and I don't want to be tied to my desktop. Am I splitting hairs, or is there a significant improvement with the Mojo with CIEMs or easy to drive HPs. Or is it just a signature change with the same level of performance?
  2. emilsoft
    It turned itself off again now. The temperature was quite warm, but certainly not hot enough that I couldn't keep my hand on it easily for extended period
  3. howdy
    I have noticed that when the mojo is cold and I switch songs or press pause there will be a load pop through my headphones. When it's warmed up there is no pop.
  4. mscott58
    Is it also charging or just playing?
  5. Paul Meakin

    I'm using mine from a PC running Jriver and it hasn't done anything like that. Does it behave the same way with your various DAPs? Just wondering if it might be the source causing it rather than the Mojo...
  6. emilsoft
    It's charging and playing same time - it's almost certainly heat related I think, only that I was expecting lot more heat to be generated before the kill switch.
  7. sling5s

    can we move beyond the "____" jokes. [​IMG] 
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  8. singleended58

    I have played (and charged) the Mojo and ak100 mk2 every night until I felt asleep but never got that kind of problem (switched off itself?)
  9. emilsoft
    Sorry had to get it out of my system, i'm good now..
    seriously though, they do get scratched easily, mine has a hairline crack going deep inside it when i took it out of the box.. don't think I'm too bothered though
  10. emilsoft
    Depends which headphones you used perhaps? It happened with my Oppo PM3s, fairly loud volume
  11. howdy
    Is yours plugged in all the time? If so it would be warm. This could be just the one I have. I've used it with the DX90 and X5, I don't recall with the X5, I will check tomorrow. I do recall earlier in the thread someone commented on popping sound.
  12. singleended58

    IE800 and the two balls (+) and (-) turned yellow. This volume my ears can handle and SQ is so good!
  13. Paul Meakin

    Plugged in to laptop and not charging, but switched off unless it's being used.

    I'll try and remember to test it tomorrow with both the laptop and iPhone.

    Edit: tested with iPhone and no popping sounds.
  14. jamato8 Contributor

    It works with the DX80, the AK100 and the AK100II. These are what I have at hand and the distance and placement of the optical out is the same on all three. What is the measurement center to center (toslink/mini optical) for the AK120II to the Mojo? 
  15. hanaguro
    I received Mojo today and set up foobar2000 for it.
    (Sorry, Japanese only)
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