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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. Bengkia369

    I'm using 2w charger and it works fine. :innocent:
  2. GreenBow

    Thank you. Do you mean 2A charger. 2W would mean the charger is 0.4A. I might be wrong. I am just asking. Don't mind me if I am wrong.
  3. Clemmaster
    The Hi-fi world review might be the worse I've read in a long time.
    The "facts" given throughout the review are obviously wrong (like 2V output in bypass mode, 4W output that can supposedly drive speakers... Check again!) And the "technical measurements" are laughable (who plots distortion in % for a DAC...).
    I didn't see any mention of the load used for any of the measurements. The FR measurement could well have been done with a high Z load, which doesn't exhibit much roll off.
  4. jamestux
    I used to have a set of Genelec 8020b which sounded great and before that the vxt4. Both give great natural sound from a very small active speaker but their bigger brothers give even better sound if you have the space (I didnt) and the money
  5. singleended58

    Thank you very much and appreciate your time to response my post. It is working after following your post. Wow! The combination produces very natural sound but lack of smoothness. I believe the ak100 and Mojo have not burned in yet. That is okay since I pair them with IE800 CIEM though.
  6. singleended58

    I charge my Mojo with the Samsung phone charger 2A and 10w without any problems whatsoever. Yes, as Currawong's Q&A session the little tiny light right under the micro USB for charging sign is the indication of the battery level.
  7. salla45
    That is weird! I was literally thinking exactly the same thoughts about 20mins ago then read your post, lol. Although, Im getting away with a double stack, however just ordered a thicker battery for my S5, triple power, but thicker! :) - 1st world problems!
  8. GreenBow

    Get a tiny back pack. (At least the Mojo will keep us warm in winter though.)
  9. salla45
    haha true.
    i live in 
    hah! true (ref warming) i live in the mountains in switzerland, it does get mighty cold. And I will be looking forward to my daily walk with mojo!
    I have some good bum-bags which are quite capacious. Really the bulk doesnt bother me, but the connections do, fragility and stress, and all that :frowning2:
    It's a constant process of refinement :)
  10. JaZZ Contributor
    Good News: Break-in is real
    I'm happy to report that most of the irritation in the Mojo's sonic charcteristic has gone. Must have happened during the last 1-2 hours. The sonic balance is still the same, so needs some EQ settings deviating from the Hugo's*, but the sound has become more liquid-smooth than initially.
    I'm still not able to perfectly mimic the Hugo's characteristic, but it's much less of an issue since I like the sound as it is (almost) the same. How's that, for ¼ the price?!
    *  –0.2 dB at 250 Hz, 500 Hz and 8 kHz; +0.4 or +0.6 dB at 16 kHz
  11. arnolfibus
    On my unit 2 out of the 3 balls seem to be rubbing when they rolls. As a result, the balls gets more and more scratched. Some scratches are very light while the other are a bit deeper as you can see  on the picture below. A bit annoying... Is it the same on yours?
  12. arnolfibus
    Too bad, i really like to play with my balls [​IMG]
    johndean likes this.
  13. u2u2

    Mine were like that right out of the box. The look varies depending on the ambient light, colour, and brightness setting you picked for your balls. The outer surfaces are uniform without obvious scratches. They are smoother rolling after many hours of use. I think it is a designed look and adds character.
  14. johndean

    I think he has a case of blue balls !
  15. sling5s
    Is Moon Audio still on back order? Anyone know the wait for those ordering now?
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